Interview: Nautica Thorn 2004

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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nautica Thorn Interview 2004Nautica’s Movies

Nautica Thorn


I am sitting across from a very lovely young woman on the….ninth? Is today the ninth?

I forgot the date too.

Yeah but I forgot because I’m too busy staring at you.

Do you remember the year?

Yes, it’s 2004.

Then I need to tease you more.

Only if you want this interview to go nowhere.

OK I will be good.

Tell everyone who you are please.

I am Nautica Thorn.

And how old are you?

I am nineteen.

And where are you from?


Is that where you grew up?

Nautica Thorn

Born and raised. I left there two years ago.

And what is your ethnic makeup?

I am one-quarter Hawaiian, one-quarter Puerto Rican and half Japanese.

That is an interesting mix with beautiful results.

You should see my parents.

Are you in LA now?

I live in LA, but I go back to Hawaii twice a year.

You moved from Hawaii before you got into porn right?

Yes. I moved when I was sixteen and got in when I was eighteen.

How did that happen?

I was a stripper so it was the next step.

How were you discovered?

An agent came up to me and gave me his card. I did some modeling and it escalated to some masturbation stuff with mini-vibrators, then dildos and finally to the real thing.

How many times when you were stripping did a guy come up to you and tell you that they could get you into porn?

Millions. For some reason this guy seemed like the real thing.

We need to thank him for making the discovery.

Nautica Thorn Yes I agree.

How long was it between your first photo shoot and your first movie?

It was a couple of months.

What was the first scene you did?

I don’t remember. I know it was with another girl.

Do you remember the girl?

No, sorry. I can’t remember who it was.

Was it that forgettable?

No, it was interesting. It was my first time having sex on camera with a girl.

Had you been with a girl off-camera?


For how long?

I only had one experience with a girl. I was curious, but didn’t go crazy with girls.

What about now?

Now I want to fuck every girl I see. I am like a guy these days.

Since your first girl/girl scene wasn’t all the memorable, who is the girl who turned you into an uncontrollable pussy-hound?

It was Judy Starr.

Nautica Thorn What did she do that turned you out?

She took control totally. I couldn’t even eat her pussy. She made me cum like ten times. Judy, if you want to give me a call, any time I am ready.

Obviously she would be on your list of favorite girls to work with.

The list would start with Judy and include Sabrine Maui and Jenna Haze.

Has anyone ever told you that you look a little bit like Jenna Haze?

I have had people tell me that yes.

That’s a good thing.

It’s a very good thing. She is beautiful. You know she has a very small pussy. I have really big pussy lips so that is how you can tell us apart.

Who was your first guy on camera?

It was Mr. Jules Jordan. I think I hurt him during the scene, but he still loves me.

How did that happen?

I was on my period and had a sponge in me. It kind of scraped his dick. Owwww. After that we just used a lot of a lube and he fucked me senseless.

What movie was that?

I believe it was for “Flesh Hunter 6.”

You were wearing a fuzzy hat weren’t you?

Yes, that is the one. It had the word “Slut” on it.

Who are you favorite guys to work with?

Jules was great. Chris Cannon was good. I would love to fuck Mandingo again because I was so amazed by his cock. He has the biggest penis I have ever seen in my life.

He may have the biggest penis in the history of humanity.

I think so. I asked him if he grew up with it and he said yeah. He said he was just used to it and thought it was normal.

Along those lines, at what point did you realize that you had a killer body?

I had guys wanting to fuck me when I was eleven.

Wow. You said you want to work with Mandingo again?

I want to see if I can take it further this time.

How deep did he go the first time?

I took maybe seven inches. He is really wide and I like normal sized dicks anyway. It wouldn’t even fit in my mouth.

Your mouth is pretty small.

It is, but I can stretch it. See. (She demonstrates this skill. You can see from the photo, Nautica really can stretch her mouth.)

Nautica Thorn

Wow, back on track.

