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Movie Type: Straight

86 Mins

Wicked Pictures

Director: Francois Clousot

Themes: Couples, Murder-Mystery

Condoms: Yes


Stars: Alektra Blue, Kirsten Price, Jessica Drake, Rayveness, Barrett Blade, Eric Masterson, Rocco Reed, Tommy Gunn

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Lies is a murder-mystery by Wicked Pictures. Alektra Blue plays the main character, which is trying to escape her past. Things start off with her in a bus station, as she awaits the next bus that’ll take her far from town. Rather than delve deep into the storyline, which isn’t really that intriguing, I’ll focus on the sex instead. All you really need to know is that one of Alektra’s female love interests has been murdered. Each scene is set by two detectives that are questioning a porn starlet or stud. For those of you that plan to check this out, I’ll try not to spoil the ending. NOTE: All of the guys were condoms in this movie.

The first person interrogated about the murder is Tommy Gunn. He says (what you’d expect) that he wasn’t responsible for the murder and we are then taken to the garage where he works. He ends up with the lovely Kirsten Price, who we later find out is a girlfriend of Alektra’s. The fucking starts with pussy eating. Then they do it doggy style, follow that with reverse cowgirl and end it with missionary in the back of an SUV. Tommy cums on Kirsten’s tongue and she does a bit of a clean off. The sex isn’t anything special. Kirsten doesn’t seem to put too much effort into things, but at least she’s a beautiful girl with a tight bod. My problem with this scene: no blowjob!

Alektra is the next one to be questioned. She explains that she was with a guy when some of the shady shit surrounding her friend’s death went down. We soon cut to the beginnings of the scene. Her and Eric Masterson end up on a couch at Alektra’s place and she gets her pussy eaten and fingered. Anyone familiar with this girl knows she can give a mean blowjob and she does just that. She fucks her face and repeatedly goes deep. The sex starts off in RC, then they do doggy. After this, they do cowgirl and Alektra fingers her ass while doing so. He pulls out and cums on her ass. To end it, she kindly cleans him off.

Jessica Drake is the next one to be probed by the police and she reveals that she was with a friend, having sex of course, and had nothing to do with the murder. Her and Barrett Blade are drinking cocktails by the pool and decide to get it on. Jessica hungrily blows him and fucks her face a bit before getting her pussy eaten. It would seem that Barrett does this well, because Jessica’s cries of pleasure look to be sincere. They head indoors and Jessica asks for, and receives, more oral. The sexual positions: missionary and reverse cowgirl. There’s also a little bit of spoon before he cums on her face. The money shot is good and Jessica appears to get a stream up one of her nostrils before sucking him off. The chemistry in this scene was good. Barrett and Jessica definitely seem into each other.

The detectives arrive at Rayveness’ home to talk with her. She plays Alektra’s mom and ends up fucking a much younger guy in Rocco Reed. Rayveness seems pretty hungry for cock and looks great for her age. Her tits are, arguably, the best ones featured on this DVD. Rocco eats her pussy and gets her pretty wet in the process. He works his tongue and finger into her snatch before he gets blown. It’s nice to see Rayveness mix it up, if only slightly, by licking his balls. They get into doggy and follow it up with missionary. More than once, they make out with each other. After yanking his cock out, Rocco cums on her still slightly open pussy lips.

The final scene features Alektra and Kirsten in a pretty hot lesbo fling. Alektra plays a bit rough by forcing Kirsten down onto the couch. There’s a fair amount of making out before Alektra goes to town on Kirsten’s cooch. She does a nice job of getting Kirsten sloppy and wet. Alektra really sticks her mouth in and then works some fingers in, too. Kirsten has her turn and laps up Alektra’s cooch before sticking four fingers into her flexible fuckhole. Alektra gets even nastier when she makes a meal out of Kirsten’s ass crack. While doing this, she also works a thumb into Kirsten’s pussy. They end things with the typical passionate girl on girl kisses.

Lies isn’t bad, but the actual length of the sex scenes leaves a lot to be desired. Not a single one lasts more than eleven minutes. For me, the condoms put a bit of a damper on things, too. The sex itself is pretty standard, nothing that’ll knock you out. The storyline isn’t exactly fascinating and chances are good that it won’t leave you enthralled. The biggest upside to this DVD is the girls. Being as this is a Wicked flick, they are all as hot as you’d hope. The best action takes place when Alektra and Kirsten get together. But there’s a bonus scene from Spin the Bottle on here, also. In it, Alektra services both T.J. Cummings and Chris Johnson. The way Alektra bounces around on both their cocks is pretty fun to watch. As for other extras, there are trailers, a promo reel that features several other Wicked Girls, and a photo gallery.

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