Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Rawhide 2: Dirty Deeds


140 Mins.

Adam & Ever

DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Romance


STARS: Kayden Kross, Bree Olson, Kristina Rose, Jenna Haze, Tommy Gunn, Marcus London, Evan Stone, tony De Sergio, Erik Everhard, Tori Black Alanah Rae, Nicole Ray, Angie Savage, Ben English, Anthony Rosano & Neil Delama


A few years back Adam & Eve gave us Rawhide. It was a nicely made movie with a great looking cast. It was an interesting couples-friendly movie with pretty sex. That is also true of the sequel. Andre Madness has put together a movie that truly feels like a mainstream action/drama. It is well shot with great music, good special effects and a story you want to follow to the end. Tommy Gunn and Kayden Kross handle the leads really well. Sexually the movie starts out hot. Kristina Rose, Kayden and Bree Olson bring us scenes that are better than you might expect. They are perfect eye candy with a good dose of energy. Bree is on fire for a big cock in her scene with Ben. More action like these first three would have really pushed the movie over the top. For some reason the scene shift to more typical feature sex scenes during the second half of the movie. They remain nice eye candy, but are too short, choppy and feel at times like afterthoughts getting in the way of the plot. It’s too bad because Tori Black, Jenna Haze and Nicole Ray are very hot performers. Had their scene been as hot as the first few I would have liked this movie a lot more. I did enjoy the movie as a whole. The acting was quite good an it has enough of a story to keep people interested. It couples-friendly for sure with great eye candy, an emotionally engaging story and evne a bit of romance. As an adult movie, Rawhide II is going to be one of the very best of 2010. It could be stronger sexually, but for people who like plotted porn with romanance and eye candy it’s a must-see. It is also a great DVD package because it comes with a bonus disc that includes an additional Bree Olson scene and over an hour of solo action as well. If that isn’t enough the 3-disc set also includes a copy of the original Rawhide so you get two movies for the price of one. Pretty great deal on a really good movie.

Kristina Rose & Anthony Rosano

After a hard day of working on the ranch Anthony wants to get home to his girl. On the way she jumps out and surprises him. Upset for about a half second he changes his tune quickly when she produces a picnic dinner for them to share. She is apparently the main course and doesn’t care that he’s been putting up fence posts all day. She strips down on the side of the road and let him eat her silly. Returning the favor, Kristina swallows that big cock and slides her body into position for blistering hot 69. What a great way to finish up after a hard day on the job. They move quickly into doggy where he is able to fill her pussy and we are treated to some super hot big ass shots. Kristina shows off her ass as she rides in cowgirl and is very vocal as well. This is really nice eye candy with just enough energy to make it a step above your typical feature fuck. Anthony unloads all over her tiny tits. As always Kristina is worth watching

Kayden Kross & Erik Everhard

Kayden is facing a lot of problems, but tonight she is dealing with the loss of her lover. She has a hot flashback to sex in the back of a truck under a big tree. Erik starts out with his mouth between her legs until she is screaming. The music is good, but a bit overpowering. Kayden gives a cute, but painfully short blowjob before getting rammed on the tailgate. There are great flashes of eye candy here ad Kayden bends over and takes it deep, but the scene feels choppy and too short. It basically feels like a feature sex scene. There is a good facial at the end, but it feels like a lot of the real heat in this one got left on the cutting room floor.

Bree Olson & Ben English

The heroes have had their turn so now the villains get to fuck for a while. Bree is already bent over with that big dick hammering her from behind when we join her in the bedroom. Once again the music is too loud and it drowns out some of Bree‘s insane dirty talk. The harder Ben pounds her the louder she gets and still we can barely hear her sometimes. There are some great shots of her ass while she rides his dick and rubs her tits against his chest. This is a super hot scene despite the cutting and music. Ben works up a wad and then shoots it all over her body. Bree literally get sprayed from her pussy to her chin and then sucks out the final few drops before dismissing him.

