Altar of Aphrodite

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Altar of Aphrodite

Altar of Aphrodite

158 Mins
Porn Fidelity
DIRECTOR: Ryan Madison
THEMES: Big boobs, natural boobs, blindfolds, sex cult, submissive women
STARS: Angela White, Chanel Preston. Chad White, Ryan Ryder, Flash Brown,


This is an interesting story about a disgraced journalist played the incredible Angela White and a mysterious sex cult called the Altar of Aphrodite. When Angela’s friend (Chanel Preston) decides to expand her sexual horizons with the AoA, she gives Angela a few cryptic clues. We watch as Chanel gets the fucking of a lifetime but when she goes missing, Angela has to get the full story. There is another scene with Aiden Star trying out domme sex, but turning submissive right before our eyes. With the help of a private investigator friend, Angela goes looking for Chanel. In the process she finds out first hand what the AoA is all about. Two great scenes from Angela close out the fun. She and Ryan Ryder get things warmed up with a well shot scene that includes some good chemistry and great eye candy. When Angela is finally initiated into the AoA, she ends up on the receiving end of two big hard cocks. The more they give, the more she loves it. This is a perfect finale to a movie that is moody, well-shot and hot. Chanel Preston gives us a good scene and Angela White gives us two.

Chanel Preston & Chad White

Seeking sexual liberation, Chanel Preston makes her first visit to the Altar of Aphrodite. She gets all dressed up and taken in a room by herself. Chad White joins her and immediately fills her mouth with hard cock. There is a nice, mysterious vibe to the action thanks to the lighting. Chanel shines of course, sucking with great passion and then bending over to get her pussy slammed. The set is nicely done and adds a layer of mood to the energetic and often boisterous fucking that goes on. They move to the shower where she stuffs her throat full of cock while getting wet. He bends her over and frantically slams her pussy. There is some really good energy here as Chanel lets loose all of the repressed sexuality she has been holding in. The intensity gets a little bit scary when they fuck against a broken mirror. Chanel’s head gets pressed against the cracked glass and it’s just a bit much. That aside, this scene is energetic and sexually intense from start to finish. They finish up with a cream pie and then something rather sinister.

Aiden Star & Cody Steele

The disappearance of her friend has Angela worried. She turns to an old friend who has heard of the Altar of Aphrodite. He investigated a case once where a wife (Aiden Star) was taken in by the AoA. She wanted to unleash her dominant side and spends some time face sitting Cody Steele. When that doesn’t go well, he switches it up and fucks her face. He flips her onto her back and bangs her pussy. This seems to fit her sexual nature better, especially when he starts rocking her hard enough to make those big tits shake on her chest. He lets her ride, giving us some big ass shots before flipping her over and aggressively fucking her flat onto the bed. Aiden ends up begging for a shot on the face. She gets it, but then more than she bargained for.

Angela White & Ryan Ryder

Desperate to find her friend, Angela goes looking for the AoA herself. She finds them on a message board, sends them some sexy selfies and set a meeting. Ryan tries to talk her out of it, going so far as to imply that she only wants to pursue this to resurrect her career. The tension gets high and the two friends kiss passionately. Before he can even figure out what is going on, Angela is on her knees with both hands on his cock. Her mouth has him wet in no time as she rams his meat to the back of her throat repeatedly. He bends her over, slaps her ass and then enters from behind, fucking that pussy hard enough to get Angela moaning loudly. Flipping her over, he gives her a few strokes this way. Angela pulls her feet up beside her ears and looks fantastic showing off her flexibility. For fans who love boobs (Who doesn’t) there are some great shots here. Angela sucks her own nipple while getting pounding in mish and then we get the great swaying breast shots as she takes it from behind. There are also some nice shots of them fucking in front of a mirror (unbroken this time) that are quite lovely. He eats her until she screams and then fucks her one more time before shooting his load all over her freshly fucked pussy. Hot one on one scene that sets the stage for the finale.

Angela White, Chad White & Flash Brown

Blindfolded, Angela is introduced the world of the AoA. Chad White leads her into a room and positions her in front of Flash Brown. She finds his cock and drops to her knees to take it into her mouth. As it grows hard between her lips, she reaches back to grab Chad’s meat as well. With her face covered by the blindfold, her swaying breasts and the oral action take center stage. Chad bends her over and takes her from behind, continuing to make those big boobs shake with every stroke. They move her around by the hair as she begs them to let her be a “good girl” for them. They fuck her hard and she loves it like a bad girl. Nice shots of her pussy opening up to take long strokes from behind while she alternates between sucking cock and screaming for more. The harder they fuck her, the more she responds. We get some great shots of Angela on her back, pointing her toes upwards as she gets stuffed. They have her so wound up that even when they slow down, Angela takes control and rides cock like her life depends on it. By the time they are ready to cum, she is begging with her mouth and eyes for them to flood her with their jizz.

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