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All Access Carter Cruise

157 Mins
DIRECTOR: Derek Dozer
THEMES: Star Vehicle, Carter Cruise, DP, Double Vaginal, Lesbian Sex, Rough Sex, Girls with Guns
STARS: Carter Cruise, Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Toni Ribas,


This is a big time release from Aireorse. It features everyone’s favorite newcomer from 2014 Carter Cruise in a showcase that is sure to stand the test of time. Carter hits the screen in four very hot scenes. Each is well shot, nicely paced and very energetic. A couple of them fall into the rough category which pushes Carter from cute girl next door to serious XXX porn slut. She brings along two very big stars in their own right, Adriana Chechik and Aidra Fox, but let’s be clear, Carter Cruise owns every second of this movie. From the great one on one open with Ramon Nomar to the super hot DP finale, Carter is a star in every sense of the word. In the opener, some passionate make up sex sets the stage for an epic fuck between a steady stud and one of the hottest girls in XXX. Their chemistry is fantastic and this scene sets the bar high. James Deen comes in as the pizza guy in a stunning three-way with Carter and Adriana Chechik. Both girls are sexy and super hot. The action is rough and right up Adriana’s alley. Carter hangs right with her though. That’s impressive and it allows her shine through like never before. A trip to the gun range gets things going for Aidra and Carter. The lesbian action is blistering hot and the toy play is really good. Last but not least, the DP is probably the best thing in the movie. That’s saying a lot given how good the rest of it is. Roman and Toni double up on Carter for a scene that cannot be missed. It is fantastic and the perfect cherry on top of this spectacular showcase. This two disc set features a bonus scene, some hot BTS and tease footage as well as some really cool inserts. In short, it’s the full package. This is a great gonzo movie for anyone who likes Carter Cruise. Pencil it in for Best Star Showcase nominations for award season next year.

Carter Cruise & Ramon Nomar

During the opening interview, Carter discusses the fact that she has not worked with Ramon one on one before. She finally gets the chance in the first scene. They do a little silent story telling. Ramon is clearly in the doghouse. He gives Carter earrings, but she is still freezing him out. She slaps him, he takes her into his arms for a passionate kiss and that thaws whatever was going on in a big hurry. He kisses his way down her body until she can’t stand up any more. On her back he eats her with such passion that you can literally hear the juices sloshing around. Carter gets on her knees and shoves his dick to the back of her throat. She looks really good on her knees and the energy is really good as she uses both hands to keep that dick throbbing. They get on the couch where she continues the BJ until it’s time swing a leg over his lap and drops her pussy down on his cock. There are some really hot shots in spoon as he fucks her hard enough to make her toes curl and her knees pull up to her chest. She likes it rough and crawls around to another couch where he is waiting to fuck her face and spank her. Ramon really hits all of her spots. Carter looks great riding his dick and she can barely control herself when she starts cumming. I love how hard she works to take that dick. Carter even works up a sweat during this high-energy boff. The big messy shot all around her pussy leaves Carter licking her fingers clean after scooping up the load. Great energy here, wow.

Carter Cruise, Adriana Chechik & James Deen

The long interview leading into this scene talks about how they make fun of the pizza delivery set up and gives us a lot of insight into the rough action that is going to follow. The girls are enjoying sun in their bikinis when they decide to call for pizza. James Deen shows up and they do poke some clever fun at the old porn cliché. They tear into him, getting his cock and aggressively sucking it. Both girls are loud, sloppy and going for deep throat on every stroke. He face fucks them and both seem to respond just fine. James slaps Carter across the face repeatedly while Adriana gags loudly on his dick. He bends Carter over and covers Adriana’s face with her friend’s bikini bottoms. This is a hard core scene with rough sex at the forefront from start to finish. If that isn’t your thing, then skip ahead to the next one because this doesn’t get any better (or worse depending on your point of view) as it progresses. He switches the girls and gives Adriana the same rigorous penile pumping that he gave her blonde friend. Adriana gets on top and begs Carter to put her tongue to use on her clit while James fills that slutty pussy. Carter shows a really, really nasty side here, keeping up with one porn’s hottest sluts stride for stride. They do some panty stuffing on Carter while James chokes her until she turns colors. I told you guys this wasn’t a gentle scene. James ends up shooting all over both faces. This is definitely the hardest and may be the best hardcore gonzo scene Carter Cruise has ever shot.

Carter Cruise & Aidra Fox

Carter and another of the hottest new girls in porn, Aidra Fox spend some time shooting at the gun range. (I have been to this gun range actually, with Kaitlyn Ashley years ago when her boyfriend worked there.) They find a place nearby to throw down a blanket and get down and dirty. They have camo make up on and boots and really getting into the whole outdoor military theme. And then Aidra sticks her ass up in the air and Carter eats it. Carter breaks out a pink toy that looks like a small baseball bat and starts working Aidra over with it. (Not Al Capone style.) After cumming hard, the brunette girl puts Carter on all fours and furiously finger fucks her. They kiss and exchange spit by doing their own version of the mandible claw which I suppose some people might find sexy on some level. Both girls are pretty rough, but they also know how to give each other a great deal of pleasure.

Carter Cruise, Ramon Nomar & Toni Ribas

Ramon is back, teaming with Toni Ribas to give Carter some on-screen DP. She is dressed in a sexy gold bikini as she drops between the two men. The double BJ starts at poolside which I love and then moves indoors. The action is still good here, but I really liked the poolside head. The put her onto the couch on all fours so that her mouth can remain stuffed with cock even as her pussy gets pounded from behind. Great energy from Carter who is very enthusiastic about the sucking she is doing. Climbing on top of Toni, she slowly works his cock into her tight asshole. Ramon waits patiently, watching as the anal action gets a little easier for the pretty blonde. As with every scene in this movie, the action is fantastic. It’s a little less rough than some of the others, but every bit as passionate. Carter does a fantastic job of riding his cock and pushing her ass down to take every inch. They finally line her up for DP and she takes to it perfectly. Carter spins around and sucks both cocks clean when they come out of her. When they flip her over we get a few seconds of just RCA where she really gets to show off her legs. They do DP in this position and also take turns rolling her up so that her ass gets a lot of attention. They also double stuff her pussy a few times. That’s got to be super tight quarters, but the guys seem to make it work and Carter goes nuts for it. The big finish Carter taking both loads on her face, outstretching her tongue to make sure that they have a good target. There are a lot of good scenes in this movie, but this one is my favorite.

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