Sunny’s Big Adventure

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Sunny’s BIG Adventure


143 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas

THEMES: Work Outs, Big Tits, Anal Sex


STARS: Sunny Leone, Trina Michaels, Daisy Marie, Claire Dames, Alex Gonz, Devi Emmerson, Karlie Montana, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo


Anyone who has seen Sunny Leone knows that she is one of the most stunning women in all of porn. From head to toe she is a true work of art. She is a wonder to look at, that’s for sure. Known mostly for her hot girl/girl scenes, Sunny has left us wanting more any time she does a rare boy/girl romp. This movie promise that it will features Sunny as we really want to see her. Well that would require Sunny to be in my living room, but that’s a different story. For now we will settle for Sunny in two brand new boy/girl scenes. She opens the movie with Tommy Gunn in a very hot romp. It’s romantic, sexy, fun and fucking hot. Some other girls take center stage for a while. That isn’t a bad thing at all. Trina Michaels and Claire Dames double up in a double D three way with hot anal sex. Devi and Karlie hook up with Sunny for a three-girl fuck that looks gorgeous and clearly shows that Sunny knows how to light up the chicks. The finale puts Sunny into a ring with Daisy Marie and Voodoo with outstanding results. Sunny looks perfect in this scene and matches Daisy with some of the best sexual energy I have seen from her. These boy/girl scenes are fantastic. Yes, this is a Vivid movie and yes It is pretty, but it also really fucking hot. This is indeed the way we want to see Sunny and the more movies like this we get from Sunny, the better.

Sunny (Solo)

The opening credits and theme song take place while Sunny is driving. She takes every opportunity to touch herself in the car. When she has a little privacy she uses a toy on her pussy. The editing is very clever here. A bit too clever to make the scene super strokeable, but I like the tone it sets.

Sunny Leone & Tommy Gunn

Sunny was on her way to the gallery to pick out some new art for her home. She has her eyes on a particular painting. Tommy owns the gallery and is willing to sell it to her (Instead of the guy promised it to) in exchange for some special treatment. Sunny comes back after the gallery is clothes and shoves her big tits in his face. She is just so damn beautiful that you don’t know where to start. Tommy sits behind her and enjoys feeling Sunny up as well as getting her hot and ready with his fingers in her pussy. There is nice hot talk here and Sunny knows how to tease a guy until he’s ready to burst. By the time she gets Tommy’s dick in her mouth it is a wonder he doesn’t pop in record time. This is the way we want to see Sunny, looking beautiful, sucking a big hard cock and proving that she really is one of porn’s leading ladies. Tommy enjoys her mouth but also wants to feel her pussy around his dick. The leg shots are great. Sunny is just about perfect in every way. We also get some super close up shots though. We knew this scene would feature great eye candy, but the energy is what makes it really special. Tommy works her hard from behind and then explodes all over her perfect tits. Yep, this is the way we want to see Sunny.

Trina Michaels, Claire Dames & Alex Gonz

Our two busty babes start out by making out in the parking garage. Alex sees them when he pulls in, but walks on by. Trina and Claire chaise him down and meet up in the elevator. They keep up their show and he invites them to his place for a wicked three-way fuck. He separates the girls and makes out with each of them while the other watches. Eventually they come together and share his cock. You have to love it when girls play so well together. Great low angle tit shots here, but it does hurt the BJ footage a bit. Alex lets the girl suck it simultaneously and then enjoys some one on one head as well. They move to the couch where he can go down on Trina while she laps at Claire‘s hot box. Great energy as Claire climbs up and starts slamming her body down onto his dick. Her whole upper body is shaking and bouncing with every hard stroke. Trina waits for her turn and then uses her tongue on Claire while getting slam fucked in the ass by Alex’s long dong. She gets up on top for some stunningly hot RCA. Both girls get their mouths close as he pulls out and sprays Trina down with hot cum. They kiss, they eat jizz and they look like a whole lot of fun to party with.

Sunny Leone & Karlie Montana and Devi Emmerson

Sunny and Carlie share a boyfriend and they want to make a private video. They swing by a studio that specialize in just such things. Devi shows them around all of the different sets. The girls play and do some fun improve but you know that Devi isn’t going to let them fuck for too long without getting some for herself. Her pale skin and red hair make for quite the contrast against the two brunette beauties. Sunny take charge, licking the new pussy like she’s been down there forever. If you like sexy lesbian fun then this scene is packed with it. Sunny looks amazing and spends a good deal of time as the center of the action. Carlie gets her turn as well and shakes hard as she is fucked by the toy. Devi finishes off by fucking the two sexy girlfriends to simultaneous orgasm.

Sunny Leone & Daisy Marie and Voodoo

Voodoo is late for a training session with Sunny and Daisy. They are super pissed and look ready to take out their aggressions any way they can. They end up knocking him out and attacking one another. Daisy taking Sunny‘s tits into her mouth is quite a stunning visual. Voodoo wakes up and watches the girls as they get into the ring and continue their incredible mutual admiration session. Great fun here as the girls are playful, strip one another and taunt Voodoo until he finally joins in them in the ring, stroking his cock while Daisy rides Sunny‘s face. Tired of eating pussy Daisy makes her way over to Voodoo and takes his dick into her mouth. She sucks it for a few seconds before Sunny comes in and takes over. The girls get playfully aggressive with each other as Sunny orders Daisy to suck it deeper. The double BJ action here is great. Daisy is always hot and Sunny manages to stick right with her stroke for stroke. The tag team continues as Voodoo fucks Sunny with his big cock. They start slow with Daisy right in close to lend a finger. Daisy goes next and screams out as she takes it in doggy. That long dick slides in as Sunny helps her friend get stuffed. Great three way action here as both women stay very active and talk each other through some good solid action. Keeping up the energy the girls team up for a double BJ finish that has Voodoo blasting their faces as they kiss. Sunny and Daisy swap the load and look quite pleased with the gorgeous smut they have created.

Bonus: BTS, Photo Gallery, Previews and a bonus scene featuring Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander and Matt Erickson

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