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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Big Naturals 35

136 Mins
Reality Kings
THEMES: Big tits, Natural Tits, Tit Fucking, Outdoor Sex, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, New Girls
STARS: Shae Summers, Katarina, Brooke Wylde, Marie Leone, Olivia Blu, DeeDee Lynn


Once again, Reality Kings delivers the goods. If you like big natural tits then you are going to need to get this DVD. At the very least you need to VOD a few of these scenes because they are pretty awesome. I like the interview format for most of the scenes. I really love the way the boob action is mixed in with the great sex. It makes the movie perfect for big tit lovers, but still very solid for people who aren’t nuts for big racks. There isn’t a bad scene in the bunch, but there are some stand outs. The first on that caught my eye was the opener. Katarina starts off with some yoga moves that could make a boob lover out of nearly anyone. Wow is she built. The scene that follows only makes the tit action that much hotter. Watching them bounce is pretty amazing and I’d put her on your must-see list right away. Brooke Wylde is a hot heavy-hootered teen who loves big cock. She gets on and uses all of her charms to make him happy. Great tit footage here. Shae Summers is on hand for her first boy/girl scene. She is a barely legal cutie with an amazing rack. I love the semi-public balcony action as well as the hard core fun she has in the room. Marie Leone is a cute black girl with super sized boobs. For guys who really love them large (Specifically tits) this scene is a gold mine. Olivia Blu gives a really scene as well. She is quite fond of the big cock and makes it work. Lots of great energy in this one. Last of all, DeeDee Lynn gets her DD all wrapped around a hard cock. The busty redhead takes a while to warm up, but ends up giving us another really solid scene. At nearly four hours this is a long DVD with plenty of huge tits to enjoy.


Blonde Katarina is so busty that she needs special instruction to do proper Yoga. The simplest of moves make her boobs nearly pop out of her top so they just toss it aside to reveal a remarkable rack. Katarina does some stretching and presses her boobs against glass to really let us enjoy them. The breast play is fantastic and beautifully shot. I know this scene is already going to have the core audience going nuts. The guy enters and immediately slips his dick between her magnificent breasts. Opening her mouth, the pony-tailed blonde licks the full length of his shaft and sucks gently on his balls. Down on her knees she does an amazing job with her lovely, tanned tits on display as her head bobs. There is some nice tit fucking before he spreads her out on the couch and starts eating that tangy twat. He slides right in behind her and starts fucking in spoon. She shoves off those amazing tits and her tight, shaved pussy while taking every inch. He fucks her so hard that she is barely staying on the couch and those boobs sway so invitingly. When she climbs on top and bounces, those tits really get to shaking. Wow she is built for this movie. While she is bent over, gravity works its magic on her tits, giving us quite a sight. Katarina finishes him off with her mouth, letting some cum dribble out onto her chin. This one will be tough to beat in terms of big, natural boobs.

Brooke Wylde & Cris Strokes

Eighteen year old Brooke Wylde has an amazing set of boobs and green eyes that really capture the attention. This young girl has natural DDs that get her plenty of longing stares from men whenever she is in a bathing suit. She breaks out her tits and smiles as she rubs them and completes her interview. Moving to the bath, Brooke lets her fingers do the walking as she rubs her hot pussy under water. Climbing out of the bath she dangles her newly washed boobs over her partner’s face and the fun begins. Cris flips her over on the couch to give her pussy some attention. Switching spots, she is very impressed by the size of his cock. Brooke grabs it in both hands and jerks it into her mouth. Smiling up at him, she lets him try her oiled up tits next. This is the point of the movie so this footage gets a lot of attention. Brooke is ready for more and mounts up for reverse cowgirl. In spoon she takes it hard, letting her boobs shake and commenting frequently on the size of his tool. He takes her from behind, teasing her asshole while she arches her back and pushes her hips to meet his thrusts. Cris pulls out and rains down his jizz all over her beautiful rack and face.

