Couples Seeking Teens 3

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [7/12]
Male Looks [7/12]
Picture Quality [9/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Couples Seeking Teens 3


153 Mins.

Reality Junkies

DIRECTOR: Kevin Moore

THEMES: Threesomes, Young Girls



STARS: Vannah Sterling, Rebecca Blue, Devon Lee, Britney Banxxx, Zoey Holloway, Amia Miley, Mellanie Monroe, Victoria Lawson, Ariella Ferrara, Ally Kay


Did you know that some couples really love spicing up their marriage by having sex with hot, barely legal teens? I know crazy idea huh? I don’t know how well this will fly with your ladies guys, but give it a try. The set ups in this movie are a ton of fun. Rebecca Blue gets in trouble working for Vannah Sterling. Punishment turns to pleasure quickly however. The scene is a little flat because Vannah just seems clueless. It’s odd because she is generally a reliable performer. Victoria gets caught trying on clothes and then stars in a hot three way where she if fucked by Mellanie Monroe and Otto Bauer. Nice spanking footage here. Amia Miley (Miley) is a bratty girl who has to earn her keep. She is super cute and great in her scene. Ally Kay is also hot and fucks her girlfriend’s parents in a wicked role play. Randy Spears and Devon Lee help Britney Banxxx get to dance camp in exchange for fucking the pretty coed. Great role play there and hot sex as well. Overall this is a pretty good movie. The role play value is excellent, the cast is hot and most of the sex flows well.

Vannah Sterling, Rebecca Blue & Tony DeSergio

Rebecca spends entirely too much time on the phone when she should be working. Vannah calls her on it and threatens to tell her mother. Scared to death, the little blonde looks ready to cry. Vannah puts her arms around Rebecca and tries to soothe things. She towers over the little cutie. Within moments their tender hug becomes more intimate as Vannah licks Rebecca’s thighs and plays with her hot teen twat through her panties. Tony walks in during the fun and is more than happy to enjoy the fun. From this point on Vannah totally blows the mood. She’s saying all the right things, but instead of looking at her man or the hot blonde on her knees a few feet away, she keeps staring at the director. It is distracting to the point of being laughable, but she tops that by falling into a moan rhythm that is loud and continues on beat even with no one touching her as she takes off her panties. Rebecca is a very cute little thing who doesn’t say much as she bends over and takes his cock. Vannah does all of the talking, but she is so distracted that whatever heat might be here is lost. Eventually Vannah gets on top of Tony and rides him. Rebecca holds her big cheeks open and sucks his cock every time it pops out. Rebecca takes over at the end and really drives this scene home. She gets into reverse cowgirl and throws her legs straight up in the air. Great eye candy here and Vannah seems to know what to do without always looking at the director. Tony finishes off by pulling out of his wife and jerking off all over his wife’s big ass. Rebecca licks it up and swallows like a good girl.

Mellanie Monroe, Victoria Lawson & Otto Bauer

Victoria get caught trying on clothes and is trouble. Mellanie puts the babysitter over her knee and spanks the sexy girl. That sexy ass is just begging for attention, but she struggles a bit when Mellanie pulls down her pants. Otto just hangs out watching until it’s time to whip out his cock and let Victoria put it in her young mouth. When she flashes her eyes to the camera it is a wonder he can keep from blowing his load. While the babysitter dutifully eats her husband’s cock, Mellanie prepares the shaved pussy with her tongue. The pretty brunette is quite the cock sucker and is quickly working her way out of trouble. Otto gets between her young thighs and starts fucking while Mellanie sucks on Victoria’s rock hard nipples. Putting his wife on all fours her fucks her from behind while she snacks on the baby sitters hone pot. He stacks the girls in doggy and fucks until he’s ready to shoot all over both of their asses. Hot scene here.

Zoey Holloway, Amia Miley & Talon

Amia has nowhere to go and Zoey wants to take her in. Talon thinks that she takes too much of their attention and is reluctant. The teen is high maintenance and in tears. Zoe quiets her with kisses and soon has that attitude all turned around. Talon still isn’t convinced, but a little head helps to bring him around. Amia watches Zoey suck and then adds her cute little mouth to the fun. Amia is super cute, but looks a little lost at first. Once she figures out what she’s supposed to be doing she takes over nicely. Talon puts the tight teen on her side and fucks her hot little box. Zoey gets back in on the fun by taking it from behind while she licks her young friend. She really seems to enjoy that and ends up getting a big load shot all up her back. Looks like everyone will be happy around this house for a while.

Ariella Ferrara, Ally Kay & Jack Lawrence

Cute little Ally stops by to see Ariella’s daughter. They start talking and the sexy teen gets a cramp. Ariella offers to help and starts the seduction. Jack comes in just in time to give Ally a cock to suck while her friend’s mom licks her pretty box. They move to the couch and women share the meat. Great BJ shots of Alley who looks just adorable and learns quickly. Jack has the girls bend over on the couch so he can fuck one pussy then the next. There is good fantasy value here as the couple fucks their daughter’s friend. Jack enjoys lifting the little blonde up to make sure he buries every inch of cock into her. After waiting her turn, Ariella takes over in reverse cowgirl, slamming her hips down and showing the young girl how it’s done. She uses her tits to give him a little something extra and then lets her husband shoot all over her rack.

Devon Lee, Brittney Banxxx & Randy Spears

Brittney comes by looking to raise money for her college competition. She needs five grand and Devon suggests that they might be able to give her the whole amount if she plays along with them. It doesn’t take much convincing for the cute brunette to agree. The girls kiss for a bit before Devon guides Brittney’s had into her husband’s lap. Devon does a really nice with the dick as she warms it up for the teen’s hot twat. Like the last one, this has a great deal of fantasy appeal though Brittney seems a little lost and out of it while she watches Devon ride Randy’s rocket. When the college girl gets on top things pick up. Check out her awesome boobs bouncing as she fucks hard. Randy puts them in 69 and then fucks his wife from behind. She’s got some pretty great tits as well. He pulls out and shoots all over Devon’s big ass and
Brit’s smiling face.

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