Ass Parade 47

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Ass Parade 47

118 Mins
Bang Bros
THEMES: Big Asses, POV, Lesbian Sex
STARS: Kelsi Monroe, Angelina, Destiny, Karlee Grey, Nikki Lima, Mandy Muse

I’m reaching back a bit for this title. Those of you who read my reviews probably already know why. Kelsi Monroe is one of my favorite women in porn. She is cute, built for fun, flexible and totally energetic. She opens the movie with a scene that evolves nicely. She shows up to do a solo shoot and shows off that spectacular ass beautifully. The solo play and tease are fantastic and things only get better when she invites a guy in to make it a boy/girl shoot. The ass shots in this scene are fantastic. Considering the name of the movie, that’s pretty important and a primary reason to check it out. Kelsi gives a great fuck scene and takes a big load on her pretty face. Great early scene from this fantastic and underrated woman. Angelina and Destiny are a pair of big booty girls who gets together and play before sharing a dick. There is a decent bit of costuming and really big asses, but little else here. Karlee Grey isn’t quite the ass queen that Kelsi is, but she is sexy as fuck. Her scene is good and they do a nice job of showing off her ass, which is just one of her many fine features. Nikki Lima is cute, but her scene falls a little flat. Mandy Muse is very attractive and has a really great, big ass. Her scene isn’t her best, but it shows off her butt beautifully and is definitely worth a watch. This is a pretty good booty movie. Kelsi Monroe is the stand out here. We also get good early looks at Karlee Grey and Mandy Muse so that rounds things out nicely.

Kelsi Monroe

Showing up to shoot a web cam shot, Kelsi Monroe is hot as can be. Fully dressed with a big smile on her pretty face, she is already just stealing the show. Her ass looks amazing in shorts and when they come off, forget about anything else. She starts making those cheeks clap and all eyes will be glued to this hottie for the duration. Showing off her playful side and her flexibility, Kelsi climbs into a sex swing and just hangs there for a bit. Her body is amazing and the tan lines only add to the attraction. Stripping down she continues to tease in the swing until she hovers over to her full torso sex toy. Sucking and fucking the toy, Kelsi puts on a hot little show. Love the ass shots and the POV BJ on the toy. Showing off her flexibility again, Kelsi does some pole work that is damn impressive. She finally stops teasing and lets the guy stick his big dick into her while she has one foot on the pool high over her head. That tames some serious talent and it looks fucking amazing. They move to the couch where she sucks his cock, shaking her ass at the camera as she does. She is so damn good with her mouth but those ass shots are ridiculously hot. He flips her into piledriver and works her pussy good and hard. I love the way she looks with her feet up behind her head. Kelsi’s flexibility is almost as hot as her body. Spinning around the bounces hard on his dick. For someone who just came in to do a solo cam show, this hot babe certainly fucks like she needed dick. He takes her from behind, slapping her perfect ass as he slams her horny hole. From her knees, Kelsi rubs her pussy while he shoots a big load all over her face. This woman is fantastic and more people should know that.

Angelina & Destiny

Two curvy babes, Angelina and Destiny use body paint to create soccer uniforms. Then they run around kicking the ball while their bodies jiggle all over the place. This is good for some serious big ass shake footage. Both of them are pushing the small BBW label so there is a whole lot of shaking going on. They get sprayed down with a hose to clean off. Then it’s time for some girl on girl play. They mostly shake each other’s asses until the dude shows up. Then they start sucking his cock while still wiggling their bums. The double BJ POV shots are really hot. The girls play nicely to the camera, but it is their really big asses that kind of steal the show. When the sucking stops and the cowgirl fucking begins, rolling cheeks are all we see. They even stack on top of each other to give us a pair of big beautiful booties. Good action here as the girls lend helping hands and mouth while the guy takes turns fucking them. He pulls out and shoots all over their faces. Good scene with a nice gimmick and really huge asses.

Karlee Grey

Karlee Grey is a woman who has great everything. In this scene, her ass is going to get a lot of attention so she wisely has picked out a pair of cut off shorts for today. They are so frayed and torn that the camera guy rips off a pocket accidentally. That leaves half of her ass hanging out and oh what a glorious ass it is. There is some great tease as her booty is always on display and looking fine. Heading inside, Karlee puts her cheeks face high for her partner so he can get a good look at her backside. After motioning it up, he lets Karlee get on her knees and start sucking. She’s a pretty girl with some fine oral skills to be sure. Spinning her around, the guy grabs her hips and starts fucking Karlee from behind. The focus is clearly on her ass as she pushes back and then when she climbs on top to ride him. When he flips her over, he fucks her hard enough to make her natural boobs shake and that’s a lovely sight to behold. The facial at the end is pretty hot. Karlee is really sexy. This scene is not her best, but it shows off her ass nicely and is still worth watching.

Nikki Lima

Sexy little Nikki Lima impresses the guy behind the camera. He has heard she has an amazing ass, but is not prepared for the lovely shape of the booty Nikki shows him. There is more to see, so she strips out of her clothes and he is understandably impressed. The tease is really good, consisting largely of panty play and her oiled up ass. Nikki is impressive so far to be sure. They really take the ass footage to the extreme here. If you like pretty girls with nice round asses then enjoy the pace here. When she goes inside, the camera still follows Nikki around to give us lingering views of her naked backside. She finally starts sucking after nearly a half hour of tease. Still shaking her backside while eating his meat, Nikki knows what the fans are looking for. I love the way she takes it in both hands and stares into the camera while giving a hot looking BJ. As soon as she gets on top, the ass takes over again, Nikki bounces and makes her cheeks quake. They put her on her side and then bend her over. The ass shots are good and her energy is not too bad either. There is a nice facial at the end, but I think the tease really was the highlight here.

Mandy Muse

Cute Mandy Must can’t keep her hands off of her co-star. She is giggling and very excited because he has a big cock. She stands up for the camera and bends over, showing off her ass while her co-star spanks her and gets ready. The tease continues as she gets naked, shows off her bouncing cheeks and talks about how much she loves to suck cock. When she finally gets around to sucking cock, Mandy does a good job, holding his big dick in her hands while pushing him to the back of her throat. Bending over, she is ready to let him finally take a shot at her pussy. She is quite vocal, but the ass shots are what make things really stand out. I like watching This scene is for people who like watching big ass girls get worked and groaning loudly. It probably isn’t going to be anything that you remember otherwise as it’s pretty much by the book. They wrap it up with Mandy on her knees for a facial finale.

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