Rog is losing it. He is trying to stop rubbing his cock right now.

You make it really hard.

I can see that. Apparently I make it very big as well.

How tall are you?

I’m five-two.


I don’t know. I have a 32c chest, but don’t know the rest.

All natural.

Natural is a really good thing.

You have a bit of thread on one of your breasts right now.

Really? Would you please get it for me?

It would be my pleasure. I will even do the “are they natural” test while I’m at it.

Oh my God. He just barely touched my boob at all. If you’re going to touch it, then at least jiggle it a bit.

If I jiggle it, I might fall in love.

I don’t care. I want you to feel. There you go. Much better.

Nautica Thorn Yes, those are real and fantastic. Any plans to change that?

No, not at all.

Not ever?

Not ever, no, no way, not ever. Never, never. Unless they get small when I’m over thirty and have a kid or something.

Do you think you will still be in porn when you’re over thirty and have a kid?

I will still be in the business, but behind the camera.

What are your long term career goals?

I don’t want to have my own company, but I would like to have my own line.

What type of movies would you want to direct?

I like gonzo, but I also like features so I would want to do both.

Have you performed in many features?

Just a couple so far.

Did you like the acting?

I don’t necessarily like the acting, but I like the preparation and the costumes.

Do you have a web site yet?

It is being put up soon and will be

Are you dancing now?

I just finished at a club, but don’t any immediate plans for any more.

Nautica Thorn

What else do you want to talk about?

Let’s talk about nipples.

All right, what about nipples?

I really don’t like dog nipples. Some girls have dog nipples and I like cute, perky nipples.

What would a dog nipple look like?

I’m sorry if this is you girls, but the ones that look like they cover the whole breast. I call those dog nipples.

So the women who have babies don’t turn you on.

That happens? Oh wow. Maybe I won’t have a kid.

Let me see if I get this straight. May I use your breast to illustrate?


(Rog proceeds to trace circles around Nautica’s breasts for the next several minutes.)

So this is too big, but this is all right?


And this is too big?


How about this?

That is nice. Hey……

Nautica Thorn You finish the interview. I am just going to play with your breasts for the rest of the day.

They are like toys; you can play with them anywhere.

Do you do anal?

I am working up to anal. I have tried it at home and it’s really painful.

Maybe your next scene with Mandingo can be anal.

I think if I did anal with Mandingo, I would die.

We could go to your room right now and practice.

Would you put your fist in?

If you like. I can just get you all warmed up.

You are such a trooper.

Whatever I can do to help.

Just please spank it while you fuck it.

It’s a deal. If someone out there hasn’t seen your work, what movie would you pick out for them to watch first?

Sakura Tales 3 from DVSX. I love that scene. I actually came in that one.

Who was the guy? Nautica Thorn

My fiancé.

You are engaged?

Yes I am.

To someone in the business?

He used to work with me, but he didn’t like it. Home sex and porn sex are two different things.

And he is OK with you still working?

He tells me to go ahead and go for it.

He is a very lucky guy.

We have to have sex every day. If I don’t get it from him every day I get mad.

You realize that once you get married you will never have sex again don’t you?

No, don’t tell me that.

Once the wedding ring is on, no more sex.

No way. I need sex. I get bitchy without it.

Have you always been a very sexual person?

Yes. I started having sex at fourteen.

Nautica Thorn

With a lot of guys or just one special boyfriend?

Not with a lot of guys. Before I met my fiancé I think it was ten guys outside of porn.

Do you think that the people who grew up with you would be shocked by what you’re doing now?

My friends have already seen me.

Were they surprised?

One of my best friends knew that I would grow up to do this. We used to have porno parties and I loved to take my clothes off in front of her.

Have you been able to work with any of the guys you used to watch?

The only performer I remember was Asia Carrera. I used to watch her a lot.

Have you been with her yet?

No, and I want to fuck her really bad.

Me too. For the record, me too.

Nautica Thorn I would really like to suck on her clit. I’m big on that.

