Tale of the Dancing Bear

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Tale of the Dancing Bear
189 Mins.
Morally Corrupt
THEMES: Male Strippers, CFNM



This is another “reality porn” movie with a very interesting hook. It’s chicks at strip clubs (parties actually) watching dudes shake their junk. If you have ever wondered what chicks do when faced with swinging dingdongs, this DVD attempts to let us behind the curtain. OK, I realize that most women aren’t going to suck random stripper dick, but I must confess that the fantasy played up here is just fucking hot. Just the idea that when their boyfriends or husbands aren’t looking that a normal girl might slip a little meat into her mouth, what can I say, it works for me. How real these scenes are is of course a hot topic for debate. It is highly likely that all of the girls at these parties are plants. They are either performers or at least women who are comfortable with live sex acts. Few would totally fall for the reality angle, but the fact that even the most jaded among us stop to consider the logistics is a good sign. That I can’t place any of the women is another point for the movie. Where did they find these women and how can I know it’s staged, but still totally fall into the mood? There are basically two big party scenes on this DVD. Both of them feature some hot chicks. The first is the better of the two in that regard. There are simply more hot chicks at that party. The guys come out and get sucked off by more than one girl. Some of the women are shy, some turn away while others attack strange cock with abandon. Some of the guys rise to the occasion while others really struggle. If there is a weakness here it comes when the guys do have trouble. They often take forever to cum and with horrible music in the background and a chorus of “woooo” girls, that can wear thin quickly. Even with these small issues, I loved this movie. It’s great fantasy porn, features some really hot girls sucking cock in public and I really loved it.

The first scene opens with the bear coming out and shaking his stuff to a packed house. There is a VIP couch right at the front that watches as the bear is joined by another stripper. They take off their clothes and warm the girls up. A very old woman is the first to actually go for the penis, kissing it and giggling as he moves on to the other girls. A pretty brunette is the first to really take the action porno on us. She takes the stripper dick and goes deep on it. That’s a pretty big dick she is working to the beat of the music. As the guy gets closer to busting his nut, the girls in the club start screaming and chanting “make him cum.” It’s really pretty hot and takes away a bit from the fact that the guy takes forever to get off. He does finally shoot a load all over her mouth and tits. The camera hasn’t really been in perfect position for this and it really hurts the aftermath of this shot. Still, this cutie sucking off a fat cock in front of her friends is plenty hot. The action continues as another stripper works his way up and down the VIP couch. The girls suck and stroke it. Some of the attack the cocks while others seem quite shy and will only stroke it. This certainly adds the idea that this is just real fun with real chicks. Apparently seeing guys strip also makes some chicks want to make out with each other. We get a second pop as an older, busty blonde gets hit right on the eye by a stray semen scud.

A black stripper comes out and works his meat up and down the row. A sexy sista does her bet to make it rise in her mouth. She gets is partially there and then watches him dance off to the next hungry mouth. This gets painful. I’m not sure which is worse. The inexcusably bad camerawork (I get the shaky look, but center a fucking shot once in a while.) or the fact that this guy just isn’t going to get hard no matter how many hot chicks suck or stroke his meat. After a cue, he shows up with a raging hard on and leaves a quick load in the mouth of one of the hotties in the front row.

The next dancer has better wood and gets stiff the second the first girl kisses. He moves to another table where one girl sucks it and then pulls her friend’s mouth in for some double BJ action. He is very popular with the girls and finds plenty of willing mouths waiting for his hard cock. Some girls ply shy, some won’t even look at his woody, but others happily suck it. This masked guy has a really chiseled body and a bock that keeps the ladies happily sucking for a long while. He settles in with a very pretty blonde girl who sucks it like she’s never letting it go. She is very hot and does a great job, but it just goes on forever. The annoying music is almost torture at this point. He eventually leaves a big load on her pretty face. She is way hot and totally worth the wait.

The front row is where the real action is, but the next stripper finds some luck further back. He makes several stops and gets his dick sucked and stroked at least once at nearly every table. As he moves to the back of the room he finds some very willing and skilled deep throat artists. He drops a load on a tongue t close out this first party.

In a new location with a new group of girls, the first masked guy shows up. In no time at all, a long haired blonde girl is sucking away while her friend watches from a few inches away. The women at this party are a little less hot, but they don’t have any problem touching and even sucking strange dick so who is going to complain? A few of them are rather busty and quite pretty so it’s not like he’s playing with the hogs here. There seems to a real “girls night out” feel to the action here that makes it totally hot. The girls cheer for each other, some shy away and at one point a really cute chick in pink does her best to make the stripper never forget her. She takes long enough that we know she isn’t going to stop and then strokes his meat hard until he leaves his load all over her chin. This cutie is worth the price of admission.

The next stripper comes out and waves his dick around. It’s hard, but kind of small. That doesn’t stop the girls from enjoying it though. The first one is a thick, pretty chick who sucks for a few seconds and then sends hi on his way. Quite a few girls get their mouth on his dick for a few quick strokes. His dick stays hard n matter who is sucking it and some of the girls seem to be having fun showing off. He leaves a load all over a skinny girl’s face and she revels I the attention she gets after taking that big wad.

This group of girls is very enthusiastic and whoever is holding the camera does a much better job. The shots are well framed and though still rough around the edges (nature of the beast) the technical quality in the second half is much better. The long-donged black stripper is back. He shakes it and still struggles. He gets to hump a few legs and has the girls really happy to see him. He ends up going to the same thick brunette who started us off. This time she takes out her big natural tits and not even those babies can help this guy. He seems to like rubbing his dick on big tits, but still remains a half-hard wonder for most of the action. After getting some serious attention from a pretty girl he finally manages to squeeze out a load. She deserves some extra combat pay for this one.

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