Ashley Adams: It’s a Brotha Thing from Elegant Angel

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Ashley Adams: It’s a Brotha Thing from Elegant Angel

SOURCE DVD: It’s a Brotha Thing
29 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Step-Cest, Big cocks, Anal Sex, Natural tits
STARS: Ashley Adams & Isaiah Maxwell


Pretty young Ashley Adams is hanging out with the wrong guys. Her stepbrother (Isaiah Maxwell) picks her up on the side of the side of the road and tries to talk some sense into her. She gets the idea that he wants to fuck her. A suggestion he denies of course. A few seconds later, she catches him watching her while she changes. That’s all it takes. Ashley follows him to the dining room naked and insists that he touch her gloriously perky tits.

Pushing her back, he stands between her spread legs and slips his long cock right into his sexy stepsister. She lights up as soon as she feels that big huge thing inside of her. Ashley is cumming after a few strokes and isn’t shy about letting him know just how much she loves his dick in her. Really nice shots here thanks to Ashley’s long legs and fantastic boobs. After a few passionate minutes, she drops to her knees and starts sucking his dick. It hits the back of her throat and you can see the smile in her eyes as she strokes off the inches left out of her mouth. Ashley is pretty proud of herself and she has to know how fucking sexy she looks.

He bends her over the table and takes her from behind. On one stroke, he almost goes up her ass. That sparks a naughty idea in them both. He “kind of wants” her ass and she replies that “can have it.” Moving to another room, she gets back on her knees to make that cock super wet again. He spreads her legs, licks her ass a big and then slides his long pole between her cheeks. He rubs her pussy while she points her toes up and takes him into her tight backdoor. Ashley gets on top, facing the camera and slides down on him again. The shots of her breasts bouncing as she rides are truly fantastic. Ashley shows enough energy to go with the eye candy to really make this scene work. Slipping off she puts her head back in his lap and with some helps, swallows about half of him. After clearing him off, Ashley gets on all fours. No idea why she has a vibrator just sitting on the couch, but she uses it on her clit while he continues to dig tunnels between her cheeks, This is super hot footage as she takes it deep and looks fucking amazing. They finish up with a big load fired onto her perky chest and that incredible smile. Super hot scene from start to finish from one of the sexiest women working in XXX today.

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