Sex Dolls

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Overall Rating [10/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
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Picture Quality [8/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Sex Dolls

Movie Type: Glamour

Minutes: 116

Production Company: Studio A Entertainment

Director: Andrew Blake

Themes: Beautiful Girls, Short Scenes

Condoms: No

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Alexis Texas, Amia Miley, Bree Daniels, Isis Taylor,
Lily Carter, Nina James, Tori Black

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Because there are a good fifteen scenes in this movie, I’m going to deviate from my typical style of breaking down each one. Several of these scenes last for only a couple of minutes. Others –
like the one where Isis Taylor happily eats cake and lets it topple onto her breasts – are almost nonsensical to me.

I’d never seen one of Andrew Blake’s movies up until Sex Dolls. I can safely say that this is one of the more unusual flicks I’ve watched in recent memory. All of the scenes are set to music and none of the cries from any of the participants are audible. I found that difficult to get into, especially since the music isn‘t that great and often somewhat bleak.

Fortunately, the girls featured are all done up in such a
way that makes them look superb. There are some real beauties, the
likes of which are a rarity for porn land, in Sex Dolls. Girls I’d
never heard of before, like Bree Daniels and Nina James, are ones I’ll now be keeping an eye out for. Both of these chicks have ample, natural bosoms and sexy bodies to go along with them. They also do a nice job of screwing one another in a lez romp that includes the
lovely Lily Carter, who is also new to me.

The more recognizable names in this movie – Alexis Texas and Tori Black – are the only ones that are partnered with guys. In fact, there are only two scenes that feature guys. The remaining scenes are all of the masturbatory or lesbian variety. I wouldn’t say that’s a real problem since each of the ladies featured are very striking and shot in such a way that embellishes there looks. Since watching this movie, Alexis Texas and Isis Taylor, neither of which ever really
blew me away previously, are now girls I have a better appreciation
for. Andrew Blake successfully makes porn-stars that struck me as
old news seem newly invigorated and worth watching again.

It took me some time to get into this movie, largely because
it’s shot with fast cuts and none of the cries are ever capable of
being heard.

Eventually, I realized just how nice it is to not hear anything from
these chicks. By muting the moans, it allows me to forget that most of
the performers are just faking their cries anyway. If the music were a
bit less dreary and more catchy, that might strengthen the
scenes further.

All in all, I had a good time with this movie since most of
the girls are smokin’ hot. The sex isn’t really what gets me going
with Sex Dolls. It’s the looks on these ladies, and the way
they’re dolled up, that really pleases me. For anyone that appreciates
beautiful girls, Andrew Blake has put together a very nice series of scenes.

Some of them are too short for my tastes, but it’s the beauty of
the women that really helps carry these scenes.

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