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Dennis Black Magic is no stranger to controversy, but his latest project, Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium has yet to reach the filming stages, but it has already started a firestorm of potentially epic proportions.

Recent developments revolve around Dennis and former Vivid contract star Chasey Lain. According to Dennis, Chasey contacted him after reading about the project and was interested in a prominent non-sex role. It has been nearly two years since we say this Chasey Lain meltdown. Since then she has been keeping a low profile so being part of this high profile project would seem like a perfect match.

According to Dennis Black Magic, some issues began to arise when he discovered that Lain has no passport and couldn’t work in Europe where Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium is being shot. A cascade of ugly accusations have followed, spreading the controversy to the biggest porn company in the US.

I had a chance to interview Dennis Black Magic about the latest drama surrounding the film.

Among the interesting tidbits in this exclusive interview are the following.

-Chasey claims to by the only contract star not to have slept with the company owner to get a deal.
-She believes she is being blackballed by this owner as a result of her refusal to sleep with him.
-She accuses a producer of owing her 40K for Chasey Unloaded
-That she was told by a company owner to report Dennis to “the Feds” (For what, it is unclear.)

I have contacted all involved and welcome their comments.

The company owner has no responded.

Chasey sent me an email calling the situation “absurd” and Dennis “a complete lunatic.” She alleges that she checked him out and when she decided not to work on the movie that his response is “the creation of all this bullshit.”

More on the story as it develops.

INTERVIEW: Dennis Black Magic



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