Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [9/12]
Male Looks [9/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [10/12]
Plot Acting [9/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody

Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody

133 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Male Strippers, Groupies, Porn
STARS: Derrick Pierce, jessica drake, Misty Stone, Ryan McLane, Asa Akira, Adriana Chechik, Amirah Adara, India Summer, Jessa Rhodes, Katrina Jade, Bridgette B, Kendra Lust, Maddy O’Reilly, Seth Gamble, Rob Piper, Ryan Driller, Tommy Gunn, Tony Martinez,


This one is for the ladies. OK, that’s the tag line and based on the source material we would assume it to be true. I usually don’t review parodies when I haven’t seen the original. I made an exception here because I really wanted to see this one. It’s a pretty solid movie with a plot, decent acting a ton of sex scenes. For the ladies? Sure. A tad more than the usual Wicked feature. The dance sequences are well-choreographed and impressive. They are also geared very much towards the female audience. (Or the audience that likes watching men strip.) When the guys aren’t on stage stripping, they are fucking hot girls and that should appeal to everyone. The cast is huge so if you have a favorite girl, don’t blink or you might miss her. Derrick Pierce and jessica drake are the leads. Both of them handle the dialog nicely. Derrick gets to sling meat plenty, but we have to wait for the finale to see Ms. drake get busy. It’s worth the wait of course and fits the story just fine. Ditto Misty Stone who has a good bit of dialog and one really hot sex scene. Since there are so many hot girls in the cast, it makes things easy to like. India Summer, Adriana Chechik, Katrina Jade, Maddy O’Reilly and Kendra Lust are also on hand to fuck once and run. Asa Akira makes an appearance as well. She and Bridgette B share screen time in a two on two scene that is really hot. Overall this is a solid feature with a huge cast, a lot of really good sex and a decent story. The choreography is great for the ladies and is an impressive feat in its own right.

India Summer & Derrick Pierce

Mike (Derrick Pierce) needs a loan to get his business off the ground. The loan office (India Summer) is distracted by his charms, but can’t give him a loan with no credit history. He explains his unusual profession and then offers her some collateral. This is a reversal of the usual “I will do anything” scene with a woman in the position of power. India comes across the desk with her mouth, taking his money maker into her talented mouth. The BJ is short, but India is always fun to watch. She spins around and he gets busy with his tongue, making her feel more and more like granting that loan. They condom up and she gets on top of his dick while he sits in her chair. She skillfully works her hips until it’s his turn to do the work On the desk, she throws one leg up while he works on those hip thrusts. It’s a pretty quick, but very hot fuck as she slides off of the desk in time for him to lose the rubber and shoot his load all over her sexy face. Great facial shot, but he still doesn’t get the loan.

Maddy O’Reilly & Tony Martinez and Seth Gamble

Backstage before the show, Tony goes through his pre-show ritual. He has the resident fluffer (Maddy O’Reilly) getting him in game shape. When the guys take the stage, Maddy keeps working on the new kid (Seth Gamble) delivering a very sloppy blowjob. She doesn’t let him last very long, using both hands work a load out into her sexy little mouth.

Amirah Adara, Jessa Rhodes, Ryan McLane & Seth Gamble

After his debut, The Kid (Seth Gamble) gets to have even more fun when his boss (Ryan McLane) takes him to play with a couple of the girls from the audience. Amirah Adara and Jessa Rhodes appreciated what the guys did on stage and show that appreciation with open arms and open mouths and open legs. There is some hot oral action here, but the best shots may come when the girls are both on all fours, showing off young, slim bodies as they get pounded from behind. The accessories the girls have hint at a bachelorette party. Knowing which one of these babes is about to get married would have added a little fantasy wrinkle to the action, but the eye candy is enough to keep us watching here. The girls ride cock side by side on the couch. We get great ass shots and some good anal action in this position. The scene finishes with a double facial and a cum swapping kiss between the two horny cuties. Nice little scene here.

Adriana Chechik & Tommy Gunn

After a number of nicely choreographed dance numbers, fan girl Adriana Chechik sticks around for a private show from her favorite dancer (Tommy Gunn.) She is told she is in for a “big surprise” and that is exactly what she is looking for. As the pretty brunette starts sucking that big cock, neither of them notices someone watching. Somehow I don’t think she would slow down even if she could see the woman masturbating to the sight of her pretty head bobbing up and down on Tommy’s big hard pole. She turns around and shows off her ass, letting him slide into her pussy from behind. Usually we see Adriana sticking as many things as possible into her ass, so it’s really nice to see her just enjoying some garden variety fucking for a change. Trying to keep her from behind too loud, he covers her mouth, but that still doesn’t keep Adriana from screaming in pleasure. Nice shots of her on her side with one leg pulled up for a good camera angle. Tommy shoots his wad all over her pretty face. Nice bit of eye candy in this energetic boff.

