Flash Brown to Debut New Novelty Toy

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Flash Brown to Debut New Novelty Toy

Award winning male performer Flash Brown is set to debut his latest Icon Brand’s toy, an 11.5-inch squirting dildo, which will become available this week in stores and online. ‘Squirting Flash Brown’ is the latest toy added to Evil Angel’s Signature Collection line and it features the ability to fill the inside with your choice of flavor lube or liquid. Brown is ecstatic about the release and comments on expanding his brand through his novelty products.

Brown states, “I’m honored as a male performer that I’m able to push myself out to fans in more ways than one. Along with my scenes and a variety of toys, my fans are able to enjoy my talents on and off screen.”

It began with the original self-molded dildo that is 11.5-inches in length by 3-inch circumference. To no one surprise, it became one of Icon’s top sellers and continues to fulfill waiting lists for new products. The Flash Brown novelty line continues to grow with the addition of the squirting model and the highly anticipated vibrating model, set to debut 2014.

“It’s been a good year for me, with my new novelty toys, success at trade shows and building content for my site,” said Brown. “My products are the closest to the actual thing and now with my squirting model, the fantasy just became real.”

All models feature a suction cup for hands-free pleasure and hand-painted craftsmanship for authenticity. The squirting dildo is set to ship out this week and will be available through Icon Brands and leading distributors worldwide.

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