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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tina Tyler InterviewTina Tyler’s Movies
January 2002

It has been three years and one month since our last interview and much has changed.

Oh really?

Yes, before we had Thai food.

Now it’s bananas and cigarettes. But some things haven’t changed. There is still a whole lot of noise in the background.

True, but this time we can actually talk out loud without getting strange looks from lunch patrons.

We can speak in full tones, I like that.

So tell us, what have you been doing for three years?

You do realize that that was a horrible question don’t you?


It’s open ended and I can now go on for three hours.

All right, look over there. Do you see what Kaylynn in wearing?

Of course I do, she looks delicious.

Well, she is waiting to do an interview after you.

Are you trying to hurry me along?

Oh no, but when you feel a three hour rant coming on, just think of me.

I will try so you can go leer at her lovely body.

I do thank you.

In that case, I’ll be brief.

Let’s start with what you’re doing with Pandora Cinema.

Excellent place to start. Pandora Cinema is a new company out of North Carolina. They have been around for six month, at time of interview.

Yes, one year and six months by the time I get this up. Thanks for rubbing it in ahead of time.

They are a really great bunch of guys with very open minds, otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen me to direct for them. My first title for them is called “Tina Tyler’s Going Down” starring Dru Barrymore, Brooke Hunter, Nina Hartley, Kylie Ireland, Kimi Lixx and a naked cameo from yours truly. Sean Michaels even came out of retirement to do a scene with Nina Hartley for me.

That’s an impressive list.

It’s good to have friends who will do anything for you.

It’s good to be connected.

It really is. The movie is really good. I just saw the finished product a few days ago. It turned out really good. It’s kind of dark; the whole thing takes place in an elevator.

Hence the title.

Yes, it’s not an oral sex movie, there is full on sex with a bit of an edge.

How do you mean?

Let’s just say that the last scene should be watched with a very open mind. It might not be up your alley, but look at it for the quality of what is there and not run away from it because you don’t like that kind of thing.

Oh that’s good, mock the interviewer.

Actually you don’t do that, I was speaking to the collective you on that one.

Are you still working on the Tina Tyler’s Blowjob movies?

No I’m not. Unfortunately I was funding those with my own money and I was only able to afford three. The return on my money was good, but it was never enough in one chunk to be able to afford more. It was a good return, but it was all spread out over time. Thirteen Productions is no longer and that’s a shame because I really had fun with it when it was happening. Now that Pandora is giving me a unique opportunity.

I smell an announcement.

That’s right, Pandora is giving me the opportunity to sit firmly and exclusively in the director’s chair. You are hearing it here first, on Rog Reviews if he gets it up in a decent amount of time. I am retiring from performing. I may do some cameo stuff on my own movies, but nothing for anyone else. And you got the scoop.

You haven’t really performed a lot in the last three years.

I’ve never really performed a lot by industry standards. I’ve done around 250 movies in ten years so twenty five per year which is not a lot. I’ve always been kind of picky and taken stuff I really wanted to do. Things where I liked the production or the acting role or the performer just really turned me on. I’m not one to just take a movie because the rent is due. I’m good with my money and don’t have to do that.

Your cameo in Going Down is naked, but no sex?

It’s included in the last scene of the movie and it has to do with Jilling Off. Do you understand that expression?

I think I can figure it out.

I love that expression. I wish I could take credit for it.

How did you partner up with Pandora?

A friend of mine, George Kaplan had met them and they mentioned my name to him as someone they were seeking out. George gave them my number and three weeks later we were in production on Going Down. It was amazing and they are making several of my dreams come true. They have green lighted several ideas that I’ve been trying to do for a few years now.

Are you leaning towards for features?

Going Down is a vignette style with a running narrative. It plays like a story, but not a traditional feature. A couple of my ideas are more traditional feature style.

Are you working on a web site?

I am. I’ve got under construction now. Pandora is putting that up for me. Right now if you go there, it will link you to my Yahoo Group.

I am a member of that group.

Yes you are, and your readers can join. There are a lot of rare pictures that I put up there and a message board. I also do a weekly chat.

You also participate a lot on

Yes I do. I love ADT. I like to try and be very accessible without actually escorting.

That’s something you don’t do, right?

