Raw 9 (Evil Angel)

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Raw 9

230 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
THEMES: POV, Big Asses, Big Cocks
STARS: Isis Taylor, Mika Tan, Krissy Lynn, Veronica Avluv, Manuel Ferrara


Manuel Ferrara strips it all down with this series. It’s part POV, part homemade sex tape with some of the hottest women in the industry. It’s rough around the edges, intentionally so and quite hot. Manuel is a great performer and the women really seem to enjoy being with him. Imagine that, they did working with a great looking guy who sports a huge cock. Each scene is a little different because he works well with the women and they give off different vibes. Isis Taylor is up first. She’s gorgeous from head to toe and I have never understood why she isn’t a bigger star. That body is just amazing and this is the sort of scene that shows off her energy quite nicely. Great scene from one of my favorite babes. Krissy Lynn is a little more emphatic and treats the scene like a sport fuck. Her big ass is the center of the action and Manuel uses it quite nicely. Veronica Avluv is a really strong performer who happens to be in a movie with three of my favorite women in the business. Her scene is very good and she has a great cougar vibe. I liked her scene a lot, but many of you will enjoy it even more. The last scene is my favorite. By now you all know that I totally dig Mika Tan. She looks fantastic in this scene and is so charming that it almost seems like she just stops in the middle of a date for a little road head and then goes right to the bed. Her oral skills are the best in the business and I dare anyone watching not to at least come close to losing it every time she flashes those gorgeous eyes to the camera. I have already watched the scene three times and I will probably watch it again as soon as I’ve finished this review. She’s that hot. If you like raw, real sex with super hot girls, don’t miss this one. The combination of Isis Taylor, Krissy Lynn and Mika Tan couldn’t be any hotter.

Isis Taylor & Manuel Ferrara

Manuel can hardly wait for Isis to arrive. She plops herself down on the bed and talks about her new interest in photography. Isis is always gorgeous and she looks especially hot in her short skirt. She is hot from head to toe with fantastic legs, a memorable ass and natural tits to die for. One of the best things about this series is the relaxed interview footage that Manuel gets with the women. Isis is right at home here and just looks gorgeous as she waits for some serious dick action. He finally puts down the camera and gets into bed with her. With the camera on the other side of the room he goes down on her for a while. Manuel picks it up and shoots some very hot BJ footage. Isis grabs his fat cock in her hand and squeezes it playfully as she puts it into her mouth. I love the look in her eyes as she parts her lips and puts her mouth to great use. Climbing on top, she spreads her legs and gets going. Her body is absolutely fantastic and those perfect tits shake back and forth wildly as she rides. Nice looking spoon footage as she gets nailed from behind while showing off her perfect body. When she gets in top, Isis bucks her hips to get her sexy ass cheeks shaking as she swallows every inch in her tight twat. The action looks good, but it really just seems like they are having a fantastic time together. They stop in the middle for some close up POV shots of Isis sucking and stroking his prick. She is just stunning with that dick in her mouth. Isis interacts perfectly with the camera as she bends over and looks right into the lens while being drilled. Finally she pops him in her mouth, stares right into the camera and sucks until he explodes. Isis shows us a little, swallows and then just struts right out of the room. After fucking, we watch her get dressed as they exchange dialog. Something about this really works, capping off a fantastic scene in just the right way.

