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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Fashion Fucks


202 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Chris Streams

THEMES: Pretty Girls



STARS: Lexi Belle, Aleska Diamond, Nikki Benz, Alexis Texas, Brynn Tyler, Chanel Preston,


Chris Streams knows how to make great looking smut. He’s taken on the glamour girl meets filth thing before with fine results. In this flick he’s got some seriously hot looking models who know how to follow through with great sex. If you’re into eye candy that is strokeable then get ready for a fast-paced ride. We start with Lexi Belle who is always cute and in this movie, beautiful as well. She and Erik hook up for a very spirited fuck that kick off the festivities nicely. Really hot ass shots in that scene. Speaking of great ass shots, Alexis Texas shines as she always does in a white hot stroke scene. Aleska Diamond is perhaps the perfect girl for this movie. She looks like a model and fucks like a porn star. She is the perfect combination of both worlds and her scene should not be missed. Nikki Benz is a great glam girl who does some of the best tit fucking I’ve seen all year in the movie. Don’t miss her scene. Chanel Preston is new, looks great and proves herself to be one of the better performers in this fine collection. This is a great movie for people who like watching pretty models go hardcore. It’s another of Streams’ great glam/filth cross overs and a few of these scenes are can’t miss.

Lexi Belle & Erik Everhard

Got to love a move that starts out strong. Lexi is super cute and looks really good in a bikini. The tease if good, but things get even better when Erik arrives and kicks the sex into high gear. Lexi lets a big bottle of champagne explode all over her body and then has Erik kissing her while she gropes for his package. She pulls out his cock, sucks it for a while and then gets naked. The lighting is a bit harsh for my taste. It’s well done and gives the scene a distinct look; it just comes across as a bit too bright for me. When they go inside, that is all taken care of because the lighting is perfect and the action kicks up a notch as well. Erik has Lexi on the couch fucking her pussy while the rubs her clit, gropes her tits and occasionally moves up to fuck that pretty mouth. It is easy to forget that Lexi has a super cute ass. At least until she gets on top of his cock and then his face, writhing about and shaking her perfectly shaped backside. We get some more outstanding shots of her ass when Erik picks her up and fucks her face to face in mid air. Good energy here and they seem to really connect. That always makes things more fun to watch. Her smiles and talks to him until he is ready to pull out and shoot all over her face. Then Lexi plays with the cum and savors it. She’s an absolute doll with fantastic sexual energy.

Aleska Diamond & Mr. Pete

Aleska is perfect for this movie. She looks like a stunning model who just happens to have a porn star body and loves the cock. Aleska is still posing when Pete comes in so he just slides a finger between her legs, kisses her ass and starts proving that this hot girl does more than just look pretty. Her body is just fantastic that you can take your pick of the footage. It all looks great. Longer BJ footage would be nice, but she’s stripped down to her heels and riding his cock so there really is nothing wrong with what we’re looking at here. Pete pushes one of he legs up to shoulder to open her up for the camera as she rubs her clit and gets banged deep. I love the way she squat fucks, taking him all the way in as she shows off her sexy body. For my money, nothing beats the sight of this girl in reverse cowgirl with her legs straight out, showing everything off for us. I haven’t seen much of this pretty woman, but every time I see her I fall a little bit more in lust. Pete manages to keep fucking her for a long time before he finally gives up and loses his load. Aleska spins around and takes it on her pretty face, stroking every drop out as she gives us one last look at her cover girl face.

