Housewives Gone Black 13

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Housewives Gone Black 13
West Coast Productions
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cock, Anal Sex, Cheating Wives
STARS: Asa Akira, Alison Star, Heather Starlet, Giselle Leon, Nikki Daniels, Tessa Lane, Mr. Marcus, Prince Yashua, Jon Q, Nat Turnher, Lexington Steele


This is a fun movie with great sex and hot fantasy appeal. That is, so long as you like the idea of wives cheating on their husbands. In this case, wives cheating on their husbands with well hung black friends, neighbors and strangers. That’s the basic theme and it is played up well. The pre-and post sex action really makes this movie pop. The husbands are all worth cheating on and that gives us great motivation. They also have little wrap up shots which I liked. The wives come home disheveled and looking quite happy. Little touches like this make all the difference, at least for me. They complete the fantasy. Sexually the movie is pretty strong as well. It starts out with Alison Star. She looks hot in casual clothes then dresses up to look even hotter. She fucks a random make up salesman. The set up is hot and her body is pretty damn great. The energy is not as good as some of the other scenes but overall the movie gets off to a decent start. Asa Akira follows that one up with the best scene of the movie. She makes a move on one of her husband’s business partners and is happy with what he brings to the table. Great energy from this hot wife. She needs more, gets it and takes every throbbing inch. Heather Starlet follows that scene by taking all of Lexington Steele. She gets fucked so hard that half of her clothes don’t make it home with her. Giselle Leon and Nikki Daniels share a cock in a scene that adds a little variety to the mix. The finally is an incredibly pleasant surprise. Tessa Lane is a busty brunette who knows what she needs. I haven’t seen this woman before and she’s really sexy in this scene. Overall the action is really good, the set ups are great and the housewives get their fill of black cock.

Alison Star & Jon Q

Hot Spanish wife Alison Star just can’t seem to make her husband happy. He bitches about her, says that he’s tired of her and even turns down the busty brunette when she comes on to him. Rejected she changes into some lingerie, fingers her pussy for a while and then gets dressed. She is ready to go back in and rock hubby’s world when Jon Q happens to ring the doorbell at the perfect moment. He’s selling make up door to door and just walked into a fantastic situation. Alison shoves a wad of cash in his pocket without even seeing the make up and drops to her knees to get what she is so desperately lacking. She gives a nice looking, but low energy blowjob until his cock is hard. Then the clothes she so carefully put on come if in a flash. They nearly get caught by her husband who pops out of the room long enough to yell at her and then vanishes again. Jon licks her slit, gets another quickie blowjob and then lifts the horny wife up off of the ground to fill her with his cock. Alison has a very nice ass and it is shown off well as she squats and fucks the strange black dick. She really works hard to put on a great show. I return he bends her over and fucks her hard enough to make those big tits shake all over her chest. Great looking sex here, but when he finishes on her tits, there is barely enough dribbling out to cover her nipples. A bit of a down finish to an otherwise hot scene.

Asa Akira & Mr. Marcus

While signing some contracts, Mr. Marcus gets a look at hot wife Asa Akira. He’s going to partner with Chris, but not until he gets a shot at the horny little bride. As soon as Chris leaves, Marcus doubles back and finds Asa ready and more than willing to let him sample her goodies. She looks at him with adoration in her eyes as she gently sucks on his cock. It goes from semi hard to rock status in no time thanks to her talented lips and tongue. Once it’s hard, she has fun playing with the dick, licking it and eventually taking it to the back of her throat so she can gag loudly on it. Swinging one leg over his hips, she positions her pussy over his prick and takes a hard ride. Asa moves her body like she needs dick inside of her and in so doing, puts on one hell of a show. Marcus flips her over and lets her put her legs up on his shoulders while she enjoys the ride. After some stunning doggy, Asa kneels and lets him fuck her face. She pulls her own hair back prompting Marcus to mutter “I’ve never seen that before.” He puts her on her back and fucks her ass. Asa talks dirty; telling him how much she loves it there and then pulls her legs straight up in the air to let the camera in really close. We get some great standing doggy before she gets back on the ground and uses two hands to work a big load right onto her tongue. Her husband may have a new partner, but it’s Asa who is enjoying the early benefits.

Heather Starlet & Lexington Steele

Heather Starlet is married to a guy who just doesn’t have time to even notice her. He would rather talk on the phone than spend any time with his half naked blonde bride. She gets all dolled up and goes trolling for black cock next door. He’s single, black, active and she wants some of what he’s got in his pants. He lifts her dress, kisses her back and then just bends her over to sample the super sized salami. She marvels at the size as she sits in his lap and pounds her hips down. Bending her over again, Lex gives her longer strokes. She lets him know how much she loves it when he goes deep into her married twat/ They go inside and continue the fun by the fire. Heather throws one long leg up in the air and lets him have at her inner folds. He turns her around in tie to shoot a big load on her pretty face. I love the way she stumbles home with one stocking on to find her husband still on the phone and clueless.

Giselle Leon, Nikki Daniels & Nat Turner

Nikki Daniels fights with her husband every day and she’s sick of it. Her hot neighbor Giselle Leon invites her over to share an afternoon of black cock fun. Before he arrives, the girls play with each other. The lesbian sex seems a bit uninspired and the camerawork is just shaky enough for me to notice. It’s not bad girl on girl fun, they just seem to be holding back a bit. When Nat arrives, Giselle explains that her friend has a white man at home who isn’t getting the job done. He doesn’t mind stepping up and gives the girls a big hard cock to share. He holds their heads and helps them swallow his rod, but neither girl really needs much help. They are happy to have a big cock to play with and go out of their way to give incredible looking head. Moving inside the girls take turns fucking Nat. When his cock pops out of a pussy the girls happily suck it clean. It’s like they just can’t get enough of the taste of pussy all of a sudden. Nice action here and then a good shared facial as the girls eat his seed and then kiss to seal the deal.

Tessa Lane & Prince Yashua

Tessa Lane can’t get her old man to put down the remove even when she is in bed wearing a panties and bra. Frustrated, she puts on some fuck me shoes, a little black dress and pays Prince a visit. He lets her in and she gets right down on her knees. Great ball sucking and hand action from this sweet looking brunette. He bends her over and fucks her from behind. The legs shots here are really hot and she has some great natural tits as well. Moving over to the couch, she gets on her knees and puts her ass high in the air. Prince pounds her from behind until she is ready to burst and then moves around to let her clean her juices off of his dick. I really like the energy here. They even do a little standing 69 for fun. When she rides him in cowgirl, Tessa shoves her tits in his face. That’s the sort of thing that will get any guy’s attention. They finish up with a shot on her face that she sucks up and dribbles onto her big tits.

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