Evil Angels: Lisa Ann

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Evil Angels: Lisa Ann

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation


178 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Anal Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Lesbian Sex, Facials, Tit Fucking
STARS: Lisa Ann, Dana Vespoli, Lexington Steele, Jonni Darkko, Kid Jamaica, Alma Blue, Mr. Pete, Mike Adriano


The latest collection of Evil Angel excellence features the one and only Lisa Ann. A star for well over a decade, this busty brunette has created two successful run that only recently came to an end. She does a little bit of everything in this collection and it is a must-see for her fans. The action is nicely varied and all hot. Any time Lisa Ann is in front of the camera, she takes over. Her sexuality and confidence just carries the day. Of course, she has perfect curves, a luscious big ass, huge tits and lips that were made for sucking cock. All of that adds up to a superstar who owns every second of this five hour compilation. The opening POV focuses on her amazing rack and the wonderful way Lisa Ann uses it to get a lucky guy off. There are a pair of girl/girl scenes in this collection. Dana Vespoli gives it to Lisa in a hot anal POV romp. Alma Blue joins Lisa Ann and learns a lot from her beautiful, older partner. Lisa Ann also provides a pair of interracial scenes in this collection. Her love of BBC is legendary and watching her take on Lexington Steele is sure to put some starch in your shorts. In the end, how much you like this movie will depend largely on how much you like Lisa Ann. If you love her as much as her legions of fan do, then this is a must own collection. It’s going on my shelf with some of the other Evil Angels titles. It’s great from start to finish.

Lisa Ann & Jonni Darkko (From Jugg Fuckers 5)
We open with Lisa Ann barely holding her huge hooters inside of her tiny bikini. She talks to the camera while dripping oil on her twin bazookas. Those things look amazing al shiny and greased up as she continues to play with them. The POV action kicks in with some boob play and then a BJ. Lisa Ann looks right into the camera as she opens her mouth and takes that dick to the back of her throat. Her tits are all oiled up and she squeezes them tightly around his cock, working that bountiful flesh up and down like she knows exactly what she’s doing. She uses those tits and her mouth to make him explode a massive load all over her face.

Lisa Ann & Kid Jamaica (From Angel Perverse 19)

Before hooking up with Kid Jamaica, Lisa Ann calls her man to let him know what’s about to happen. She has fun teasing him, but hangs up before the fun begins. They kiss, with Lisa stopping every few moments to remove an article of clothing, teasing us with her body as she teases her partner. When she finally gets his big cock out, the brunette superstar wastes no time putting it in her mouth. The short blowjob gives way to Lisa Ann riding while he grabs her big glorious ass with both hands. When he has her in doggy, Kid enjoys fucking her feet in between rounds in her slutty pussy. Great energy from both performers as they seem to really enjoy pleasing one another. From spoon he pulls out and shoots his load right into her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Lisa Ann reaches down and gets a taste. Another hot one from everyone’s favorite filthy MILF

Lisa Ann & Dana Vespoli (From Lesbian Anal POV 2)

It’s time for a little lesbian fun as Dana Vespoli hooks up with Lisa Ann. During the interview, Dana expresses her admiration for Lisa for her strength and straight forward attitude. Footage of Lisa masturbating with a little toy is cut in with her description of her first anal encounter. Dana finally gets her co-star naked and starts to use toys on her while holding the camera The tight shots are nice and the novelty of girl on girl POV more than makes up for the occasionally less than optimal camerawork. There is a ton of ass play of course as Dana uses a big glass plug to fill the veteran brunette’s backdoor. Backing up a little we get to see the fun as Lisa does more of the work herself. Grabbing a strap on Dana is ready for more. Lisa Ann bends over towards the camera and delivers a hot blowjob that includes some fantastic tit fucking. Once the dong is nice and wet, she spreads her legs and pushes her ass down around it. The anal POV is a lot of fun and includes the great expressions on Lisa Ann’s face as she gets fucked up the butt. Dana bends her over next and takes her from behind giving us a hot finish to a fun scene.

Lisa Ann & Lexington Steele (From Lex vs. Lisa Ann)

(This is my original review of this scene) To start the next scene, Lisa Ann dons a hot black dress that is once again too tight to hide any of her stunning curves. It has no back though so her big ass is hanging out and right there for our eyes. Lex shows up and he really likes what he sees. He sits down and watches as she teases him with her ass and other delectable parts. The extreme tease offered here is unforgettable. Lisa Ann knows just how to build up the anticipation she smiles when she realizes that she has him exactly where she wants him. Pulling out his cock, she lovingly strokes it and purrs about how she can’t wait to taste it. She bends over his lap and strokes him into her mouth. We just saw a very similar scene, but she is still attacking the dick like she has never had anything so great. Moving her way up, she grinds her pussy on his face and buries his face in her ass. Straddling the dick, she drops some lube between their bodies and gets some serious grind going. Good looking sex here with some awesome ass shots as she rocks her hips slowly. After a few strokes, she spins around, squats on his rod and shakes her massive tits for fun. Rolling over, she throws her legs wide open for some really fantastic deep penetration shots. Her pussy swallows up every inch they work hard to match each other’s energy. Puling her legs back a little farther, she takes him into her asshole. I love the leg shots in addition to the super deep butthole banging. As much fun as she had with that big black cock in her pussy, Lisa seems even happier to have it in her ass. For the finish she sucks on his balls while he strokes his dick. This pushes Lex right over the edge and has him cascading his cream all over her upturned face. As it runs between her tits she sucks the last few drops out of the tip of his cock.

