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Jesse Jane Interview 2008 Free Ones, perhaps the best collection of galleries, video clips and other stuff on the web.


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Every year I sit down with Digital Playground star Jesse Jane ( to talk about all of the great things she has been up to. As usual, we began the interview with an inventory. Jesse Jane
Exactly how many blowjobs does she owe me? One of these years we are going to have to work that number down a bit. She talked about some big 2007 projects like Babysitters and Jesse in Pink. We also discussed her role in the upcoming sequel to the mega hit Pirates. She will be back in the lead and looking to top her performance. Since I’ve interviewed Jesse many times before, we decided that it will be a good time to turn the microphone over to Savana Switzer. This young woman has been reviewing toys for about a year now and has plenty to ask Jesse Jane. I hope you enjoy this special treat. This was Savana’s very first porn interview. Jesse didn’t take it easy on the new girl and I think that a love connection might just have been made. You be the judge.


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As always, we have to start with the sound bite. How many now?

What, three or four now?

This is four now. Come on now, I need a ring tone. Give me something.

Ooooh, yeah, I’m going to suck your fucking cock, Rog. I’m going to take you in the back until you gag me with your big, massive cock and blow your load in my mouth until I choke on it and spit it up and it’s rolling down my chin.

That’s it, we’re done.

(She laughs)

In case you don’t know, this is Jesse Jane, with the lovely introduction.

Thank you!

First day, kind of quiet, but looks like it’s going to get a little crazier around here.

You know what? It’s a press day, so no fans are in here yet. But it’s still kind of crazy. There’s a lot still to do, but it’s fun. I like it. Every day, it builds up to more and more until it’s over, and then you’re like, ‘Aww!’ Take a breather, and it’s over. (She laughs)

Why don’t we go over a few highlights from 07?


What did you do in 07?

You know what? I was feature dancing, I did Playboy Naughty Amateurs Home Videos, I shot a couple movies with Robby, obviously. I have one coming out, Fuck Fantasy, and Jesse Jane’s Lust. Really, I just kind of traveled. I went to Germany, I went to Australia, I went to a lot of awards shows. I went to Denmark and I went to Sweden this year. We went to a lot of new places, and it’s just been non-stop. It really has! It’s kind of like, ‘Whoa, we’re in January already? Where the hell did that year go?’

Where have the last four years gone?

Jesse Jane

God, I know. Jesus! I can’t believe it. This is my fifth AVN now! It’s crazy.

That is crazy. Now, you just did ‘Babysitters,’ which was a big hit.

“Babysitters” was awesome. You know, we do a lot of vignettes where you don’t really talk, and I like to talk! And I know everybody likes to hear talk, they’re kind of like, ‘Hey, give me something new.’ So “Babysitters” was fun and we had all of our contract girls do it. Then we added some hot fucking chicks like Gina Lynn, and it was just a fun movie. ‘Hi, I’m your babysitter.’ (She laughs)

Were you ever a babysitter?

I was a babysitter!

Were you ever naughty?

You know, I wasn’t, because I was like 11. (She laughs) I wasn’t naughty then.

Did you ever find anything embarrassing in the house? Did you ever go through the houses?

I never did. I would always just have my boyfriend come over. All we did was make-out and go up the shirt. Woooooo. And then I used their phone a lot when they said not to. That’s as bad as I got.

Now, having seen that movie, if you ever have kids, are you going to hire a hot babysitter?

No! (She laughs) No no no no no. You know what? My son already has game, so we’re already worried about him. I mean, it’s good. Go him, he’s going to be a stud. But I’m like, ‘Oh, you just wait. Wait until you’re 18, 21. The older, the better!’ (She laughs)

Alright. There are two new contract girls this year.


Stoya and Adriana Lynn. And you sort of worked with both of them, right? In the Cheerleader Orgies?