Krissy Lynn & Manuel Ferrara

Another favorite, Krissy Lynn is up next. Manuel calls her and asks her to a movie. Krissy would rather have him cover to fuck her. He brings his camera and is only too happy to plant a big wet kiss on the horny blonde the second he walks through the door. She shows him around and looks really good in her skin tight black pants. Krissy is a very eager girl who climbs on top and wants to make out right away. She keeps her pants on for a good long time before pulling them down to show off her big, beautiful ass. Manuel dives in and eats her pussy for a while with the camera across the room. She invites him to do more and curls her toes as his big cock hits home. They have a good long fuck before she drops to her knees to provide the POV oral fun. I love the way her whole body moves together as she sucks and strokes his fat slab of meat. Working her mouth down lower, she sucks his balls and eats his asshole like she can’t wait to get her tongue up deeper in there. Her pussy is plenty wet when she glides it in and starts fucking. Her body looks great on top, but the look of lust in her eyes pushes the action over the top. The floor is a perfect place to fuck and we get to watch then roll into spoon fro a while. Krissy works his dick up her ass and then power fucks down around it. We get some really nice close up shots of that action as he plays with her clit and stretches her butthole. She spins around and shows us that big ass as it slaps down hard to take his pole. The anal action continues as she gets on the couch and sticks her ass high in the air for him to take. He shoves her head down and fucks her hard even as she is begging for it harder. They grab a dildo that she slides into her ass for DP while he fucks her pussy from behind. Krissy finishes off by licking his ass and sucking a big load right out of his cock. Damn this fucking scene is hot and Krissy is just perfect on screen.

Veronica Avluv & Manuel Ferrara

Veronica Avluv was just named MILF of the Year at the XRCO Awards. She is leggy, pretty and more than ready to try her luck with Manuel’s huge tool. Not wasting a lot of time, she kisses him and pulls out his dick for some really stunning POV blowjob footage. She smiles for the camera and uses her hands on the head to keep him throbbing. Not leaving a single inch untouched, she licks up and down the shaft, sucks the balls and d has a good time playing with them too. Manuel moves her onto the bed and starts banging her hard. The camera is across the room so we get a lot of shot of her legs as she wraps them around his body. Veronica gets on top for a bit and then rolls back over. This time he pushes her legs back and takes full advantage of her flexibility. Though the angles aren’t great here, the energy and fun come through in a big way. Manuel grabs the camera and captures some hot and heavy ball and ass licking by this turned on cougar. Veronica gets all worked up and sweaty before climbing back on top to fuck him again. Flipping her over, he fucks that pussy from behind while she grinds her ass back against him. There is some hot, hardcore RCA going on, but a closer angle would really help. Veronica ends up looking like she’s totally fucked silly by the end. Manuel moves the car in close for some cowgirl with Veronica riding like a champ. Before that happens she sucks a final loud out and savors every drop.

Mika Tan & Manuel Ferrara

My favorite girl in the cast is saved for last. Manuel meets Mika Tan at the store and gives her a ride. Their conversation quickly turns to the last time they had sex. (It’s been too long.) Hey, there is an easy way to fix that. As they head home, she teases him in the front seat and talks about how her pussy accidentally became hairless. By the time they get to his house they are both too horny to wait so they start making out in the front seat of his car. Mika drops her head into his lap and swirls her talented tongue over the head of his throbbing tool. Love the car head (Hey Mika, need a ride?) but they need the bedroom to really get comfortable. Dropping right to her knees, Mika breaks out her big guns and delivers the sort of head that has made her a legend. Her gorgeous eyes lock onto the camera and that’s all it takes. Getting down to serious business she licks his ass, devours his balls and proves that she can really take big cocks deep into her throat. Some nice butt shots along the way as she delivers a perfect blowjob. Check out the amazing eye contact she gives while eating his ass. If that don’t get you going I don’t know what will. Even after fucking for a while, she just has to have his big dick in her mouth. Few women in porn suck with half the energy and skill of Mika and she proves herself to be an oral queen again with this fantastic scene. Sitting in his lap, Mika shows off her big ass by pushing it back onto his cock. The blowjob breaks in between fucking are fantastic. Bent over, Mika looks right into the camera as she takes every inch of cock he’s got. She rolls onto her back for some really intimate POV mish. Manuel is up her ass and she is clutching the sheets in ecstasy. For the big finish, Mika gets down and jerks him off all over her beautiful face. Hot end to an incredibly strokeable scene.

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