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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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121 Mins
DIRECTOR: Axel Braun
THEMES: Cheating, Big Boobs, Natural Boobs,
STARS: Angela White, Valentina Nappi, Olive, Katy Jane, Katrina Jade, Small Hands, Tommy Gunn,

Given the cover shot of Angela White and her amazing natural assets it would be easy to misunderstand the theme of this title. No folks, it’s not a big tittie movie. There are some big boobs here of course, including the aforementioned spectacular set brought to us by Ms. White. But this is more about people getting caught doing the nasty. There is actually a pretty cool little thread going on here if you follow it. The opening scene is a real winner. Valentina Nappi is completely gorgeous. She can’t wait until her husband leaves so she can have a fuck with her guy on the side. The action is beautifully shot and she is stunning from head to toe. There is some really good breast play here, giving this scene a double shot at the meaning of Busted. Olive and Ryan McLane hook up in a scene that some good moments. It just lacks the star power and spark of some of the others. Katy Jane shows a lot of promise. This blonde Brit is a busty bundle of energy and I want to see more. Katrina Jade is a huge star and has a well shot scene where she spends a lot of time bent over a pool table. Many of you will enjoy it. For my money, the best scene comes from Angela White. (Well duh, she’s hot as hell and Rog here is a bit smitten.) She and Tommy Gunn know how to do last call right. Angela shines here with some outstanding tit fucking and sexual energy. I am a huge fan of Angela’s harder gonzo action, but she looks lovely here and proves that she is an asset to any movie. This is a pretty solid little movie with good sex and a nice little cheating angle to all of the scenes. Not sure if that makes it more of a couples-friendly movie or less, but either way it has two can’t miss scenes thanks to Valentina Nappi and Angela White.

Valentina Nappi & Small Hands

Gorgeous wife Valentina Nappi sits around the house looking rather bored while her husband works. As soon as he leaves, she makes a phone call that is sure to brighten up her day. Small Hands is over in an instant and more than happy to enjoy Valentina’s natural charms. She is out of her hot little dress before we can even enjoy her in it. Val wraps her lips and her tits around his cock and works them like the total pro she is. The breast play is pretty spectacular, but what stands out here is how well the BJ is shot. No shortage of footage, great close up shots, hot energy, it’s just perfect in every way. He pulls out, condoms up and fucks her on the couch. Valentina rubs her pussy and moans loudly as he bangs her. The shots of her legs are pretty spectacular and she is always energetic and fun to watch. The reverse cowgirl is a visual feast thanks to her beauty and killer bod. Normally I would tell you that this is the hottest looking position, but in this scene, the standing doggy is the standout. Valentina’s legs and ass are just incredible looking. They finish with a flourish and a nice load all over her tits. Man cheating never looked so damn good.

Olive & Ryan McLane

Olive is totally bored with her life. She sits on the couch outside swiping her phone and can barely contain her distain for the guy cleaning her pool. When he takes off his shirt, she notices enough to call him over even if she doesn’t take her eyes off of her phone as she grabs at his dick. He helps her out of her shoes, sucking on her toes a bit as the rest of her clothes slowly come off. She sucks his cock for a bit and then lets him work between her modest tits. It’s tough to follow Valentina, but Olive gets out of her blasé mood once the dick starts pumping. They get into doggy and reverse cowgirl. Comparing the energy and eye candy her to what we saw in the opener might not be fair, but we did just watch something fantastic. Maybe the drop off is inevitable. Her energy is pretty good and there are nice body shots as she rides and then gets into spoon on the outdoor couch. He finishes off on her boobs just in time for her husband to come home and catch them.

Katy Jane &

Sexy British blonde Katy Jane is happily married to a pool cleaner (Oh, I see what they are doing with the guys here.) With hubby gone, she is able to get her mouth totally full of dick. She is cute and gets his dick all messy while making it disappear. He returns the favor, licking and sucking at that smooth shaved pussy. The doggy shots are pretty fantastic with Katy’s natural wonders swaying beneath her on every stroke. This is a nice little scene that ends with a cumshot all over her rack. The boob shots are what really stand out in this one.

Angela White & Tommy Gunn

Angela White is working in a bar where only one customer (Tommy Gunn) is left in the place. She and Ryan Driller just want to go home so she starts hinting hard to Tommy that he doesn’t have to go home, but he can’t stay there. She gives him the check and he tells her how beautiful she is. Angela is taken aback by his compliment and despite the obvious danger, decides to let him kiss her. He gets her out of her top and admires her luscious breasts before she decides to just go for it. From her knees, Angela looks up at him while her mouth opens to take his hard cock. Wrapping her tits around him, she looks up again with a look on her face that is too sexy for words while giving him the tit fuck of a lifetime. He moves her into a chair and props her legs up so he can enter her. There is a really hot shot where Tommy sucks one boob while Angela sucks the other. They get into doggy and she is super vocal as Tommy fucks her hard enough for their bodies to slap together. Nice energy here and some really good shots of Angela for fans who can’t get enough of her big natural boobs. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her tummy.

Katrina Jade & Ryan Driller

After catching his employee banging a customer on a table, Ryan goes out and shoots pool with Katrina Jade. The game serves as nice tease footage as Katrina tries distracting Ryan with her body and flirty glances. Eventually she just drops to her knees and finds out what he’s got working in his jeans. Katrina takes it to the root and makes things really messy as is her custom. Bending over, she finally gives him a view of that ass without her clothes in the way. They do some standing doggy that is quite energetic, but a big step down from the last scene. She looks pretty good sticking her ass out like that. The energy is good and I know a lot of people like Katrina, but for me, the movie ends on a down note as he shoots across her tits.

BONUS: 3 Bonus Scenes (Missy Martinez, Valentina Nappi & Katrina Jade), Trailers, Photo Gallery


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