Close Enough to Touch: Layla Price at Adultcon This Weekend

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Close Enough to Touch: Layla Price at Adultcon This Weekend

Make It Official By Voting for Layla for the 2017 AVN Awards’ Most Epic Ass

VENICE, CA – It is the holiday season and Layla Price is giving in a big way: she’ll be spending this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Adultcon in Los Angeles, giving fans literally hours to hang out with the superstar.

This comes after a weekend where she was in Northern California hanging with friends and fans at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, her second appearance in two years at that event.

There might be a little less weed at Adultcon, but it’ll be the same fantastic Layla and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being in her presence you realize what a present that is. She’s fun and charming and just as beautiful as when you see her on your screens big and small.

“The Adultcon events are really unique and fun,” Layla said. “Some of the shows are just huge and overwhelming, but they’ve managed to keep Adultcon more intimate and I’ve been really happy with my experiences at these events and have met so many cool and crazy people. We’re going to have a blast!”

Layla is nothing if not wholly dedicated to her fans and that’s why she is going to be on the floor for every hour the hall is open. Say hello, get an autograph, and if it’s such a beautiful moment that you cry just a little, she’ll even wipe away your little tear. (But don’t go overboard – cry too much and she just might have to call security!)

Layla’s Adulton 2016 schedule:

Friday: 4-9 pm

Saturday: 1-9 pm

Sunday: 1-6 pm

Layla is nominated for Most Epic Ass at the 2017 AVN Awards and we all know that “epic” and “Layla’s Ass” are very nearly official entries into the dictionary. (In fact, it is looking like next year this entry will be added to Merriam-Webster’s and American Heritage is also preparing an entry for the 2018 editions. Fans can help this movement gain momentum by giving her a vote that helps her win this AVN Award! Make it happen at

Adultcon is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center’s West Hall B. For more information check out their website at and their Twitter feed @adultcon.

Social media & other fun: Twitter: @laylapricexoxo; Instagram: bootykush91; Chatstar:; Verified Video Chat:; signed merchandise or outfits:; Give her 5 stars at FreeOnes:

Marijuana: For information on Gorilla Glue and Layla’s other marijuana strains go to

Bookings: Feature dancing and hosting: Centerfolds Strips (; shoots: Society 15 Models (

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