Lisa Ann & Mike Adriano (From Anal Dream Team)

In a thin white tank top, Lisa Ann is sporting a major set of pokey nipples as she talks to Mike. We end up focusing more on her ass though as she walks around in some really amazing jeans. They slowly come down revealing more of her ass. Finally the tits come out too and we can really enjoy all that this amazing woman has to offer. Mike adoringly kisses her ass and eats it. Her legs spread wide as his fingers and tongue get the job done. This is a scene that really focuses on anal so he eats her butthole for a really long time before taking her inside to have his cock sucked. With the camera just inches away Lisa Ann goes to work, putting on an amazing display of oral skills. She knows how to please a man and play to the audience at the same time. He lets her suck and lick for a long time, throwing some tit fucking as well. On her back once again, she takes him right up her ass, rubbing her clit and getting her juices flowing. Mike spreads some oil on her body to make it shine as he takes turns fucking her pussy and her ass. After a long and hearty ass fuck, he pulls out and she sucks him clean. When she bends over, those oiled up cheeks look spectacular. Fans of well shot anal are going to love this one. We get great footage of her butt sliding up and down on his pole. The energy is also fantastic. This is just a perfect anal scene in every sense of the word. In the end, he pulls out and shoots cum all over her pussy, thighs and tits. Wow, and we still have a full disc to go.

Lisa Ann & Mr. Pete (From Big Tit Centerfolds)

Disc two starts out with Lisa Ann doing some serious tease in her bikini. We get an eyeful of those spectacular hooters and her curvy ass. Breaking out the oil, she rubs her tan skin until all of her sexy parts are nice and shiny. Tease that lasts this long can get boring, but Lisa Ann puts on the kind of show that will you watching and wanting more. Whipping out her big tits, she squeezes them around his cock and lets him fuck away for a bit. Pete fingers her pussy until it’s nice and juicy. His cock slides right in and their bodies slap together loudly enough to be heard even over her boisterous verbal encouragement. He pushes a leg up on her shoulder and pounds away on her pussy as hard as he can. Her ass gets plenty of screen time as she rids him, grinding her hips to take every bit of that throbbing rod. Their energy gets ramped up even further when he bends her over and works her from behind. Lisa Ann arches her back and takes every inch. He takes her from behind hard enough to make her boobs really shake. Lisa Ann rolls over, spreads her legs and positions her hooters perfectly for a big finish. Pete fires away, spraying her face and coating her tits with a thick layer of glaze.

Lisa Ann & Alma Blue (From Top Wet Girls 7)

When Lisa Ann checks into a hotel room she finds she is not alone. Little Alma Blue comes out of the shower with just a towel on. Quickly sizing things up, Lisa Ann offers to share the room with her new friend. They get to know each other quickly with both ladies appreciating one another’s boobs. Alma’s are perky and tiny while Lisa’s more than fill up her little hands. An expert on making partners feel good, Lisa Ann works her mouth down to Alma’s pussy and licks it until it is good and wet. Lisa Ann breaks out a toy and works it quickly into Alama’s hot and horny hole. It’s huge, but she isn’t about to let her young friend miss a single inch. She trades that in for a smaller strap on and bucks her hips into Alma, fucking her thoroughly while also teasing her little butthole. Next up, she fucks that ass. The strap on action is fantastic and Lisa Ann provides a ton of eye candy while working over the little brunette. When that is finished, she rolls Alma over and goes back to the monster dildo in that now opened up ass. Finally pulling out a double headed dong, Lisa Ann lets Alma do the fucking for a while The younger girl grabs that thing and fills Lisa’s hot twat with plenty of plastic. This part doesn’t last long, but we have already seen plenty of super hot shit.

Lisa Ann & Winston Burbank (From Facial Overload 2)

Lisa Ann opens this scene by teasing us with her glamourous curves and bodacious boobs. She talks about having a big cock down her throat and is ready to put on a fantastic show. Moving into position, she gets to work licking the tip and working his dick into her mouth. The POV action is great as her eyes lock on the camera and she caresses his meat with her loving lips and talented tongue. This is classic Lisa Ann with plenty of eye contact and a confident sexuality that tells us all that we should be just a little envious of the fantastic head he’s getting on camera. The finish is fantastic. He fires a massive load all over that face. It would be hard to come up with a better oral-only addition to this collection.

Lisa Ann & Toni Ribas (From Cruel MILF)

The final scene features Lisa Ann getting all clean in the tub before she gets dirty in the bedroom. She gets all sudsy and then sits on the edge of the tub and waits for Toni to join her. She starts sucking and stroking his cock, taking a whole lot of it like a champ. Once she has properly sucked that cock, Lisa Ann mounts up and rides. Showing off her lovely big ass, she grinds her hips and takes every throbbing inch. She spins around and rides with her tits swaying back and forth. He bends her over and fucks her from behind. There are great shots of her legs and ass while he works her over. Good energy and great eye candy as they move from the tub to a place where they have a little more room to work. There are great shots on the floor with her legs thrown back over her head while he fingers her with four fingers and then slams his cock home. She takes a great ride and then milks his load right out into her mouth. Great scene to finish this fantastic collection.

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