Wet Food 7 : Facial Edition

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Wet Food 7 : Facial Edition


140 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Jonni Darkko
THEMES: Blow Bang, Sloppy Head, Facials
STARS: Saya Song, Aria Alexander, Mia Li, Samantha Rone,


Here we are again with another Jonni Darkko anal sex adventure. He has four very hungry, very attractive women on hand to do some serious oral gymnastics. As usual, the action is intense and quite messy, just how we like it. The scenes are long, taking their time to allow the female talent to really show off their skills. This is a really solid movie from start to finish. I enjoyed it thoroughly. That said, two scenes really stand out for me. Saya Song and Mia Li are super hot here. More on them in a bit. Let’s talk first about Aria Alexander. She is truly stunning and quite skilled with her mouth. Her scene has her on a leash doing some really impressive deep throat that you won’t want to miss. Samantha Rone is another very pretty woman who goes all out in this flick. The big messy facial finish is something her fans are going to love. Back to the two scenes I loved the most. Mai Li is a woman I have only seen a few times, but I am already quite smitten. I love the way she looks in this movie. From the moment she is surrounded by cocks, she is on fire and the sexual energy is fantastic. She ends up a complete mess at the end of a scene that is a can’t-miss for blowbang fans. After all that praise, there is still one scene I enjoyed more. Saya Song is super cute and has an on-screen personality that is always fun to watch. She is also incredibly sexy and an oral sex fiend. Her scene opens the movie and it is nothing short of fantastic. From the very start, she is amazingly skilled and the more cocks Darkko throws at her, the hotter she gets. The toy play is fun and the facials are incredible. This is blowbang perfection. I just wonder why I wasn’t invite to participate. Ahem, Darkko, Saya, what gives? If you like great blowbang movies with enthusiastic, sloppy oral action, this is a movie you won’t want to miss.

Saya Song

Saya Song is absolutely one of my favorite women in porn right now. She is cute, sexy as hell and when the cameras roll, she makes every second look amazing. The long tease in this scene allows her to show off her long, lean body as her hands tease her skin and make us all wish we could be touching her. After finally stripping and showing off her naked body, Saya ends up on her knees. There is a toy vibrating between her legs and a circle of cocks waiting for her talented mouth. She can’t talk much with so many hard a hint of a gag reflex. I love the way she stares right into the camera while moving her hands and mouth on two very lucky dicks. When a few other guys get close, she doesn’t miss a beat, sucking and stroking like a cock starved expert pleasure machine. Never short on enthusiasm, Saya uses that toy between her legs to really keep herself happy while she manages to entertain every guy in the room with her skilled hands and amazing mouth. Not that she needs any help, but things get even messier when they squirt some gooey lube into her mouth. With her pretty face turned upwards, Saya is ready for their loads. Since this is a facial movie, most of it ends up coating her from chin to forehead. Saya cums on her toy while the guys plaster her pretty face. She is a total mess long before they are finished and that sexy smile never leaves her face. I don’t know what the rest of this movie is going to bring, but this is one of the hottest blowbangs I have seen in a long time. Saya Song is super hot and very much an under-used XXX hottie.

Aria Alexander

Ever lovely, Aria Alexander has fashioned her strappy outfit into a bit of a leash. That kind of adds to the fun as she writhes on the bed and shakes her ass to tease us. When she comes into the room with the guys, the use that leash and are happy to see the pretty brunette fall to her knees for some serious cock sucking. Though not the deep throat artist that Saya is, Arai isn’t short on oral enthusiasm to say the least. She slobbers on balls, takes enough meat to choke her and looks truly stunning throughout. They get her into a 69 where she can go down on a big cock from above and breaks out with some impressive deep throat. Everyone loves a pretty girl who knows how to suck a dick and Aria is beautiful and talented. There are some long deep strokes as the guys press their balls against her nose and chin. As the cumshots start, she holds the vibrator against her clit and cums loudly. This just makes the guys want to paint her face even more. We end up with Aria covered in cream and licking her fingers clean. This scene is really hot and people who love big facial finishes will love it.

Mia Li

Next up is Mia Li who looks super sexy in a bra, thong and heels as she sits on the bed. She takes her breasts out and rubs her nipples until they stiffen up, begging to be sucked. The tease here is nicely shot and Mia is truly lovely. From that, we cut to her surrounded by hard cocks. They are inches from her face so she grabs two with her hands and lets her mouth find a third. In no time at all things are getting a little messy as Mia drools down her chin until her boobs are streaked with spit. With a big smile on her face, she sucks more cock, finally losing her bra as they oil and lube up her chest. I love the way she connects with the camera no matter how busy all those cocks keep her hands and mouth. Things get even messier when she tries sucking upside down. When the cum starts to flow, Mia looks up and smiles, watching as the guys unload tons of nut butter. They have her blowing bubbles with it in no time. With her eyelashes a mess, he hair covered and her boobs glistening from the mess, Mia Li proves that she can take a massive facial and still look hungry for more. More of this lovely woman please.

Samantha Rone

Last up is tall blonde Samantha Rone. During her tease she shows off her butt nicely. That ends quickly though because Samantha has a lot of dicks to suck. She rubs them against her face and tries hard to deep throat. Even with some help, she struggles more than a few of the other girls. But she does have a pretty good two-handed stroke style. She ends up riding one guy’s face while the other push her mouth down until she bottoms out. At one point Samantha shoves three into her mouth at once, well tries to at least. Watching her attempt deep throat over and over, and sometimes succeed is pretty hot. I think I’m still just reeling from Saya Song and Mia Li. the best shots come with her head upside-down while a few guys go balls deep in her throat. Samantha uses the vibrator on her clit to go over the edge while the guys rub their dicks on her face and cum on her smiling face. Another big messy facial finish to close out the hot action.

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