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Roger T. Pipe

It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hey everyone,
Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still looking for some people to help out with some reviews. I’m still doing all of the movie reviews here on Rog Reviews, but do have some openings available for the following reviews.
1. DVD Reviews for Anyone who would like to join the team of writers should drop me a note. Or better yet, review your favorite DVD and send it to me in the format used on that site. If things fit then I can provide with you some DVDs to review every month.

2. Sex Toy Reviews: Mostly need women for this since the vast majority of toys that I get are designed or ladies. I put out a call about a month ago, heard from three ladies, but then they never got back to me so if you are interested. (Guy, Girl, couple whatever) drop me a line for details.

3. Web Site Reviews: Want to check out porn for free? I have so many requests for site reviews that I just don’t have the time to keep up with them all. If you’re interested and think you can do this drop me a line for details. (Or review your favorite site using the format on the web site reviews on this site and shoot it over to me.)

4. Rog Rules T Shirt Models: Always looking for porn stars, readers, readers’ wives/girlfriends etc and civilian girls to model the gear. If you are interested or know someone who is shoot me an email. (Or take a shot with a Rog Rules sign, those are always fun.)

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