Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries

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Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries

141 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Jacky St. James
THEMES: Romance, BDSM, Threesomes,
STARS: Penny Pax, Riley Reid, Sara Luvv, Richie Calhoun, Logan Pierce, Van Wylde


If you haven’t seen the first Emma Marx movie I would recommend you pick it up or watch it on VOD before trying this one. Not because you have to watch it to get the story. You can pick on up on it fine, but the movies do play best when viewed together and in context. That says a lot about the deep storytelling and character development brought to us by Jacky St. James. The characters are deep and their story arc has kept me interested through two movies. The performances by the leads, (Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun) are incredibly impressive. Penny really shines in this movie. So much so that she kind of laps the rest of the cast in terms of emotional depth. Sexually, I liked this movie a little better than the first Emma Marx flick. The variety of the scenes, both in cast and tone makes it a lot of fun to watch. (Richie and Penny spent most of the first movie banging each other over and over.) Riley Reid pops in for the opening scene. She is blindfolded and gorgeous as ever. From there Penny takes over, but the scenes have distinct tones and variety which is nice. The hardest scene features great sex and emotionally involving sex that will resonate with the audience in a big way. The finale is also emotionally engaging and very well shot. It’s one of the better three-way scenes you will experience in a couples-orientated adult movie. I love this second movie maybe even more than the first. It is even more engaging and proves that a really good writer/director can take us an X-rated journey that is mature, smart and ultimately sexy as hell. Great work all the way around and this is a must-see for any adventurous couples, especially those left cold by the mainstream mess that is 50 Shades.

Riley Reid & Van Wylde

The story picks up where the last one left off. Penny’s uptight sister (Riley Reid) and her buttoned up husband (Van Wylde) think they are exploring BDSM, but they just don’t get it. Give them credit for trying though. He blindfolds Riley and gently touches her exposed skin while she kneels quivering with anticipation. She looks stunning on all fours in her lingerie as he kisses his way down her back and over her buttocks. The lengthy kissing and gentle touching makes for beautiful shots and clearly sets a tone for this movie. With her blindfold still in place, she kisses up his thighs and lovingly sucks on his balls before moving her oral attentions to his throbbing cock. Even with her pretty face hidden, Riley is a cute cock sucker who makes even this for-couples action totally spankable. She licks it thoroughly then tries her best to get it all down her pretty little throat. They move to doggy and Riley still has her eyes covered. Arching her back, she slides her hips back perfectly, working his dick with her pussy like she loves every inch of him. He flips her over and gives her long slow strokes. I don’t remember a lot of scenes were the woman stays blindfolded for this long, so that should be noted for those looking for just such a detail. There is some really nice looking reverse cowgirl and she calls him master at the end as he pulls out and shoots all over her pussy.

Penny Pax & Richie Calhoun

This scene comes after a long lead in. The script does a brilliant job of moving the story forward, setting up their relationship and the coming conflict. Emma is completely involved in her relationship, but when he adds a clause in their contract about sex with other men, she balks. He blindfolds her and has her role play sex with someone she fantasizes about. She guides them through the fantasy, letting him touch her as her imaginary lover would. The blindfold play is very strong again. He bends her over the desk and slowly takes her from behind. There are some nice leg and ass shots during this portion of the scene. Penny reaches back and opens her cheeks while he works his dick slowly in and out of her butt. They get down on the floor for some RCA that is really nice looking. The anal action is really good with Penny showing great energy and getting a chance to show off her fantastic rack. He pulls out and cums all over her pussy, assuring her that her fantasies are part of what makes her so beautiful.

Penny Pax & Richie Calhoun

After denying her for a long time, Richie finally uses Penny again. She begs, whimpers, pants and moans at his touch. This is scene filled with behavior and verbalization that shows her desperation. Penny handles it well and it is a perfect contrast to the light, playful scene we saw from Riley at the beginning. She stays nicely in character and provides another really hot scene. He lets her suck his cock for a while and then bends her over to fuck her. She rolls her hips to the side so we get great leg and ass shots. He ends up cumming in her hands and all is right with the world.

Penny Pax, Logan Pierce & Richie Calhoun

Finally ready to test her limits, Penny agrees to a threesome. All three performers are nervous and the scene plays out in a way that at least feels very realistic. They undress Penny and she goes after the new cock with a great deal of enthusiasm. While her mouth is full, she gets dick from behind from her master. With all of the emotion in this movie to this point, the sex is a perfect climax. The guys switch places and Penny sucks her master’s cock like she is in love while also enjoying the feel of a new man inside of her. Visually there are some really nice shots in doggy with her lovely breasts hanging and swaying as she is taken at both ends. The guys finish up at the same time all over her tits and her pussy. It seems that Emma’s boundaries have been pushed and all ends well.

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