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Savana Switzer

Missy Stone Interview 2008 Free Ones, perhaps the best collection of galleries, video clips and other stuff on the web.


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Missy Stone In Action

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Missy Getting Messy on
Missy stroking a big hard cock.

Savana Switzer sits down with hot new teen porn star Missy Stone. If she seems a little tongue-tied who can blame Savana for being a little frazzled sitting this close to such a sexy young thing. Though she has only been in a handful of movies, Missy has already made an impact on porn fans with her web work and her early movies. In a short time she has gone from fresh new to teen to, in her words “fucking like a pro.” Most of her experiences have been good, but she did have a rather unpleasant time with Steven French and some foul odors. It can’t all be wine and roses. Savana does a really nice job of getting to what makes a teen porn queen tick and even delves into Missy’s relationship with her boyfriend who is also new to the porn industry. Enjoy this girl on girl (interview) action between these two lovely ladies.

INTERVIEW: Missy Stone

Hey, sport’s fans! This is Savana Switzer and I’m sitting here with?

Missy Stone!

Who has been described by Chris Alexander as the Next Big Thing. How do you feel about that?

Pretty overwhelmed! I don’t see it, you know? I just take it one day at a time. If that’s in my future, bring it on! I’m ready.

Speaking of your future, let’s delve a little into your past. What got you into porn?

It was a very thought-out decision. My boyfriend and I realized we weren’t going to make bills, and I decided to put a resume out on Not even a week later, I was out in L.A., doing my thing.

Wow, are you always so giving?

Missy Stone

Of course! Give that 110 percent, and a little more.

Well, if that’s the case, I happen to know of a certain toy reviewer who is definitely a charitable cause. You know, just something for you to think in the back your mind. What was the first movie you did?

The first movie I did was with Anabolic. It was ‘Initiations 21,’ and it was a boy-girl with Steve French.

And how was that?

Steve French freaked me out a little bit! He was uncircumcised. (She laughs) I don’t really like uncircumcised men, and he smelled really bad. I was so nervous , but as soon as the camera went on, I fucked like a pro.

Do you ever find yourself in similar situations now? Do you still have to deal with smelly or uncircumcised men?

Other than Steve French, they really haven’t been smelly. The majority of the men are unattractive, so you have to make them pretty in your mind to get through the scene. It’s easy for me to separate sex from emotional attraction, so sex is sex is sex, and I’ll take it!

And that’s why you fuck like a pro?

Yes! I love to fuck!

What does a pro fuck like? Can you do a mimic, make some noise for the fans out there? How does a pro sound?

Um. (She laughs) I still have so much homework to do. It’s so hard for me to talk dirty! But I’m very vocal. I’m quite a screamer and definitely can make the guy feel wanted during the scene.

Can we have a little sample of the scream?

(She laughs)

She’s laughing too hard. (She laughs)

Umm. (She clears her throat) Oh, man. Why can’t I scream? Ooooooh, ooohhh, yeah! (She laughs)

That’s just a little gift from me to you out there, guys. I hope you appreciate that.

(She laughs)

How many movies have you done since Initiations 21?

I’ve done about 25 scenes. I’m not really sure how many movies I’ve done. Half of it is Internet content, and then the other half is movies. I’ve done maybe 15 movies.

What’s been your favorite movie that you’ve done?

‘Teenage Anal Princess 8.’ I got to wear a tiara!

Who wouldn’t want to be anally stimulated wearing a tiara, right?

Um, me!

(She laughs)
And I got a bouquet of roses out of it, and that just makes the scene better.

Missy Stone

So, bouquet of roses, did those come from your boyfriend?

No, they were actually given to me by Ivan. They were required for the scene. So, I got to bring home some cum-stained roses, and it was really nice.

(She laughs) So, your boyfriend is in the industry?


Let’s talk a little about him. What’s his name?

His name is Danny South. Er, his name is actually Dan Stone.

Dan Stone. Okay. And how many movies has he done?

He actually is waiting to shoot his first scene. He just got into the industry and just picked up an agent yesterday.

And is he also with Anabolic?

He’s here with me at Anabolic. He hasn’t done anything for Anabolic yet, but we hope to, very soon.

Very cool! Do you think it’s helpful to have a partner who’s in the industry?

Yeah, absolutely. We share the same concerns, the same excitement. The support is there. It’s nice to have a sexy man by your side.

