Joys of Anal, The

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [6/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [6/12]
Sex [10/12]

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Joys of Anal, The
146 Mins
New Sensations
THEMES: Anal Sex, Euro Babes, Shaved Pussy
STARS: Sonja, Jasmine Luna Gold, Nikky Thorne, Bea Stiel, Yoha, Choky Ice, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun, Anthony Hardwood


This is a very hot movie with five scenes of hard anal sex. Four of them are excellent. The last one is a huge let down, but more on that later. The four women who dominate the first two hours of this flick are hot. Nikki Thorne is the hottest of them. She is beautifully built and takes big cock in her ass like a champ. I’ve already watched her scene twice and plan to keep it around for further enjoyment. I love this scene the most. Just behind that one would have to the one with Yoha. This exotic babe has a great ass and incredible sexual energy. She’s a keeper. Bea Stiel dances and fucks in a giant bird cage. Totally hot tease and then killer ass fucking. Jasmine Luna Gold is the first girl in the movie and she is good. Very good in fact, but not quite as hot as Nikki or Yoha. That there is one scene at the end that isn’t great really can’t take away from the fact that there are four really good ones first. Watch this for Nikki, Yoha and two other stunningly hot anal fucks.

Jasmine Luna Gold & Chocky Ice

First up is pretty brunette Jasmine Luna Gold. Her ass is about to get fucked, but before that happens we get to watch her show it off for a while. She slowly strips down to nothing and then spanks her ass while we star right into that tight little hole. Chocky comes in and just sticks it right up that ass. Jasmine has very pretty legs and takes the anal pounding with a look of pure lust on her pretty face. They stop for a little face fucking break before getting down on the ground for spoon. The harder he pounds, the more she responds. Beautifully shot doggy here with her ass high in the air and his cock buried while she rubs her pussy. They finish p with Jasmine on her knees as he strokes a load of cum on her tongue. Don’t you just love these pretty Euro-babes?

Nikki Thorne & Zenza Raggi

Nikki Thorne is striking even with her clothes on. This pretty girl just happens to also be incredibly horny, giving her a great combination of eye candy and slut-factor. After a short interview she breaks out a thick metal vibrator and works it into her asshole. The tight little pucker starts to gape, but clamps back shut. That is enough of a warm up though and she is ready for Zenza to finger and eat that back door. Nice shots of her body as she rides his face. First we get to enjoy her ass and when she turns around we are treated to her spread pussy and her lovely, all-natural tits. By the time he finishes, his cock is throbbing and she is ready to take it. Zenza grabs her face and thrusts his prick into her mouth several times, using that warm orifice for his own pleasure before relaxing and letting Nikki do the work. Left to her own devices, she delivers a sloppy and totally hot BJ. Nikki climbs on top of him and starts fucking his hard cock with her ass. Great looking cowgirl girl shots as he holds her down. They stop for a little gape shot, some A2M in passing and then swing the action around to RCA. She is very good looking and when she lies on her side to show off her body we get a really good angle of the action and her general awesomeness. Zenza gives it to her hard and Nikki takes every inch. He finishes off with a big load shot right into her semi-gaping asshole. That’s a rather interesting popshot I must say. I think this scene is going to be tough to top.

Bea Steil & Frank Gun

Blonde Bea Stiel starts out by dancing in a big cage. She lifts her short skirt and wiggles her bare ass for the camera, showing off the sort of body that any guy would be happy to defile. If you love watching girls dance and eventually finger their own asses then you will really love this tease sequence. Frank is the lucky customer who comes along and gets more than the usual shake and wiggle. She pulls his cock out and sucks it through the bars of her cage. He joins her inside and licks her asshole until it looks ready for all sorts of fun. Bent over she takes every inch of his cock in her backdoor. The cage offers some interesting visuals and gives her something to hold onto while he slams her. When they have her spread against the bars with his cock ramming her ass we get the perfect view of the naughty action. Frank rolls her onto her back inside the cage and she rubs herself silly while he continues to balls deep up her butt. She takes him back into her mouth and hands for the finish. Bea extends her tongue and is shocked by the volume of jizz he shoots into her wonderfully dirty mouth. This makes me want to head off to a strip club, right now.

Yoha & Anthony Hardwood

Lovely Yoha has quite the ass on her, watching her shake it and gently caress the crack one gets the impression that she bloody well knows how much boys like her big boom boom. It certainly has my attention. As her clothes come off she is better able to finger her ass and seems to know just where she wants a hard cock. Anthony picks up the finger play and stuffs her ass for a bit. Yoha wants his dick though. She drops to her knees and forces it down her throat before slapping her cheek to show him right where to give her pretty face a smack. Solid, hard face fucking here from a girl who takes it well and thrives on it. Anthony pulls her on top of him where she spreads her legs wide and starts bouncing on his prick. She sucks him clean and then turns to face him. With her sexy big ass right back in the center of the action we can just sit back and enjoy some stunning visuals. The anal sex is perfectly shot with lots of close ups, great body shots and of course, energy to burn. With just her strappy high heels on Yoha gets on all fours on the floor and gets her ass completely reamed by his harder than ever strokes. This is another super hot anal scene that ends with a big load on her tongue. Yoha sucks down every drop and has one over at least one fan in a very big way.

Sonja & Choky Ice

With some very tough acts to follow, sexy Sonja brings her thin body in and smiles. OK, I really try hard to avoid saying anything negative about the way people look, but this girl is not doing herself any favors. Her hair looks dirty, her face is harsh and she has a dead tooth right in the front. In a movie packed with really good looking women she stands out as not especially pretty. She does have more ass then you might expect given her sharp facial features and skinny arms. Chocky gives her dick to suck on and she does a good job. I’m just kind of reeling for what a step down she is from the rest of the cast. He oils up her body and fucks her ass. Sonja gets loud when he spanks her butt, but I’m just to getting anything from this scene. Her screaming is a little silly, but there are some decent close up shots I guess. In a movie filled with super hot women and great anal sex scene, this is one that misses the mark complexly.

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