My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 35

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 35

140 Mins
Naughty America
THEMES: Cheating, Big Ass, Big Tits
STARS: Bethany Benz, Katalina Mills, Natasha Nice, Kimmy Fabel, Alexis Texas, Bill Bailey, Chad, Xander Corvus


Naughty America is really good at doing theme-porn. The title pretty much tells us what we are getting. In this case, we get some lucky guys who come face to face with their father’s inappropriately young girlfriends. The result is the kind of in-family cheating that works well in porn but turns into true-crime drama in real life. Hey, we turn to smut for fantasy so let’s just enjoy it. There are some true hotties in the cast. That is wonderful but also creates some issues. On the one hand, we have three outstanding scenes with super hot women. The other two are not bad looking at all. They just kind of suffer from the up and down nature of these scenes. Kimmy Fabel and Katrina Mills both give good scenes. The latter finishes her with a really nice facial. They just end up sandwiched between the ones that caught my attention. Bethany Benz is a woman I always love watching. She’s stunning and has a body that won’t quit. She gets her hands on her man’s son and doesn’t let go. Natasha Nice is gorgeous as always. She has incredible boobs that always look amazing. Even hotter, are her beautiful eyes. Somehow Natasha always makes every scene look like she is having a total blast. Can’t miss on this one folks. Speaking of can’t miss, Alexis Texas rounds things out. She shows off her great ass as she always does and gives Xander Corvus a special breakfast during this kitchen romp. Great ending to a very solid movie.

Bethany Benz & Chad

Super hot Bethany Benz is not very discreet. She has some phone sex with her man and gets really loud, not realizing that his son is hiding behind the couch. He likes what he sees and steps in when dad leaves Bethany high and dry. She isn’t too sure at first, but once her long legs are spread, he does a bang on job eating her pussy and it’s smooth sailing from there. He gives her lots of attention between her legs before helping her out of her tight dress and getting a shot at those lovely breasts. Bethany turns her attention to his cock and she easily handles what he’s got to offer. She is a very pretty girl who looks exceptionally good with a hard cock between her lips. He puts her on top of him, holds her ass in both hands and pumps up into her so hard that their bodies slap loudly together. The action and the eye candy picks up when he has her on all fours and we can see her big ass along with those swaying breasts. Bethany also gets really loud at this point, loving every inch he pumps into her. There is some really nice spoon footage that shows off her long legs and that tight little pink hole of hers. Nice energy and a solid popshot from one of the sexiest women around.

Katalina Mills & Bill Bailey

While Bill is making plans for the evening, his dad’s young girlfriend, Katarina Mills sits down and is all in his business. She is bored and won’t stop trying to check out his phone. He barely even notices when she gets naked and hops in the pool. Once he gets a look at her, she quickly assures him that she won’t tell. Dad isn’t around and she’s bored so why not? They head into the house where Bill plays a bit nervous, but stops fighting the pretty young thing. When she gets his cock out, she grabs it and devours him. Katarina is slim and very pretty. She has good hand skills as well. When she gets on top, she moves slowly at first, but picks up the pace nicely and soon has their bodies slapping together as she pushes down on him. Her nice long legs get a lot of attention as she takes a good ride on his dick. He flips her over for doggy, holding her hips and taking her from behind. Katarina is cuter than she is energetic, but adds a wrinkle when she takes a selfie while being banged from the back. They move back to mish where she begs for a facial. He shoots all over her face and then she sends the picture to his dad for revenge.

Natasha Nice

Poor Natasha Nice has been stood up for dinner again. Her man is a workaholic who leaves her feeling uncared for. She sets her eyes on his son and he can’t take his eyes off of her amazing rack. He tries to resist, but those natural knockers are just way too tempting. She gets a look at his cock and wants it at the back of her throat. Natasha opens wide and pushes him deep. As always, her eyes are stunning as she sucks his hard dick. From her knees, she wraps those tits around his shaft and stares into the camera as she creates perfectly strokeable porn. The tit fucking in this scene is the best action of the movie. Damn Natasha knows how to make it great. He eats her for a bit and then she climbs up in his lap. Her tits are in his face so we get a great view of her ass. When she spins around we get to watch her boobs shake while she rubs her clit and fucks him like she’s dying to cum. They move into spoon for some sexy leg shots as Natasha gets her pussy pounded. Doggy is great, especially if you are tuning in for hot boob footage. I love the energy and the way they return to tit fucking at the end. She is perfectly built for this and gets a really big load shot between those amazing boobs. This is my favorite scene of the movie.

Kimmy Fabel

Trapped between Natasha Nice and Alexis Texas, Kimmy Fabel is in a very unenviable position. She comes home to play and doesn’t know that her boyfriend’s son is hiding in the closet filming her while she masturbates. He gets caught filming and the naughty blonde immediately wants to suck his cock. He’s happy to have Kimmy down on her knees inhaling his meat. There are some really hot POV shots as she works her mouth up and down on him. They move to the bed where she gets on all fours to take it from behind. Nice energy and I love the way she sucks him clean in the middle of the fucking. This isn’t a bad scene at all and it ends with a nice load all over Kimmy’s face. Had the scene not been sandwiched between the two best of the movie, it might have been even better.

Alexis Texas & Xander Corvus

When Xander wakes up, he finds his dad’s hot girlfriends Alexis Texas cooking breakfast. Nothing wrong with that. She is doing so in lingerie with an apron over it, and he can’t help but be a bit uncomfortable. She makes a point to show off her ass and he makes a crazy suggestion. They both need a little action and Alexis is more than down. He uses some oil to slick up her butt and then rubs it all over her body. She takes out his cock and sucks it, working it deep while gagging loudly. Her body looks really good all oiled up as she bends over the counter and wiggles her ass invitingly. Grabbing her ankles, Alexis shows off her amazing ass and gets seriously pounded from behind. This is very loud and enthusiastic action from the curvy superstar. They bang hard on the counter and from every angle, Alexis shows off her ass or legs or some other body part like the total pro she is. They finish up with her bent over and then a nice big facial. Alexis shows us that her boyfriend’s son is finger licking good as she cleans up what’s left. Hot scene that ends the movie on a high note.

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