We just did a movie and it was “Cheerleaders.” We had like nine girls walking around in the cheerleader outfits ripping them off, throwing each other against the lockers like bitches. We broke ’em in right. It was fun! But if you notice this year, Rog, I’m the only blonde contract girl now. I am over-powered by brunettes. I just noticed that today! I was like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on?’

It’s a brunette world and you’re just living in it.

I know! Everybody’s going brunette now. Oh well. I stand out more. Wahoo!

So, you’ve worked with both of them. If they called you tomorrow and said, ‘We’re shooting a scene with one, you pick’ would it be Stoya or Adriana?

Gosh, well, they’re both beautiful. I’m going to say Adriana, because she’s going to be a little rough and tough like I am. When I did my scene with Stoya in “Cheerleaders,” I might have scared her because I’m so rough. I’m over-powering.

Stoya said she likes to hurt people, though.

You know what, I think I scared her in that “Cheerleaders” movie. I’m not going to lie about that one! But I like them both, you know what I mean? They’re both gorgeous, they have a different look to them. Stoya’s got those long legs that fucking go up to my throat. That’s hot. She looks more like a model than a porn star. And Adriana is this cute little big tits nice ass badass chick with tats I love. I love it.

(He laughs) Alright. Coming up this year, you get to reprise your role in “Pirates 2.”

I’m very excited about this, because it’s been a little over two years, and everybody’s been dying, ‘Where’s it at? Where’s it at?’ And people are starting to get angry, so I’m tired of telling them, ‘I don’t know!’ We even have the name for it, “Stagnetti’s Revenge.” You’re going to see a surprising twist, and I’m not allowed to reveal it, but my character’s going to be a fucking badass!

So, you’re back, we’re guessing Evan’s back.

Evan’s back, I’m back, and obviously, it says Stagnetti, so Tommy’s back. And everybody thought that he died at the end. But you know what, he didn’t.

Janine won’t be back

(She laughs) Um, yes she will!

Jesse Jane

Ooooh, well, there you go.

Let’s just say, and this is not the surprise that I have, but her and I are going to have to top our scene.

That’s going to be tough.

It’s going to be tough, but we’re going to do it. Rog, you know you can count on me.

I talked to Katsumi, and she says she plays a bad pirate, and the two of you have a scene together.

Yes! We do, with Victor Stagnetti.


Because you know, I’m the pirate hunter. So, you can imagine–that’s kind of giving you a story detail right there. So, it’s going to be even more badass. We even had to get our bodies digitally scanned and our faces doing different reactions. It’s going to be the big thing next year, and everybody’s like, ‘How are you going to top “Pirates”?’ Well, you know what? Joone and everybody, they’ve already got it topped, and we haven’t even started yet. We get the scripts this weekend. He already has them here. I’m dying to know! But I already know the big twist which I want to tell you so bad because it’s so good!

That’s okay. If you need to run lines, come by the house.

Yeah! And you know, if we need to re-test my scenes, re-do my angles as a pirate hunter”/b>

I can run around in a pirate hat.

Yeah! It’ll be research.

Me and Tommy Gunn, we’re virtually almost twins.

You’re twins!

Except that he has a smaller dick.

Yeah, he does have a smaller dick. You gotta be there, so you know, don’t make him sad.

I try not to. He has better hair, so, you know.

He does have better hair.

It’s a trade-off.

He does do the fake eye thing really well.

He does make a better pirate than I do.


Okay, so you have a website that we should talk about.

Yes! I try to update everything every day. I do a daily diary, and on my daily diary, I put either a picture or a mini-video clip to let people know what I’m doing that day. If you don’t go and look at my daily diary, people say ‘You don’t do little video clips’ and I’m like, ‘Actually, I have a picture or video clip every day on my daily diary’ so it’s more personal. You can just talk. It’s not just a site where you can update the next week with pictures. So, I’ve been really busy with that and I’m getting some new stuff done to it. Actually, this year, I’m going to go interactive and start doing a live show every month now, because I want to get more people in, I want it more personable and more fun for the people. I think it’d be good if I did the live feed and had a live web show once a month for my fans. So I’m going to start doing that this year.

