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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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I have been waiting for a number of years to interview Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake. She claims that she has never ducked me, but it took a long time to track her down. Now that I’ve got her, I have plenty of things to ask her. We talk about her well-documented relationship, some of her bigger film roles and of course the unusual way she spell her names. (That’s right, the J is supposed to be lower case.) We talk about her role in Wicked’s huge hit Manhunters whre she got to butch up and play tough for a while. Also on the table for discussion is her starring role in Tiffany’s which allowed her to show off her charm, beauty and humor in one great role. It isn’t often that I get to sit across from a woman this beautiful and an even rarer treat to find that the raving beauty sitting there has a brain and a great sense of humor. To see more of jessica, check out her web site. jessica really is an impressive woman who is even more stunning in person than she is on screen. n in the industry, Jessica is more attractive in person than on screen. Now if we can just convince the other Wicked Girls to follow her lead and sit down for an interview. Are you listening Stormy Daniels? Are you listening Kaylani Lei?

NEW: Audio Inerview With jessica drake now available! Listen to interview

jessica’s site

jessica’s Movies


Okay! This is really kind of a cool thing right now. I’m sitting here with? Hillary Scott

jessica drake, Wicked Pictures contract girl!

This is great. We’ve been trying to do this for a few years now.

A few years. But you were ignoring me.

You were ignoring me.

You didn’t like me so much.

Where do you get this idea from?

You had better interviews to do.

I didn’t! I’d wait outside the booth and you’d walk by, acting like a contract girl.

(She laughs) Oh no, I’ll get you back for that one.

Anyway, we somehow missed each other. Why do you think that I don’t like you?

I was just kidding.


(She laughs)

Because everybody always thinks I don’t like them, and I never know why.

Everybody thinks that I don’t like them either, but it’s not true. I’m just quiet.

Okay, well, before we get to the obvious, what’s with the name?

What do you mean?

Most people would capitalize the J.

Yeah, but most people aren’t like me.

Now, I’m supposed to ask you, are you a fan of e.e. cummings? jessica drake

(She laughs) I am a fan of e.e. cummings, but it really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the name. Do you want the real story? It’s probably not as exciting as you might think.


I was at my first show, which was VFD about six years ago, and I really hadn’t done anything yet. But somebody had made up posters for me, because I had been in one of their scenes, for people to sign, and people started asking me for my autograph. So I started trying to write it, and it didn’t look good. Capital J and capital D wasn’t cutting it, so I ended up going home that night and practicing my autograph so many different ways because I’m a dork, and little j and little d looked really good.

So it’s not a tribute to e.e. cummings?


You’re right. It’s not as interesting as we’d hoped.

No! It’s a little bit submissive, though I didn’t know that when I did it. It’s a little submissive because all the letters are lower-case, and that’s cool.

It’s also hell for those of us who use spell check.

Well, how do you think it is for me when I do a website update? Oh my God! I have that same problem. I have that problem a lot, actually.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, you have something big going on tomorrow night.

Oh, it’s huge-orgy in my room! Oh, you mean that OTHER thing!

Oh, yeah.

Right. I am actually the host of the 24th Annual AVN Awards. This year, we moved them to the Mandalay Bay Special Events Center, because we outgrew the last venue that we hosted in.

Very good.

Isn’t that cool?

Who are you co-hosting with?

I’m co-hosting with Jim Norton, who is really a peach. He’s very funny, he’s a comedian, and we have a lot of special guests. We have Dave Navarro, who is actually winning an award and I’m really excited to meet him. We have Criss Angel, who’s actually going to be here in the booth to do something with me in a few minutes. We’ve got Carrot Top, Gene Simmons, Buck Cherry.


Big names!

Big celebrities. And you.

And me!

Are you nervous? jessica drake

I am a little nervous. I know it will get really bad right before the show, but that’s how I operate. Even now, when I’m going on stage at a strip club to feature, and the DJ is reading my intro, I get butterflies. The second I step out there, I’m fine. I just did the Tyra Banks Show, and I had really bad stage fright for about half an hour before I went on. Then I went on and I was fine.

Great! Now, let’s talk a little bit. You’re a Wicked Pictures contract girl, and have been for a while.

Three years.

How’s that going?

I love it. I love them. I could not ask for anything more. Everything that they told me they were going to do, they’ve done.

Great! Now, you’re nominated for several awards, and movies you’re in are all over the awards this year.

Well, I’m nominated for eight, and Manhunters is nominated for four awards, which is more than any other movie this year.

So it’s been a big year. Do you expect to win some?

Oh, my God! I would love to win just one, but I don’t want to ask for too much. I mean, I’m already hosting the show! If that’s all I get tomorrow night, I’m happy.

But if you could pick one award to win this year, and be guaranteed to win?