That’s right, but I am accessible in other ways. If you do want to meet me one on one and you’re willing to travel to New York City, I make a sojourn out there four of five times a year. I work at the Den of Iniquity. They have a site, You don’t even have to be into S & M, if you just want to meet me and talk for an hour, it takes a little bit of money to do, but I’m worth it.

So for the right amount of money Tina Tyler will be the crap out you, or you can write bad reviews and have it done for free.

(She laughs) That’s not true actually. I’ve read lots of bad reviews over the years and I am not the kind of person who takes the good or the bad personally. I go by the old adage that opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and whether it’s a good or a bad one, it won’t affect the kind of work I am going to do. I’m not negating the importance of critics at all, but I’ve found it’s the only way to stay sane in this business.

It’s also the only way you can stay active on the internet.


When we did the last interview you were single, but there is some new jewelry I’m noticing.

Yes, there is a white gold band on my left ring finger. I wonder what that could mean.

What would it indicate?

That I got married two years ago last October.

How did you meet this man?

I met him on a rock video shoot. There was a bunch of porn stars on the set and our eyes met in the make up mirror. We met by reflection.

He is not part of the business?

No. He was a partner in 13 Productions when that was around and he has done some soundtrack work for my stuff as well as some for Veronica Hart.

What else is new?

There is another bit of directing news. “Goosed for 3- A Bisexual Love Affair” was the first feature project that was I was given the opportunity to direct. It was put out Stable Entertainment, and I pulled off a bit of a coup. It was filmed in three long days and was the most expensive bi-sexual movie ever made. We had women in this who not only have never given bi-sex movies a thought, but never thought of being one without having to have bi-sex. We have Asia Carrera, Shanna McCullough, Keri Windsor, Dru Berrymore, myself of course, bi-queen that I am. I can’t stay out of that. On the gay side, we had Matt Bradshaw, last years GayVN Performer of the Year Blake Harper was my lead. We had some rally fabulous new talent. It was a really good movie and I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back. I was watching it the other day and it’s really warm and genuine. The sex is really hot, it’s well shot and sweet. If you’re into bi-sex, give it a look, I think it’s really good.

We can look for that, as well as for Going Down soon.

Yes, and I don’t think we’ve mentioned this, but Pandora is a DVD only company.

That’s good to know, be looking for it on DVD.

We have a half hour featurette on the disc with some of the funniest behind the scenes footage I have ever seen. I had way too many hams on that set. If you’re into watching people cracking each other up, you’ll love it.

I would like to ask you a little bit about directing. In the last interview we talked about the unique perspective you have since you’ve been a performer. Now that you have directed all sex movies and dialog driven feature types, which is harder to direct?

The sex movies because it is really hard to give direction while it’s happening. Hopefully your performers are in the moment and they won’t hear you. If they aren’t in the moment, there is nothing that I can say to get them there. The acting is much easier for me to direct. As someone who has an extensive acting background, I know a number of different ways to tell people what we want from a dialog scene. I had to direct three and a half pages of dialog with a performer from German. English is his fourth language and bless his heart. I used the Catalina style of directing where the director says the line the way it’s supposed to be and the actor says it just like that. You would never know we did it that way. There are all kinds of ways to get your actors to act you just have to be patient. I find that most directors in this business lack that. The sex is much more difficult because there is nothing I can do to get them into the moment. It’s better to direct the sex beforehand. You take five minutes and outline the kind of heat you’re looking for. A lot of that is up to the performers as well. They can communicate before hand and get suggestions for what turns them on. I would much rather work with their natural chemistry than to try and create chemistry for them.

That sounds like a good way to be.

While we’re on the subject, another ADT regular, Kimi Lixx gave me a smoking scene with Kylie Ireland in Going Down. She was so great and hung around the set naked all day. I don’t know why the heck you weren’t there.

I wasn’t invited.

Then next time you will get an invitation.

But if there are cute naked girls hanging around, I won’t get any work done. My on set report would consist of one line. Kimi Lixx ran around naked all day long.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’m not sure how much information that would provide the readers.

I’m sure your readers would love to know what Kimi did naked all day.

How terribly sad, but totally true.

You could just chronicle her day. First Kimi bent over and picked up my pen and I could see the juices running down her leg from her pussy.

OK, that’s enough of that. My jeans are too tight for you to continue.

All right Rog thanks. Now go get Kaylynn.

Thank you Tina and congratulations on all of your new projects.

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