Beginner’s Jelly Pearl Rabbit

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Overall Rating [-1/12]

Beginner’s Jelly Pearl Rabbit (Reviewed by Britney)

Type of Toy: “Rabbit” Style Vibrator

Bottom Line: Waterproof Toy Gets the Job Done

Manufacturer: Pipedream (

Price: $19.99 at

Size: 6″ (About 4″ Insertable)

Material: Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free Plastic

Best For: Fun in the Shower


This dildo is an awful lot like the one I just did from Pipedreams. OK, it’s the same thing really only it features a rabbit instead of a beaver and is a different color. Hey, I don’t mind new toys even if they are essentially the same thing.

It is a multi-speed vibrator that is waterproof for fun in the shower. This one is pink and features the traditional rabbit design. No real difference from beaver on the other one so no change there.

It features the same design including a rotating shaft and strong vibrating clit stimulator. The shaft takes care of things just fine for those who need penetration. The rabbit ears are set up to his just the right spot and I love them. It’s a great double dose of help for any self-loving lady or adventurous couple.

The shaft on this toy is thick enough for me. For some reason this one didn’t feel quite as comfortable as the other. Maybe I just used it on the wrong days. The length is pretty good as well. It’s a good four inches of thrusting which won’t take care of everyone’s deepest needs, but with the clit buzzer gets the job done here. She shaft has small beads inside for some nice additional stimulation on the strokes.

The vibrating rabbit ears are the best feature on this toy. They are perfectly positioned for optimal simulation. They are firm enough for pressure but soft enough not to hurt even at the most passionate moments. It’s pretty tough to beat this part of the toy.

The controls are pretty simple and well placed. The four buttons turn the rotating shaft on and reverse directions. The vibration has two speeds to give you exactly what you’re looking for. I really liked the gentle rotation coupled with the high speed vibration. That did it for me big time.

Best of all, this toy is waterproof so it works just fine in the shower. So well in fact that I’m going to stop writing about it and go give it a try under the warm spray before my date gets here. I wonder, am I cheating on him with my rabbit?

Weaknesses: A little short in the shaft.

Batteries Needed: 2 AA Not Included

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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