So, when you bring home fan girlies, who gets to have at her first, you or him?

I haven’t done that yet.

Would you like to?

(She laughs) I’m too selfish!

(She laughs)

It’ll happen. I’m sure it will happen. I have a couple of girls in mind. Danny’s all for it. I just have to give the go.

Very cool. Well, Danny’s a lucky man, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that.

Missy Stone

(She laughs)

So, have you done a lot of boy-girl scenes, girl-girl, what have you done primarily?

I believe the majority of it is boy-girl. I try to span out the anal, because it can affect you negatively. It can put a lot of strain on your anus. And I need to take care of it, because that’s the moneymaker and that’s what my boyfriend likes the most.

Well, you definitely need to preserve that!


Let’s do a little bit more about your background. You’re originally from?

I was born in Texas but I was raised in Maryland.

And you live in California now?

Right now, I’m flying to and from. I’m not excited to move out to California. It looks like it is in my future.

Switching coasts isn’t an easy transition, is it?

There’s so many people here. And the air is so dirty! I come from a really small town, so over-crowded areas can get overwhelming. California is way too big for this small town girl.

Do you think once you move here, you’ll get to hang out with some of the bigger names?

I would love to! Actually, tonight, Danny and I are going to hang out with Alana Evans, which is a hero of is. I’m really excited. I’d like to meet Brianna Banks. I’d love to meet Jenna Jameson, but I’m sure everyone wants to meet Jenna Jameson. I just met Tommy Gunn the other day, and I almost pissed myself,

Who are some of the big names you can’t wait to work with?

My idol is Brianna Banks. I would love to work with Brianna Banks. I don’t do any girl-girl, but I will definitely make an exception for her. I would love to work with Tommy Gunn. Everybody knows Ron Jeremy.

He was actually here earlier today. Did you see him?

Yeah, I saw him. He waved to me! He’s not really my type, but that might be in my future.

It’s Ron Jeremy!

True, it’s Ron Jeremy. And he was in one of my favorite movies.

Which movie?

Missy Stone

‘Detroit Rock City! ‘

Oh, okay. So one of his cross-overs.

He was also in something else.

Boondock Saints?

Yes! Yes!

(She laughs)

I love ‘Boondock Saints!’

It’s one of my favorites.

So, I’d work with Ron Jeremy, just because it’s Ron Jeremy. I mentioned Tommy Gunn, I’d love to shoot a scene with Tommy Gunn. Of course Brianna Banks. I’m trying to talk my agent into doing a mother-daughter scene, so we’ll see what happens.

Now, would it be with your real mother?

No! (She laughs)

And everyone lets out a collective sigh of disappointment.

(She laughs)

Who do you have in mind for the scene?

Lisa Ann.

She’s pretty good. Well, actually I should say she’s really good.

Well, we kind of look alike.

Yeah! You could do it.

We’d be a hit.

What’s your favorite porn of all time?

My favorite porn would have to be ‘No, No, Brianna.’ With Tommy Gunn and Brianna Banks!

(She laughs) Wow, what a coincidence.


Missy Stone

So, what it is about that film. How old were you when you saw it? What were the circumstances?

I actually went out and bought ‘No, No, Brianna’ for my boyfriend. And I decided that I liked it more than he does. When I saw it, that’s what really opened my eyes to the whole porn industry, and that’s what really motivated me to give this business a try.

Very cool! Alright, well, we’re about out of time. But, for all the fans back home who don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of you, like I do, she’s a very beautiful brunette, bright blue eyes with a green tint to them. Let’s talk about your measurements.

My breast size is 32 B. I have a 24 waist and 34 hips.

And how tall are you?

I’m 5’2, 5’3, give or take an inch.

What’s your nationality?

I am German and Native American.

What tribe?

Cherokee and Mohawk.

Very cool. I’m also Native American.


But I’m Blackfoot. Cherokee and Blackfoot don’t get along.

Well, see, Cherokee and Mohawk don’t get along. So I have a little irony in my blood!

You know what else that means?


It means that the sex between us is going to be angry hot sex.

Missy Stone

Yes! I love angry, hot, rough sex.

(She laughs) Excellent. What do you want to say to all of your fans on

Keep it dirty! And buy my movies.

Okay, thank you very much.

Thank you.


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