Will you be reading Shakespeare to the fans?

I’m going to read Shakespeare. ‘Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?’ He is in my pants! (She laughs)

Is that what you’re calling the toy these days?

Yes! (She laughs) Romeo, Romeo.

Alright, so, we should check out

Yes, and this year, definitely be ready for the live shows, because I’ve never done that before.

So, you’re looking forward to “Pirates 2,” and “Babysitters” “Jesse Jane’s Scream” was kind of fun.

You know what? That’s the number one in the country. I couldn’t believe it! I just found out, and I was like, ‘Yay! That is so cool!’ You know, people like horror. You know what I mean? And we hadn’t done that yet. So we started the Scream series, and it’s going good because people like the little horror films. They like it.

Yup! Okay, well, I’m going to hand this over now to Savana.


She’s going to ask you some questions.


Now, move in closer, and I’m just going to watch the two of you together, because that’s what I do.

Jesse Jane

You like that. You like the blonde-brunette thing.

Look at her, she’s nervous, she’s dropping things.

No! (She laughs)

SAVANA: You totally cursed me! He paid for the computer, so I’m not worried about it.

(She laughs)

We can get someone to clean that up, right?

ROG: I’ll clean that up while you do the thing. And you worked for the computer.

This is infinitely more important. Sorry!

That’s okay! (She laughs)

But I mean, really, who could blame me for being nervous? You’re one of the most beautiful women in porn!

Awww, thank you!

You’re welcome! So, as long as we’re talking about blonde-on-brunette action, do you think it’s true that blondes have more fun?

I do! I know I sure do. You know what? Because we’re more fun. A brunette takes herself more seriously. Don’t get me wrong, there are firecrackers that I love. But brunettes are more serious. Blondes, we don’t care. We’re like, ‘Whatever, let’s have fun, I don’t care what you think!’

Right, blondes come up with interactive websites.


Well, as long as you’re going to be doing an interactive website, let me tell you a little more about myself.


I’m actually a toy reviewer, that’s how I know Rog.


And, as it turns out, I’m in dire need of a new toy partner. How about a little video feed of that on your site?


I think it’d be hot.

It’d totally be hot.

You could touch a totally new, Midwest fan base, because I’m from a little town in Kansas.


I grew up in a place called Overland Park.

I lived in Rosehill, Kansas!


I know where Overland Park is.

Well, now I live in Lenexa, which has never been annexed.

Wow. (She laughs)

Oh, I shouldn’t be admitting where I live.

Oh, it’s all good.

Well, I don’t think I have to worry about any crazy toy review porn stalkers or anything.

Oh, no. Maybe.

Jesse Jane

Well, I don’t know. If I heard of someone doing an interactive scene with you, I might not be able to control myself, either.

(She laughs)

Okay, so, you’ve got the interactive thing coming up. That’s kind of exciting.


And we’re going to do a scene together, so that’s exciting.

Yes, that’ll be fun!

Good times.

It’s your break-out role.

It would be my break-out role, actually. Who knows? 23’s not too late to get into the Biz, right?

I didn’t start until I was 23.


It was at the very end of 22, almost 23 when I got in.

Okay, alright. See? There you go. I’ve got options.

We’re more experienced because we waited to get in, see?

Oh, yeah.

We’re the smarter ones.

Right, we don’t have to play the dumb virgin card.

Yeah, like, ‘I don’t get it!’ (She laughs)

No, we get to say things like, ‘I want to hold your big cock.’

I want to hold your big fucking cock in my hands and shove it in my throat, it’s so warm. I want to suck your massive cock until I choke on it.

Okay, do you want to practice these lines later tonight? My hotel room is 2062.

Ooooh. (She laughs)

Okay, so, let’s go ahead and get the flattery out of the way. As I’ve said, you’re one of the most beautiful women in porn.

