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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Slim & Nasty


137 Mins.

Filthy Rich Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Ethan Hunt
Available at

THEMES: Big Cocks, Big Booties


STARS: Isis Taylor, Asa Akira, Melrose Foxxx, Natlia Rossi, Jasmine Jolie & Ethan Hunt


Though this movie is directed by Ethan Hunt and features his big cock in every scene, he’s not the primary draw here. (At least not for me, your mileage may vary.) I’m far more interested in the girls he’s putting that fat dick into, especially Isis Taylor and Asa Akira. These two women know how to make us stand up and take notice. Let me heap praise on them in just a minute. First the movie overall. It’s a nice piece of simple stroke material. The tease footage is good though it could use a little more of it. There are some occasional lighting issues, but they are rare enough to stand out because for the most part this movie looks great. The sex is passionate and well shot with quite a bit of camera movement to keep up with the action. Natlia Rossi is very cute and turns in a pretty great scene. Jasmine Jolie does the finale and really shows great energy. The minor lighting issues can’t take away from the total heat that comes from her energetic fucking and super flexible body. Now for the two girls I can’t get enough of. Asa leads off the movie and as always, she looks amazing. Her tease is great and the sex is even better. Anyone who is already a fan will want to add this scene to their must-see list. As in love with Asa as I am, Isis Taylor steals the show. She gets her own scene and then comes back to share dick with Melrose. (And is part of the bonus scene as well.) Her one on one scene features some of the best eye contact BJ footage I’ve seen in a while. If you aren’t already in love (or at least lust) you will be. Her face is so pretty that it would be easy to overlook her body if it weren’t so fucking hot. Isis has great natural breasts and an ass that is just big enough to be called a booty and just perfect enough to make a man follow her forever. Grab this movie if you like Isis Taylor or if you want to see two of the hottest ladies in the business in well shot sex with a big fat cock.

Asa Akira

It just doesn’t get much hotter than Asa Akira to open a movie. She shows off her body, taking care to shake that super fine ass for her us before losing her thong. Once those panties come off, she rubs her clit and slowly slides her fingers right into her waiting pussy. This is long and slow and totally hot solo play. Asa is absolutely gorgeous and the camera gets in close enough to almost taste how good her juices must be. She is all ready for a big cock when comes in. Her fingers continue to play with her pussy as she grabs the big cock by the base and shoves it down her throat. The low angle stuff gets a little tiresome, but they move it up and capture her face as she repeatedly shoves the head against the back of her throat like she can’t wait to force it all the way down. It stretches her pussy as she rides as well. As usual, Asa is very vocal as she slams down on his cock. They are on stairs so there are some nice ass shots here, mixed in with a lot of camera movement so it’s a mixed bag. The reverse cowgirl features some great leg shots. They move off the shower and fuck throughout the room. There are a few lighting hot spots, but Asa more than makes up for that with great eye candy and sexual intensity. The full body shots are great and the camera moves in close to watch that big cock work over her tight little slit. They finish with Asa on her knees jerking his cock into her open mouth. He floods her tongue with a load and she spits it into her hand only to gulp it back up over and over until she finally decides to swallow it. Great, great scene from start to finish thanks to one porn’s hottest babes.

Isis Taylor

Speaking of porn’s hottest babes, Isis Taylor breaks out next. She is head to toe gorgeous and leans back to tease us with some through the panty play. That’s all fine and good, but you know she can’t get her fingers off of that gorgeous ass of hers. The solo and tease features some great ass shaking and hot close up shots as she explores her pretty pussy with her fingers. As much fun as it is to watch her by herself, things get even hotter when she starts sucking cock. Her eyes are stunning and she looks up at the guy with a big smile on her face as she sucks his cock. I love the oral footage here, especially when she nearly gets the whole thing down her throat. She looks just as good on her back with her legs pulled up to her chest and that fat cock filling her. Sexual energy and eye candy together makes for a perfect performer. Asa has both and so does Isis. Turning over, she shows off that ass during some deep hard doggy. I love the way Isis fucks him back and the look on her face during sex. She smiles and looks like she loves every inch as she takes it from behind. He pulls out and shoots all over her fantastic ass. Damn this woman is so fucking hot.

Natlia Rossi

Girl number three is also pretty damn cute. Natalia has to work hard to match the first two scenes, but she’s got the tight body and cute face to get it done. The tease ends quickly with a big pug up her ass. After a short suck job, she bends over and lets him stick his cock right into her pussy. Great shots of her ass and legs and she gets popped. She gets flipped over and spreads her legs wide to allow him to slide deep inside of her. Once she has had it in her for a while, she tastes herself on his dick and then mounts up for a big ride. Apparently she likes the taste because after a few strokes she pops him right back into her mouth. Going from pussy to mouth and back again does a whole lot of her and it helps him build up a huge load that gets shot all over Natalia’s flat belly.

Isis Taylor & Melrose Foxx

Isis returns, looking stunning as ever. She teases on the stairs for a while before Melrose joins her. Two girls are better than one I suppose, but I’m having a hard time wanting to see anyone else after watching Isis strut her stuff. While we watch Melrose tease, Isis has found a big cock to suck on. She is soon joined by her sweet mocha friend for a very hot double BJ. Nice close up shots as their share the meat. Isis once again makes perfect eye contact with the camera, making us all want to jump through the screen for a shot at her sweet mouth. The BJ ends and we get to watch Isis ride his cock. She’s got such a great ass you just never want her to get off of that dick. Melrose enjoys the view of that ass, but wants some dick for herself. He moves back and forth, fucking both tight pink pussies as the girls show off great round asses and lovely thighs. Both women have a good time and easy on the eyes, but by now you have figured out that I’m driving the Isis Taylor bandwagon and dig watching her do just about anything. She sticks her ass high in the air and takes cock hard and deep while Melrose rubs her pussy nearby. The girls get down and share the load, passing it back and forth. Get a good long look because this is the last we will see of Isis in this movie.

Jasmine Jolie

Hot assed white girl Jasmine Joie finishes the movie with a very enthusiastic scene. She start right out by sucking and licking that big cock like she can’t get enough. All over the place she coos with delight when he tears off her panties and starts sucking on her lips. That pussy is all juiced up and ready for him to take from behind. Great shots of her legs spread wide for hard thrusts. I love the energy here, but the pictures is a little washed out and the lighting just isn’t as good as it has been in other scenes. None of that really matters when she has her feet pressed back behind her ears and he’s balls deep in that hot little hole. They stop in the middle of this highly spirited fuck so she can attempt a deep throat maneuver. The sexy girl nearly gets it all down too. Great energy here and a nice facial finish as well. Though the lighting was a little rough around the edges, the overall heat is great.

Bonus: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Cast List & Bonus Scene (Lana Violet & Isis Taylor sharing Ethan’s cock)

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