Nikki Benz & Mark Ashley

Dangerous curves meet horsepower and Nikki Benz poses with a hot motorcycle. She is barely squeezed into her tiny bikini and loves showing off her huge boobs to get us all in the mood for something dirty. Moving the action inside, she finds a big hard cock and just has to put it right into her mouth. Mark just sits back and lets Nikki do all the work. She attacks his meat with her mouth and then gives us a real treat. Great tit fucking scenes are rare outside of big boob movies so watching Nikki wrap her big melons around his cock and jerk him off in her cleavage is something really hot. I could watch this forever, but her pussy needs some attention. Mark gives it a few strokes and then bends her over to lick Nikki from behind. Now she’s all juiced up and ready for him to slide all the way home. The doggy really stands out in this scene. Nikki bends way over and gets fucked hard. Watching the cowgirl is bound to get most of you stroking. Nikki’s big round ass bounces up and down as her tight pussy stretches around that thick cock turning around, she shows off her whole body and that’s just as impressive. Those big tits bounce as Nikki pounds her hips down. She’s a glamour girl who fucks like her pussy is on fire. Finishing off the scene perfectly, she takes his load on her chin and lets it drip all over her big tits. Great scene with some of the best tit fucking I have seen all year.

Alexis Texas & Michael Stefano

Donning her cowboy hat and showing off her killer curves in her cut off shorts, Alexis looks quite fashionable, super hot and supremely fuckable. Her smile is amazing and the tease does a great job of showing off her pretty face as well as her most famous asset. Fear not ass lovers, she pulls those shorts down and bounces her ass right before Michael comes in to transition hot tease into hotter sex. He buries his face between her cheeks and gets to enjoy that fine bubble up close. His cock slides easily in between them, making for some fun cheek-fucking footage. Since she is already bent over, Mike just pops his cock into her pussy and nearly fucks the hat right off of her pretty head. Nice ass and leg shots in this position. After several minutes of spirited fucking, she spins around and pops his dick into her mouth, sucking it deep and smiling up at him. The blowjob is a little on the short side, but they go right back to hot fucking and awesome ass shots, so it’s tough to complain. Adding to the fun, Alexis throws in some hot dirty talk during one of her BJ breaks, spitting all over his cock and she jerks it and fills the air with sweet filth. Of course it is pretty tough to top well shot Alexis ass footage. She drops down into Michael’s lat and just looks too hot for words. The scene with hot POV of Alexis sucking until she wears a huge load all over her pretty face. This is pretty much perfect porn from start to finish.

Brynn Tyler & Mr. Pete

Brynn’s high glam tease includes boxing footage in of the most interesting outfits of the movie. It’s half stripper gear half retro jock get up. Whatever she’s wearing, Brynn looks super sexy and Pete is ready to grab her the second he walks into the gym. The cute little blonde is up for a good work out, dropping right to her knees and getting her heart racing as she swallows his throbbing sword. He gives her pussy a finger test, finds it wet and then bends her over to go to town. I liked the BJ footage, but Brynn on her knees on the weight bench with her back arched as she gets fucked scores highest on the eye candy scale in this scene. Using sex as a workout is a great idea and if you are lucky enough to be fucking Brynn it is probably worth hitting the gym several times a week. There are some really nice shots in mish with Brynn holding her legs up to let Pete bang away. The added dirty talk only makes it more fun. I love the way she bends over the bench later in the scene to show off her legs. The harder she gets fucked the louder Brynn becomes and that is something we can all get behind. The sexy blonde ends her workout with a big load of protein straight from the source.

Chanel Preston & Erik Everhard

Chanel is fairly new and getting some great scenes under her belt. The fashion shoot set up really works with her. She dresses up well, wears the oversized sunglasses perfectly and is a cover girl wet dream even before she gets x rated on us. Chanel is bent over when Erik enters so he wastes no time in licking her from behind while she is still dressed. He gets her good and wet with some finger play as well before taking out his cock. As soon as he does, this pretty brunette knows just what to do with it. The blowjob is good, but full body shots as she opens up for fucking are even hotter. Once they really get going she can take some hard pounding. Erik takes full advantage of that in doggy, fucking her hard. Erik puts this glamour girl through the paces and she comes out looking great. She gets spanked until her cheeks are pink and fucked until she is out of breath. Leaving her boots on throughout the scene is a nice touch as well. This is nicely shot and a great combination of eye candy and sexual heat. The glasses return in time for the popshot as Chanel takes his load all over her mouth and face. We lose the eye contact, but she takes them off and licks them clean. Hell, that works for me.

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