Thank you!

A lot of performers identify you as the one that they want to work with the most.

Jesse Jane

Aw, cool!

Let’s pretend that you get to cast your movie. You get to decide the writer, you get to decide the story, and you get to decide the leads, everything. Who would be doing what?

You know what? That’s hard, because there are so many awesome people who are performers in this business. I love Robby D or Celeste, so Robby D would have to shoot it for me. I’d do a scene with Janine. I’d do a gangbang with all my Digital girls of all the brunettes attacking the blonde and the blonde wins. I don’t care how many! And then Evan Stone is always good. I haven’t done two boys on girl yet. To have two hot guys just try to frickin’ take control of me. One shoving their cock in my pussy while the other one shoves it in my mouth.

I don’t think anyone can control you.

No. Not going to happen. People try. You know, I’m little, but I have some power! Okay? I do!

(She laughs)

I do! I can lock a big guy in my legs. With my legs, I can lock you down, and I like it. I want a lot of people. I can’t make up my mind. There’s a lot of people.

Do you have a favorite performer?

No. That’s hard. I work with the same people over and over again. They’re great. I’ll try people out but rarely will I add somebody new. I love Evan, I love Scott. I can’t compare them, because I work with them all the time, and they’re equally as good. Something about each of them is different in how they fuck me. Like Evan and I, we’re crazy and get into odd positions that you almost can’t get the camera in. Tommy’s a strong performer and just as fun. Scott and I just have this natural flirtatious work thing together, and I like any girl. As long as they like girls. I don’t like girls that don’t like girls and just fake it for the film because I can’t get into it. I always feel like I’m raping them or something. I could never narrow it down to one.

So, if you had words of wisdom to give to someone, say a 23-year-old Midwesterner who really likes girls but could always stand for improvement in the lesbian arena, what would you say?


Would you be willing to teach?

I could teach a class. I could teach you. I know it’s you, don’t lie!

(She laughs)

No, you know what? You gotta be into a girl. You can’t fake it, and you gotta appreciate the girl. When you’re with a girl at first, it’s fun to have soft kissing, and touching, like the whole foreplay. But if a girl doesn’t like to be just soft-handled, you gotta pull her hair and slap her back, too. A girl can be rough with another girl and the girl’s going to kinda like it. You know, shove your fingers in there. Bend her over. Fuck her doggy style but use a strap-on or something. Go crazy with it. Be gentle, but mix it up. Be rough, be crazy, be over-powering like you’re a guy.

Do you think that holds a lot of women back who experiment with other women?

I know a lot of women are afraid, either because they’ve never been with a girl or they don’t know what to do with a girl. They’re still curious and learning. Or they’re afraid to be rough with a girl. That’s why some girls are afraid at first to work with me. Then they work with me and they’re like, ‘I love you! You’re so great!’ But a lot of girls who do girl-girl scenes, they’re so insecure with each other that nobody takes the lead. So it’s kind of slow. Not me, forget about it, you better watch out. You just gotta take the lead.

Is that where you get to unleash your creative side, girl-girl?

Yeah! You know what? I’m so weird. When I go into a scene, I’m horny. I just go, I don’t know what I’m going to do in the moment. I don’t look at the camera. You will never see me looking into a camera. The camera won’t tell me what to do. You go in and you find your angle. That’s why I love doing the scene. I’m really doing the scene, I’m really into it. I’m not sitting there, worried about the camera. I’m sitting there and doing it for myself, personally.

How do you feel about people who look at you as the new Janine?

I think that’s awesome! I love Janine. I’ve worked really hard, and I love what I’m doing. I’m not going anywhere. And that’s one of the girls I looked up to. Her career is amazing and she’s actually amazing all the way around. I think that’s an honor, that’s so fucking cool. Wahoo! (She laughs)

Okay, so you’ve got your new website up, you’ve got “Pirates 2,” you’ve got whatever you’re willing to do to me all night long.