We all should be.

I agree.

Did you have to wear a uniform in school?

Thank God I left before that started.

You have no schoolgirl uniform at home?

No, but I wish I had one come to think of it.

No cheerleader uniform?

I used to beat up cheerleaders.


I though they were too fucking chipper.

Most of us agree, but we want to fuck them, not beat them up.

Well I would want to fuck them now, but I would tell them to get away right after. I wouldn’t want them to do cheers after we have sex.

You hurt Jules Jordan, hate dog nipples and beat up cheerleaders. You’re just evil.

No, I’m a nice girl.

No you aren’t. You are evil, but we love you because you are so beautiful.

Thank you.

Have you seen the Paris Hilton sex tape?

Yes I have. I stopped it because I thought it was way lame. Nautica Thorn


I couldn’t see any penetration. It was bad porn, but it looked set up.

Do you think she could make it in porn?

Fuck yeah she could make it in porn.

Could she fuck as well as you?

I don’t know about that. She might be too into how she looks. I just let it go. I make all the expressions. Just fuck me.

I’m sorry, was that part of your answer or a request?

You tell me.

We all know that you are just teasing.

You have a ring on. I can’t take you up to my room.

I’m sure that is the only thing holding you back.

It is. Take it off.

I could. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

You think I’m kidding, but I’m down. Turn that thing off and let’s talk.

Let’s finish first. Do you plan to keep performing for a while?

Yes, I want to stay around for quite a while. I want to work up to some serious anal.

Have you every done any double vag?

I tried for Anabolic, but my pussy kept pushing the second guy out.

It was made for one dick, two is one too many.

I guess.

Nautica Thorn Do you think that it’s a little gay for two guys to be rubbing their dicks together inside of you?

I ask the guys the same thing. You can feel the other guy’s dick, doesn’t that turn them off? They always say it’s just mental. Whatever.

You didn’t like the double vag then?

I’m a little too snug for that.

What about two in your mouth?

That’s fun.

You have done swallowing stuff right?

I am not a big swallower. I will gag and throw up.

I’m sure some people would dig that. You could shoot that as your line.

There you go. Vomiting, what a movie.

This is your first show, what has the fan response been?

They won’t leave me alone and they all want ass pictures.

I do too. Have a lot of them seen your work?

Most of them have. They bring me box covers and other pictures for me to sign.

How does it feel to meet all these guys who have been at home jerking off to you?

Every time I see a guy who knows me I always look at them and wonder if they shoot a big or small load.

Nautica Thorn Some of them would be happy to show you.

I know. That’s why I never ask. I only ask when I really want to see. By the way, how big is your load Roger?

Should they send you pictures?

I don’t want to encourage that.

Does it matter to you?

No, but it’s the first thing that pops into my head.

Jules shot a pretty good load on you.

Every time I work with Jules, it ends up in my eye. I go home with a pink eye.

You have big eyes though.

They just attract cum, but so does my mouth and pussy. Every hole on me sucks up cum even my ears.


I have always wanted a dick in my ear. You know, there is a bathroom over there do you want to make a fantasy come true for me?

Let me see your ear? Yeah mine would fit, but it wouldn’t come close to coming out the other side.

Liar. I see that thing in your pants. You can’t fool me.

Do you work out?

My fiancé makes me go to the gym, but mostly I just have sex to burn calories. How many do you burn having sex?

How would I know, I haven’t had sex in fifteen years.

It can’t be that bad.

If you were married to me you would you want to have sex with me?

I’m not married to you and I want to have sex with you, what are you talking about.

You are far too kind.

You make me laugh. You really think I’m just saying it.

Are you always this happy?

Yes. And I hate cheerleaders. It’s ironic isn’t it?

You have become one of those peppy cheerleaders you used to beat up.

No, because I really put out.

I will take your word for it.

I’d rather show you.

Then I think we are done here.

Nautica Thorn Nautica’s Movies

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