Mandingo: Hide Your Wives!

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Mandingo: Hide Your Wives!

178 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
THEMES: Big Cocks, Interracial Sex, Cheating Wives, Cougars, Big Tits
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
STARS: Julia Ann, Jenna Presley, Alanah Rae, Nikki Sexxx, Lisa Ann & Mandingo


Jules Jordan teams up with Mandingo for another hot interracial movie. This time it is the wives who are in Mandingo’s sizeable sights. A few of the scenes feature wife set ups and those tend to be the best. Of course you don’t really need any set up if the sex is good enough. Such is the case here. All of the women in the movie are pretty, eager and more than capable of taking the sizeable cock before them. The movie starts with Lisa Ann taking on Mandingo. She is perfect for this movie. She shows him some furniture, lays on the seduction and then get royally fucked in every hole. Lisa Ann looks spectacular, takes and love the big cock as well as anyone and gives us reason enough to own the movie from the first scene. Alanah Rae plays a horny secretary in need of some serious dick. She get all she can handle and then some. Jenna Presley is perhaps the dirties talker in the bunch. Nice work by her in this scene. Nikki Sexx is a personal favorite who looks really good as she gets totally porked. Julia Ann offers up the second reason to own this movie. She looks gorgeous in this scene and all decked out in white. The contrast is fantastic and so is the action. If you like well shot porn with a huge cock tearing into hot white chicks then you will love Mandingo: Hide Your Wives almost as much as wives love Mandingo…almost.

Lisa Ann & Mandingo

Lisa Ann has placed an ad trying to sell off some of her furniture and art. Mandingo responds to the ad and gets the full tour of the house. Lisa is in full “high class hottie” attire with short skirt, glasses and tits popping out of her top. When she gets to the bedroom she tells him that her husband doesn’t even fuck her on the lovely bed they have. The seduction talk lasts for a few minutes before they get down to it. To sum it up, Lisa likes “wood” and he has plenty of it. Lisa opens her blouse, drops to her knees and obediently sucks his cock with her hands behind her back. His huge cock looks great in her mouth and Lisa does everything in her power to properly serve that massive tool. After a stunning blowjob she strips down and lets him kiss her body. Before fucking him she talks about hubby’s five inch dick and wonders aloud if she will be able to take all of Mandingo’s rod. That turns out not to be a problem as she drops right down onto his dick and squat fucks him like a true pro. Mandingo slams her for a while and then Lisa Ann settles in for a second blowjob that is even hotter than the first. Taking the next step, he bends her over and fucks her tight ass from behind. It fits nicely into that shapely ass and we get some great overhead shots. He flips her over and fucks that ass hard and deep. Lisa responds with some hard core dirty talk. They finish up with a bit of tit fucking and a nice load on her face and tits. Lisa Ann cleans it up and seems quite happy.

Alanah Rae & Mandingo

Busty blonde secretary works for Jules in his office. He has been checking out her internet search history and has noticed that she spends a lot of work time looking for BBC. Afraid she is going to be in trouble, Alanah is very pleased when her boss presents Mandingo as her Secretary’s Day gift. They kiss for a long time and she strips down to her bra and stockings before kneeling and taking his huge dick into her mouth. With her glasses on, the pretty blonde uses both hands to lick and worship that big black dick she has been dreaming of. He turns her around and fucks her from behind. The low angle shots really show off the long strokes and Alanah takes them well. When she gets on top and has her big tits shoved in his face, the strokes get really deep. Alanah shakes, screams and creams all over his long black dick. They move to the bedroom where she can lie back and really enjoy the deep strokes into her shaved pussy. After a good fucking she hangs her head upside down and takes a big load in her mouth.

Jenna Presley & Mandingo

Busty brunette Jenna Presley gets all dolled up and meets Mandingo at the door. Her dress leaves nothing to the imagination so it doesn’t take long for them to be inside, kissing and feeling one another up. He raises her dress from behind and teases her with his fingers for a while. Jenna gets down to business, grabbing the shaft with one hand and jerking his dick into her mouth with the other. It takes both hands for her to work that thing, but she looks totally ready to fuck it. Jenna gets on top and rides hard, letting herself get used to the size before they take a break and head to the bedroom. She gets on her back, spreads her legs and watches as she slides his huge dick in and out. Jenna talks dirty as she gets fucked. If you like hearing a hot girl talk about her “slut pussy” over and over then you’re going to have a hard time holding off until the end of the action here. The more she talks, the harder he fucks her. Mandingo drills her from behind until it looks like he might just bust right out at her shoulder blades. She finishes him off by begging for a load in the mouth and then jerking his prick until it explodes, giving her the sticky cream she craves.

Julia Ann & Mandingo

Sexy Julia Ann is all decked out in white lingerie and gives Mandingo a call. Her hubby is away and she wants some super sized chocolate cock. Her gloved fingers get her pussy ready while she waits, but nothing can compare her for what’s to come. She slowly pulls down his shorts and runs her tongue down the full length of his cock. Pulling it all the way out, she lovingly sucks and strokes it. The white gloves and her blonde hair set up some serious contrast to his dark skin. She pulls out her tits and spreads those long legs for some great looking spoon. Full body shots of Julia Ann are always stunning. This woman has some of the best curves ever. They move into dotty and she pushes that sweet ass back to meet his strokes. I love the energy here and the color contrast is awesome. Of course in the end it’s Julia Ann, her gorgeous face and that killer body taking a huge cock that makes this scene as good as it is. She turns around and sucks his load right out of his cock, letting it drop onto her tits and then licking him clean like an ice cream cone.

Nikki Sexx & Mandingo

Big titted slut Nikki Sexx is half naked already and dying to get out of her bra. Jules leaves and lets Mandingo take over. She drops to the floor and sucks his cock, talking about how big it is in between sucks on the first few inches. Nikki looks really good working that cock and lets Mandingo slowly take off her panties. Her shaved little pussy is dripping for his cock and it’s about to get seriously stretched. She throws her legs up and starts taking it. After a good pounding she licks and sucks his dick clean, making it shine with her spit while nibbling at the head. When she isn’t fucking him, Nikki has that big cock in her hands and works it really well. At long last she strokes the load out and licks it up. This is a good scene, but not the best of the movie. It might have fit better in the middle of the movie.

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