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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Four, The

201 Mins.
Adam & Eve
DIRECTOR: Michael Ninn
THEMES: Battle Scenes, Eye Candy, CGI, Sword Play, Gladiators, Kick Ass Chicks
STARS: Brea Bennett, Renee Perez, Nikki Kane, Cassidey, Marco Banderas, Jennifer Dark, Jana Jordan,


This is a movie that has literally been years in the making. OK, it took a while to make, but years to release. I interviewed the cast of The Four back in 2007 and they were already touting it as a ground-breaking adult film. I can’t say that they were wrong about that. Even after all the time it took to get this movie to market, it doesn’t disappoint. Visually it is stunning and unlike anything I have ever seen in adult. There are elements that will remind us of vintage Michael Ninn, but he has gone well beyond his usual efforts. The story is loose and lofty to the point of being a tad pretentious. The voice over dialog plays as much like abstract poetry as an actual plot. (And the dude doing the voice over reminds me of that Irish biker on Sons of Anarchy.) The plot follows “The Four” (Brea Bennett, Renee Perez, Nikki Kane and Cassidey) as they take a journey to avenge the death of their King, the murder of their men and the enslavement of their people. Marco Banderas is the Persian god/King in their crosshairs. Armed with mystical powers granted to them by the gods, The Four will face any enemy, brave any hardship and fuck anyone in their path. The action sequences are pretty amazing. They are beautifully shot and visually stunning. This is the sort of movie that would be great as a non-sex version. Just sit back and enjoy the way it’s put together. The cast is great looking, especially Cassidey who really is a striking woman. They show some decent energy, but mostly serve as super pretty players in an epic visual assault. Sexually it is a mixed bag. It would be easy to say that this is a couples-friendly movie because of the slow music, moody lighting and all of the emo angst/girl power of the story. It isn’t nearly a traditional XXX movie either. It doesn’t even fit with the Neo-Porno stuff Ninn did for a while. No, “The Four” is something truly unique. It is going to be up for a truckload of awards. It isn’t going to make my list of top ten stroke movies for the year, but it may be the only movie I recommend that everyone watch at least once from start to finish.

Brea Bennett & Charles Dera

With music that screams “overwrought couples porn” and slow motion silk clothes blown by the wind, this seems like some odd hybrid of an Andrew Blake dream and a Meatloaf video. (I can’t help but wonder which reference is more stale these days.) In mourning, Brea turns to thoughts of her man to help her understand her husband’s death. Apparently the best way to do this is to suck a cock as hard as you can. Brea is very pretty and that fits nicely with the obvious eye candy angle they are shooting for here. I like how vocal she is here, screaming out as Charles fucks her. Nice as shots as she gets on top and he holds her hips while banging her silly. The lighting and angles are a little soft, but something about it still works. Brea takes the load on her boobs and then sucks the cream from the tip of his dick.

Jana Jordan & Amber Rayne

The build up to this veggie fest is so thick and over-wrought that is feels like a XXX version of molasses. It’s pretty though and sets the stage for some lesbian action that is rather unique. It certainly doesn’t look like anything else you are likely to see. Jana is very easy on the eyes and Amber is quite flexible. Having her suck her own toes while being fingered by her gorgeous friend is an interesting move. Amber actually looks pretty decent here and the flexibility she shows is quite appealing. It’s still eye candy veggie sex and a little boring for me.

Maya Gates, Veronica Jett & Tristan Kingsley

With their Persian God trying to forget the horrible visions of his own death, sexy dancing girls Maya Gates, Veronica Jett and Tristan Kinglsey dance for his pleasure. Though this is more veggie sex, it is a little higher on the eye candy scale and a bit easier to enjoy as a traditional fuck scene.

Alexis Love & Marco Banderas

As his harem girls dance and play, Marco enjoys Alexis Love one on one. It’s almost like a big orgy though and that’s too bad. With all of the girl on girl play in this movie, a boy/girl scene, especially one with a hot chick like this, would have been really nice. Alexis is quite cute and does a really nice job sucking cock here. She climbs on top and shows off her sexy little ass. He takes her from behind and really works her over. The facial finish is really good as her pretty lips and mouth take a nice blast.

Renee Perez &

Coming upon a wounded solider, Renee Perez drops her pussy down onto his face and grinds. He wakes up rather quickly and has a good time fingering and licking that pretty slit. Focusing her attention on his cock, she puts it into her mouth. The big dick fills her and she gives the camera some stunning eye contact. This pretty girl is more than enough to make the scene fine stroke material. Bending her over, he fucks her from behind with that long pole. Renee loves it and rubs her clit with every stroke. The facial here is also great and the lingering shots of her beautiful smile covered in cum are really hot.

Jennifer Dark & Marco Banderas

After failing to protect Persia from The Four, high priestess Jennifer Dark is brought before her god. She is kissed by his guard which apparently strips her of her dignity. Then she is brought to him for a full fuck. Apparently she has to pay the ultimate price for failing and that includes sucking his cock. (But didn’t we just hear that his touch was a bond with her soul? I don’t know, I’m over thinking it now.) Jennifer is stunningly beautiful and strips down to her jewels and sandals to leg him eat her pussy. She gets on top and starts riding, bouncing on his dick and slapping her clit. Perhaps the ultimate price is anal, but the way she straddles and fucks in RCA I would say that Jennifer is not really suffering much. He ends up shooting his load into her mouth and Jennifer rubs it into her lips lovingly.

Cassidey & Reno

Gorgeous Cassidey is struggling with her quest, but finds comfort in the arms of Reno. After a difficult day, the warm each other by the fire. She drops to her knees and sucks his cock. For so long, Cassidey only did chicks. Now we get to enjoy those beautiful eyes as she stretches her lips around a stiff pole. It must be damn cold on set because you can see her breath and the mist coming off of his cock as her warm spit cools. (OK, that’s fucking awesome and probably the highlight of this movie.) She stands on one foot with the other on his shoulder for some stunning standing sex. Cassidey is incredibly easy on the eyes and quite vocal this time around. I love watching her in reverse cowgirl. The lighting here is not perfect for fapping, but it nonetheless beautiful and artfully done. The facial is also quite pretty, but scored higher on the pure porn level. Any time we get to see a guy unload on that pretty face, it’s a good thing.

Brea Bennett & Jennifer Dark

Almost upon the Persian King, Brea comes face to face (and eventually face to pussy) with high priestess Jennifer Dark. They scare off in a hot kiss first. Brea gets Jennifer on all fours and slide three fingers into her juicy pussy. Great looking footage here. It’s easy when you have two women this good looking. I love the shots of Brea grinding her pussy on Jennifer’s.

Nikki Kane & Charles Dera

With the battle coming to a conclusion we get Nikki with Charles. By now the scenes don’t have to make sense. They just have to look pretty. Nikki delivers a solid blowjob and then gets into spoon to have her pussy fucked. The lighting is intentionally blown out at this point which is a big disappointing for the final sex scene. She looks great with her legs spread wide for an energetic ride in reverse cowgirl. It isn’t much of a final sex scene, but it’s another good piece of eye candy and brings us to a sticky finish.


Disc Three: Making of The Four: A two hour documentary on how this movie was made. Also, Trailers for Adam & Eve movies

Disc Four: In depth interviews with Brea, Nikki, Renee, Cassidey and Jana

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