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Quality of Content [10/20]
Quantity of Content [10/20]
Ease of Use [9/20]
Overall Rating [56/60]

Reviewed by Vince

Website: Naughty America

Format: HD1080P to 512K MPEG Downloads to Streaming Full Video. High Rez Pics to Download.

Date of review: March 2010

Niches: Fantasy, Mature, Teens

Naughty America is one of those companies who GET’S IT! They know what they are good at and they just build more and more on it. What makes NA a site that everyone should pay the one month fee for is the simple fact they listen to their customers. The site has brought back a fantasy site called “American Day Dreams.” This was brought back to many fans asking for the site back. It took sometime but it was back on the site with new hot updates. Fans will suggest a certain star in a situation, next thing you know you will see it next month! The site does care about the money you spent on them and they provide you with a friendly site with a lot of options.

Site Breakdown: This site is very user friendly and its updated Monday through Friday with at least two updates a day. Weather you are a fan of MILF’S or a fan of new starlets NA has you covered. Overall each sub site gives you a fantasy feel and each one is done to perfection. The camera work is outstanding along with the lighting so you don’t have to worry about a botched scene due to incompetence. Some of the sub sites such as “My friends hot mom” or “My Dad’s hot girlfriend” showcase some of the best talent both new and famous. The download speeds are very fast and I never noticed any lag time. The site gives you over five downloading options. Anything from HD to Ipod.

A couple months ago they introduced a solo streaming site where you the fan can interact with porn stars. They have a 7 day a week schedule. There are interviews with starlets to interactive solo videos LIVE with porn stars. Naughty America gives you at least 12 hours of interactive material a day. This introduction to the site really makes it stand out over most sties. Naughty America gives you as much value for your money than most sites do.

Final Verdict: If you like main stream starlets mixed with new up and coming ones please join this site. The main reason you should is very simple, they give you quality with massive content. They have great customer service and different options to pay for the site. Going to this site everyday is like Christmas morning with new wonderful presents every day. One more thing. Over 1600 girls and over 2800 scenes! How about that for a reason to join?

Click Here to Join

Payment options: 3 day trail for 1.95 with credit card only

7 day membership for 4.95 with credit card only

Monthly membership is 24.95 both credit and check. As of March 27th 2010 you can get it for 9.95!

Yearly membership is only 7.95 per month.

Overall: 97 out of 100

Models: 19 out of 20

Quality of content: 19 out of 20

Quantity of content 20 out of 20

Ease of Use: 19 out of 20 (Some of the older scenes do not stream)

Niche Appeal: 20 out of 20 (Everything you desire)

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