Probably Best Actress in Film, because I’d love to say that I won it twice.

How many people have won it twice?

I’m not sure. I know that there have been a few. I know Serenity did it, and there are one or two other girls who did it.

And you’re up for contract performer of the year?

I am! Best Actress Film, Best Actress Video, Contract Performer of the Year, and a few other awards.

Pretty good. You have a pretty good chance of winning a few. Do you think you’re going to win Contract Performer of the Year?

No, I don’t, and if I absolutely had to pick a favorite, it would absolutely be Stormy. She’s really done a lot of stuff, but she could also win Cross-Over, because she has done so many things.

She’s been all over the place.

A lot of mainstream things, lately. I would go for me winning an acting award, I’d say.

Would you like to see yourself in some cross-over stuff?

I have. Well, I mean, aside from the things I’ve done lately, the Tyra Banks Show and the things I’ve done for HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, I was doing a mainstream CD right when I signed with Wicked. I’ve done a few mainstream movies too. I’m not really aspiring, but I’ll take what I can get, because I think it’s fun.

For anybody who hasn’t seen you work, pick out a couple of movies they should see.

The Collector, One Man’s Obsession, The Fling, Perfect Life, Manhunters. Those are some of my very best, and probably my favorite ones. I have a new one coming out in a couple of months called Delilah that I think it going to be pretty good. jessica drake

Okay. Do you think you’re a better actress or a better performer?

That’s really tough, because I’ve gotten an award for both of those things. I love having sex, and that is my priority. When I start a sex scene, I like to stay in character during the sex scene. But my main goal is to get off. I think that makes me a pretty good performer. But I really like to act. I’ve done acting classes, and it’s something that I enjoy. I enjoy researching a role, and getting on-set. It’s the Real McCoy.

What’s your favorite character that you’ve gotten to play?

Samantha Stewart from Curse Eternal. Everything that was happening was coincidentally appropriate for the movie. I was going through some really rough things in my personal life. I had lost my father, and my character in the movie had lost her father. That gave me an outlet to express the things I wasn’t comfortable expressing on my own. In a couple of the takes, I was really crying, and it felt good afterwards. It was a relief for me. Also, I played an archaeologist in the movie, and coincidentally, the King Tut Exhibit was at the museum in LA. So I saw that, and I got to do all kinds of research about it, and it was a part that I could really sink my teeth into. Or maybe Christine, from Fluff and Fold, because I came up with the concept of that movie. Or maybe Rachel from Manhunters, because I did a lot to prepare for that role as well. I became a fugitive recovery agent for the movie. I took the class and did a lot of physical training. I’d have to say one of those three.

Your role in Manhunters is a little tougher, a little more physical than the characters that you play.


And certainly, you don’t look the part.


So that was an interesting role for you to play.

When we first started doing that movie, we knew that going in. I tried to get a little more toned for it. Not that I’m out of shape, but I wanted to bulk up for it. I purposely didn’t get my hair done and I had blonde roots in the movie. I took off my finger nails, I didn’t even punish them. I really wanted that “rough pretty” look. I did my hair and make-up through the entire movie and I purposely downplayed everything that I did. Normally, I’m very smoky eyes and big hair, but isn’t all of porn? (She laughs) But I took all of that away in Manhunters to have a more realistic feel.

You don’t ugly-up well, by the way. You just don’t. I’m really sorry to tell you this.

(She laughs) Well, I don’t think any of us did in the movie, and we were all going for the same kind of look. We let Exotica be exotic and hot. Kirsten was supposed to be a bit more of a tomboy. And Carmen actually went really tough. Carmen really took to that role, unexpectedly, considering it was her first really big movie. At the beginning, we were getting yelled at because we weren’t tough enough.

You guys pulled it off, though.

Thank you.

Now, one of my favorites would have to be Tiffany.

Thank you.

I absolutely loved it. It’s a very good movie.

I should have put it on my list. Put that on my list.

You were outstanding.

Thank you! I think a little bit of that has to do with the fact it came after Manhunters. I took this sweet acting class before Manhunters, and I was really on a roll and things were really clicking for me when I got on set. I really understood how to put more into the character. Frank is great! He’s been my camera man and he’s shot me in so many movies for four years now, and working with him, we were able to communicate really well. Before he started directing for us, he would just direct my sex scenes. I knew what he was trying to say. So him as a director, he’s been so easy, I just got everything that he wanted. I was reading a review of Tiffany‘s, and someone said they liked it because it wasn’t the normal, happy ending. That’s why I liked it so much. That, and I got to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany‘s” a lot.

That’s a great movie.