Shae Summers &

Little Shae Summers is barely eighteen and seems rather shy. Lucky for her, she sports a pair of grown up titties that really seems to want to pop right out of her top. We get to watch her stands there and bounce those adorable things. The guy gets behind her and plays with them, holding them to her face so she can lick the nipples before he splashes them with water. They are still out on the balcony, but this adventurous little teen doesn’t hesitate for a second to suck on that big cock. This is really hot footage, but they go inside for the fucking. Shae gets into reverse cowgirl with her feet on his thighs and works her hips while her gorgeous tits bounce and shake. Shae is very cut and shows off her body in spoon. If you are a fan of natural boobs, this is another perfect position. Shae isn’t as big as the first two girls, but her breasts are perky, all natural and big enough to look really good swaying. In between positions she drops to her knees and sucks that cock. It’s huge in her hands and she does her best to suck as much of it as she can. Finishing up with some tit fucking, he blasts a load all over her rack. Not bad for a first boy/girl scene.

Marie Leone & Cody

Lovely black girl Marie Leone has a set of super sized natural boobs on a very non super-sized frame. The 34F set is hard to miss and that may be why the pre-game festivities are short this time. They get those huge hooters out and Cody gives her an oily boob massage. With the camera high above, she wraps them around his cock and rubs up and down. Nice tit fucking, but Marie really looks good with that cock in her mouth. Her free hand drifts down to play with her pussy while she delivers a rather hot looking BJ. When she gets on top, we get an eye full of her big butt as she rolls her hips to take his cock. When she is on her back, Marie holds her boobs up and sucks on them as she gets fucked. She puts on some sunglasses and let shim pull out to shoot all over her body at the end. Not a bad scene, especially if you like sexy black girls with amazing boobs.

Olivia Blue & Cris Strokes

Blonde Olivia Blu is busty, but a little shy. I have a feeling things are going to change for this North Carolina hottie. She talks about how much attention her tits get and it is easy to see why. They come out and to be honest, I don’t think you could pay to have them constructed in a way that would be half as perfect as these are naturally. Cris Strokes finally just gets in there. He can’t take the sigh of those perfect things any longer without tasting them. She gets onto her knees and teases some more with her tits before sucking his cock. It’s huge in her mouth, but she does her best to take a lot of it. The tit fucking is even hotter as she makes a perfectly tight tunnel out of her amazing big tits. This girl is really cute and if you are a boob guy (or girl) you need to make her a must-see. He puts the leggy blonde on her back, pushes her knees up to her chest and fucks her shaved pussy. When she squats on his prick, those tits dangle invitingly. Cris bends her over and tries out her ass with his finger. No full anal for this babe yet, but she takes a great facial and I will be watching for more from this top heavy tart.

DeeDee Lynn

California redhead DeeDee Lynn is back to show off her big tits. She has 32DDs making her name quite appropriate. She is thin with that massive rack and comes off as a little shy or standoffish. I love the way she looks strutting around in boots, a denim mini skirt and her black bra. DeeDee says she almost never gets tit fucked because they don’t wrap around a dick perfectly. I think it’s time someone fixed that. They get played with for a while and she is more than happy to shake them whenever she is asked. When the guy’s cock finally comes out, young DeeDee licks it slowly before opening her mouth to take as much as she can. He puts her on her back and fucks those tits. DeeDee knows how to hold them together and they really are lovely. Spreading her legs wide, she straddles him and gives us her first boy/girl scene with a bit of enthusiasm. She has a nice ass that gets plenty of screen time as she rides and gets properly pounded. During reverse cowgirl they do a little full nelson action that seems to ramp up her overall energy quite a bit. They get into spoon and she squeals while he pounds on those meaty shaved lips. In the end, she gets a big load all over those huge tits. I happen to really dig redheads so I found this to be a very hot finale and will be adding DeeDee to the long list of babes I really like in this movie.

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