Kendra Lust & Tommy Gunn

It turns out that the woman watching was Adriana’s stepmother. She isn’t angry though. She just wants a piece of him. Taking out his cock, she works the long hard shaft to the back of her throat in no time. Working hard to get at those last few inches, she shows what a few years experience can bring to the table. Stripping down, she shows him her perfect ass while he fingers her. Climbing aboard, she rides the dick and sticks that pretty butt out invitingly. The back shots are great, but she rolls over to give us a view of her rack as she rubs her clit and gets nicely fucked. Tommy gets rid of the condom during doggy and loses his load all over that find backside. Not a bad stop at this household.

Misty Stone & Derrick Pierce

Misty Stone is the new boss after buying Dallas out. As it turns out, she knows Mike already and wants to get reacquainted. He puts her right onto the bed and starts sucking her nipples until they stand at attention and she is moaning seductively. Slipping a finger into her juicy pussy, he works her up to full speed before taking out his hard dick. Misty is all ready to go and licks his cock, making it grow as she slides her luscious lips up and down the shaft. Great looking BJ from a great looking woman. Misty is the boss and she takes charge, hopping on top of his dick and working her hips to show off her lovely behind. While she provides the eye candy, he is busy showing us how he got his nickname, pounding that pretty hole and sending her into erotic orbit. The doggy is equally easy on the eyes and brings out a steady stream of appreciative dirty talk from Misty. He works her hard until they both cum. Misty makes a big deal about getting off on his dick while Derrick pulls out and shoots his load on her pretty face. What a perfect boss.

Asa Akira, Bridgette B, Ryan Driller & Tommy Gunn

The guys decide to diversify by shooting porn. The first scene is a rousing four way starring two super hot babes, Bridgette B and Asa Akira, hooking up with Ryan Driller and Tommy Gunn. The girls play club patrons who are introduced to the joys of naked men dancing. Side by side, they get up close and put lip locks around hard poles. Any time we get to watch Asa give head, it’s a damn good thing. There is some nicely shot side by side 69 with both girls sucking like crazy and some good ass shots. Showing off her perfect body, Asa puts a leg up in the air and takes all of Tommy in her sweet little pussy. Meanwhile Bridgette works her hips and shakes her full booty. The girls switch partners allowing Tommy to bang Bridgette hard enough to make her big tits rock while Asa puts her mouth back to perfect use. Ramping up the heat, Asa flips into piledriver and Bridgette takes it up the ass. Nice footage from both women as they prove that condomed feature sex can still be hot and nasty. The scene ends with a couple of nice facials. Both women are lovely and wear the ball batter perfectly.

Katrina Jade, Rob Piper & Tony Martinez

Porn is paying well and Mike brings in a new girl (Katrina Jade) to get it on with two stripper cops (Tony Martinez & Rob Piper). The guys are already half naked so she just has to squat between them and play with their cocks through their shorts. With her tits out and shaking, she squats with her legs spread and a cock in each hand as her head moves back and forth to take them. Mounting up on Rob’s dick, she rides hard and fast while sucking Tony. The action from behind gets pretty intense and she seems to love the way her pussy gets pounded. Spinning her around, Rob fucks that mouth while her natural boobs shake and quake. Her butt gets spanked hard enough to be glowing pink as the guys intensely fill her at both ends. The guys shoot at the same time, covering her face in jizz and providing a great scene to their growing library.

jessica drake & Derrick Pierce

You know that jessica drake and Derrick are going to fuck eventually. We just have to wait three hours to get there. Of course it’s worth it because Jessica is smoking hot and ready for some good dick. He holds her arms behind her back and kisses down to her nipples, setting her off some intense attention in that area. As his mouth moves down between her legs, her moans and screams get even louder and more passionate. He slides right into her pussy (after condoming up of course, safety first.) He holds one leg up in the air so she is open to the camera showing off that long, lovely body. Getting on top, she works up and down on that dick while her boobs bob invitingly. I really like the way she fucks in this scene. So much so that I can almost forgive the lack of quality oral footage from one of the prettiest faces in porn. She finishes the scene on her knees with a big load in her mouth. As jessica sucks out every drop, proving that she is still a fantastic closer.

Bonus: Extended Dance Footage, Bonus Dance Footage, Building the Bar, Interviews with the Cast, Dance Rehearsals, Photo Galleries, Trailers, Bonus Sex Scenes (jessica drake twice, Asa Akira once.)

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