What do you still want to accomplish with the time you have left in porn? Which is probably very long, you’ve got all the right attributes for a very long, successful career.

Thank you.

Jesse Jane

What would you eventually like to see happen?

I’m going to start directing my own movies. I want to perform a little bit longer. You know, I’m not looking worn-out. I’m still going to do it because I still have fun doing it. I want to make my own things, I want to create my own lines. Eventually, I’m going to write a book. You know? Because I’ve had a lot of people approach me and I’m going to eventually do my own comic book. I want to be a character. I think it might actually happen. I think it’d be cool to be a fictitious comic book something. (She laughs)

So, a line of Jesse Jane comics?

That would be cool, huh?

That would be cool.

I don’t know, Jesse Jane saves the world. Come up with something creative. I think it would be fun. On Entourage, they did me as the Pussy Patrol. They drew me up as a cartoon and it was fucking cute! I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s so awesome!’

Let’s be honest. We girls just want to wear the costumes out. And you have a reason if you’re a super hero!

And I get to wear it! I could go to Comic-Con as a little, deluda-da! (She laughs)

(She laughs) You could just show up as yourself. ‘Who are you supposed to be?’ ‘I’m Jesse Jane!’

Duh! (She laughs)

(She laughs) Oh, that’s fantastic. Okay, what advice do you have for anyone who might want to get into the business?

My advice is to not be 18, because you need to grow up a little bit. A lot of people think that they can hide it, even if they don’t have a big name. You can’t. Somebody’s going to see it, they’re going to find out. If you’re not comfortable with somebody finding out about it and it’s going to ruin your life, don’t do it. That’s the problem. They’re doing it for money, but they really don’t want to get into it. If you really want to get into it, fucking do it the right way, know that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, hold yourself in high respect, and market yourself. You do every radio possible. You do every internet interview. Promote yourself, otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. Love what you’re doing. You can really tell when someone doesn’t really like what they’re doing, and you are going to fail in this business. That’s why you don’t see a lot of big-named girls in this business, years later, because nobody wants to work for it.

Everyone just wants to lay on their back and let it happen?

Well, they’re in it for the money. Some of the girls are just in it for the money, or they’re really pretty girls and people think it should just come to them. There’s lots of pretty girls in this business. You need to do something to stand out.

What do you think you do to stand out?

You know what? I work my ass off!

(She laughs)

My website, my MySpace, two live shows. On the Internet, I connect with my fans. I think it’s because I am such a little girl, everybody thinks I’m a sweet, innocent girl from the country, and then I’m so crazy in bed. I’m overpowering in bed. I’m so personable, I don’t care about being a dork. I’m approachable and I’m not a bitch. Some of the girls in the industry are bitches.

(She laughs)

Some of the girls are bitchy! I’m sorry. I’m going to say it. And I have an attitude of ‘Hey, I love what I’m doing here.’ And I think that’s what people like.

That’s very cool. What else? I don’t know. The only other thing I know he’s going to want us to do is make-out.

Ha! (She laughs)

But we can’t do that on a podcast.

ROG: Why not?

Jesse Jane

I’m not sure if we should end this or not. He’s not giving me a hand signal or anything.


ROG: Are you going to make out?

(She laughs)

(She laughs)


We’ll pretend like we did, for the sake of the fans.

ROG: Well, you just put on the tape, so”re we done? How’d she do?

Great! She’s good! She’s very good.

Did she ask some good questions?

She did! She asked some good questions. I think she was a little nervous at the beginning, but she eased into it. She did fantastic.

Did she probe you deeply?

She did! Her fingers were down my pants the whole time. Y’all just need to know that.

Those were actually my fingers, but that’s okay.

I knew I felt something!

Okay, well, I think we’re good. Thank you very much for breaking in our young virgin.

Thank you! No problem, I love virgins.

Well, there you go. Don’t we all?

(She laughs)

And, we’re out.


Jesse’s Movies

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