Kayden Kross & Evan Stone

Kayden takes in a drifter to help pick up the slack caused by Anthony’s disappearance. The stage is set for the hard working man to get some, but Kayden is busy entertaining the local sheriff instead. As we have seen before the music is really loud and drowns out much of the moaning. Much, but not all. Kayden lets him put his cock into her right away and thrives on the deep strokes. Great eye candy for anyone who loves long legs and shaved pussies, but it is way too short and ends with an awkwardly captured popshot on her belly.

Bree Olson & Jenna Haze

Crazy for more than just cock, Bree can’t keep her hands off of Jenna and vice versa. She bends her over and tongues that little ass until Jenna is ready to do anything her busty new friend wants. They lick one another rand then bust out a huge toy for Bree. Her pretty shaved pussy gets stuffed and can barely fit all that fake meat, but she loves it. Jenna takes a smaller dildo, but works her ass at the same time. They go for DP on Bree‘s holes and she looks great getting pumped.

Tori Black & Marcus London

After turning Bree down, Tori is worried about being on her bad side. She tries to get in good with her right hand man instead. It works easily enough. All she has to do is open her legs and give him something sweet to eat. Tony doesn’t bother with a blowjob bending Tori over instead and fucking her deep and hard from behind. She rolls over, showing off that great body and looks right at him while they fuck. Tori is perfect eye candy who just happens to be a great fuck. The scene is too short again and ends with a belly pop. Tori‘s talents are mostly wasted here.

Angie Savage & Alanah Rae

Bree runs the town and to show her power she throws some cash and two busty blondes in a bar and watches what happens. She doesn’t actually stick around, but everyone else gets to watch as Alanah fingers Angie from behind. This is a great scene for fans of busty blondes because both women are sporting hefty racks. Not bad if that’s what floats your boat.

Nicole Ray & Tony De Sergio

Nicole is in debt to a drug dealer who is willing to take her body as partial payment. They slip into the bathroom where she finds a spot on the floor to kneel and suck. Nicole is cute as hell and the eye contact is fantastic. Too bad the BJ is so damn short because watching her eat meat is a treat. He bends her over the sink and starts fucking that pussy from behind. The angles are a little off-putting, but the cramped quarters make it tough come up with anything really good here. He pushes her up onto the counter and pumps that hot little hole until she has properly paid her debt. He pulls out and shoots a load all over those shaved lips.

Bree Olson & Evan Stone

The sheriff is doing his best to get Kayden off of her land, but he also has feelings for her. Bree figures that a little pussy might sweeten the pot and get him to less resistance to her more extreme methods. Once the pretty blonde gets her mouth around his cock you know he’s in her pocket. Painfully short BJ here followed by some really nice extreme close up shots of her ass as she rides the long pole of the law. He gives it to her pretty hard in mish and then unloads all over her tits. Bree plays with the cream and even tastes it from her fingers. She’s hot, but this scene was just rushed way too much.

Kayden Kross & Tommy Gunn

By now the story has really made this sex scene almost an afterthought. That’s too bad because Kayden looks great and the culmination of nearly two hours of story is a rather romantic pairing. She gives him a slow blowjob with lust in her eyes and a smile on her pretty face. They are quite into one another and that shows in the scene. I like the mood set here and the eye candy is great. It’s soft and short, but that’s what you would expect from the final fuck in a feature. (And when I say soft I don’t mean that it lacks close ups. There are some serious pink shots here.)

Speaking of shots, the final fifteen minutes of the movie is an A-Team like adventure with explosives, gunfire, a lengthy fistfight and dynamite.

Bonus: There is a full bonus disc of extras. There is a “Making of Rawhide II” features, interviews, bloopers, special effects, photo gallery, previews and a YouTube trailer. It also features some extra sex. With over an hour’s worth of solo sex and a full bonus scene starring Bree and Evan Stone you have plenty of extra good stuff. The third disc is the original Rawhide which is an awesome bonus. You’re getting two movies for the price of one plus a great extras disc. The bonus package for this movie is the best of the year so far and will be very tough to beat.

Bonus: Photo Gallery & Extra Footage (Interviews and extended tease and even a little bonus with Christina’s first anal)

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