Yeah, there’s a shot at the end where I’m leaving Eric Masterson. And we’re on a rooftop, and you don’t know I’m leaving until I go, “Yeah, I’m leaving.” And I turn around and walk away from him, and he’s sitting there looking completely rejected, there’s a light on the horizon of downtown LA that looks really, really bright. As I turn and walk off, it turns off! It completely made the scene. We were on playback when we saw it and we were like, ‘Oh my God, that’s incredible! You have to see this!’ So the light didn’t shut off, the camera angle just moved.

That’s awesome.

It’s my favorite shot of that whole movie.

People should see that movie. It’s romantic in a weird way. It doesn’t have a happy ending. But I love that movie, and as I told you, I’ve been working on a Tiffany‘s script for a long time, and always thought you would be perfect. jessica drake


You bring all the same qualities as Audrey Hepburn.

Well, what else should we talk about?

You have a website, right? May I shamelessly plug it?

Please do!

I also finally broke down and did the whole MySpace thing.

Yeah, I saw that.

Of course you did! I was doing it as just a personal thing, only so I could see my friends pages and things, but I never updated it and I certainly never called it jessica drake. But enough people caught up with me that it was like, whatever, I’ll go ahead and do it. So now I’m trying to upkeep it. I haven’t since I’ve been here.

It’s a pretty nice way of keeping touch with each other.

It’s overwhelming! I receive hundreds and hundreds of messages every day.

Is that why you never respond to mine?

I did respond to yours at first! But I’ve been here for three days. Oh my God! (She laughs)

I never expect anybody to return a MySpace message, because pretty girls probably get more than I do.


So,, another shameless plug. and

Now, when people go to, what are they going to see?

There are going to be huge photo galleries. But what I think I’m going to focus the most on are on-time updates, and appearance schedules, that sort of thing. My store is about to open up, so that’s really what I’m concentrating on.

That’s fun. So did you design the site yourself?

I did, in its’ entirety.

Is that something you just learned with the site? Did you just learn as you go?

No, I didn’t do any of the code. I literally got a notebook and drew out every single picture on there. Little stick figures with boobs. And this is what I want to do when you push this button, and this is how I want this font. jessica drake

So it’s completely your design.

It is.

That’s awesome. What else should we talk about? How long have you been in the business?

Six years.

That’s a very long career these days.

You know, people keep on telling me that. But I feel like I’m just now getting up there.

Six years isn’t a long time, but in this business, you’re still here, six years later.


You’re hosting the AVN Awards six years in. That’s a pretty good sign.

I’m really excited about that. I want to be in the Hall of Fame someday.

You’ve got to wait ten years for that.

I know!

Do you think you’ll still be performing when you’re Hall of Fame eligible?

I hope so. I really hope I still look that good when I’m eligible. After that, who knows. That’s probably the end.

Ten years is an amazing career. Six years is an amazing career.

Thank you.

Now, before you were a Wicked Pictures contract girl, where did we see you?

I was kind of independent. I was a contract girl at another company, but I don’t much like to talk about it. I tried to be independent for a while in between, and companies just kept approaching me. Finally, I decided I needed to go contract.

Well, you have the contract girl look. But apparently not the contract girl attitude. jessica drake

No, and I bang like a gonzo girl. (She laughs) Sorry!

No, that’s good.

Well, I know, but that’s my whole thing! My favorite thing is a beautiful setting and a beautiful wardrobe and a great location. And then flash cut to filthy anal sex. Really, I love all that, I really do.

That’s one of the reasons you’re a super-star. Because there are a lot of contract girls who can’t do that. And there’s a lot of gonzo girls who can’t act.

(she laughs) Well, good.

There’s a lot of contract girls who can’t act.

Yeah. (She laughs) I get the best of both worlds then, because I can stand up, look pretty, and fuck.

Who are your favorite people to work with?

Male-wise, I’d say Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Herschel Savage. They’re all very hot in their own ways. They have tremendous acting abilities between them. I would love to do a movie with those three guys for the acting abilities, and the sweet love. Chick-wise, I was really digging Leslie Zenn, but she’s not around anymore. She will always be one of my favorites. Carmen Hart is incredibly gifted. Stormy Daniels is great, she’s like unstoppable. Kristen’s pretty cute. I love Exotica. Basically, I’m an equal opportunity woman lover, so there aren’t many names you could throw my way that I would say “Oh no, not her.” I dream of Janine

Maybe you could bring her back.

On a regular basis.

She wasn’t back for very long.

Well, this is one company she hasn’t had a contract with, so maybe. No, I didn’t mean it like that! Really!

That’s true, but we need to wrap this up. jessica drake


Anything else we need to say?

YES! You need to say that you’ll interview me again!

I’ll interview you again anytime.

jessica’s site

NEW: Audio Inerview With jessica drake now available! Listen to interview
jessica’s Movies

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