Tori Black is Pretty Filthy (Blu-Ray)

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [11/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
Male Looks [9/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [11/12]

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Tori Black is Pretty Filthy (Blu-Ray)


91 Mins.

Elegant Angel


THEMES: Anal Sex, Tease


STARS: Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Kristina Rose, Marie Luv, Manuel Ferrara, James, Deen, Mick Blue, Mark Ashley


This should be fun. Tori Black is one of the prettiest girls in porn. She is also one of the best performers. Elegant Angel has given her her own star vehicle and put Mason in charge. That’s actually a perfect fit. Mason has a way of bringing out something special in just about every woman she’s worked with so far. Since this movie boasts of Tori’s first “non POV” anal we can look forward to something quite naughty. This movie is beautiful from start to finish and it is just as hot as it is easy on the eyes. Tori teams with some very sexy women and matches them stroke for dirty stroke. She opens with Rebeca Linares for some eye candy that sets up a blistering three-way with Mark Ashley. That is followed up by the big anal scene with Manuel. That scene is incredible, it really is. Tori gets all warmed up and then has her cute little ass pounded raw. That scene alone is worth the price of the DVD and will win Tori plenty of new fans. Tori and Marie share a black cock and that’s always fun to watch. Manuel comes back to let Tori and Kristina fight over his cock. Another great scene. For the final scene, Tori lets James and Mick fuck her silly. It’s the only scene that really gets rough. Mason leaves most of that stuff at the door and lets Tori set the pace. The result is a great star piece with one of porn’s hottest girls at the center of the attention. Tori is already a star and this movie will cement her position as a top contender for Performer of the Year.

Tori Black & Rebeca Linares and Mark Ashley

We open with Tori rocking a tiny bikini on the beach. She is eye candy enough for anyone, but Rebeca Linares joins her on the sand. They look really good together, but take it home to shower up. At that point Rebeca just can’t resist any more and she has to get a taste of sweet Tori‘s hot box. The eye candy here is incredible as these two women explore one another under the steaming hot water. It is a great warm up, but the main course is yet to come. With Mark Ashley waiting the girls have their hands and mouth full in no time. After a quick double BJ Tori gets on top and rides that cock while Rebeca takes a seat on his face. The eye candy is still great, but so is the sexual energy. The girls take turns in reverse cowgirl, showing up shaved pussies and pretty bouncing natural boobies. When they turn around Rebeca gains a slight edge in the ass department, but they are still running neck and neck for combined beauty and heat. Tori scores some points for licking Rebeca‘s ass and has such a sweet voice as she moans on each deep stroke. Both girls get down together for a facial shot that brings two of the prettiest faces in porn together for one cum swapping kiss.

Tori Black & Manuel Ferrara

After hearing Tori‘s “how I got into porn” story, we see her hook up with Manuel. Great pairing here. The stark white background is a bit hard on the eyes, but they look very good together. They kiss and Manuel works his way down to her pussy, eating her from in front and then from behind as she lies on the floor with her butt high in the air. He keeps her in doggy and slides that big cock right up in there. Tori responds well and the energy quickly catches up to the eye candy. This is going to be her big anal scene so he prepares her well, rolling her onto her side and putting his meat into that super tight little hole. For those of you that missed the interactive anal scene, this will be the first time you have seen Tori take it in the back door. How does it look? Fucking great of course. Tori looks great no matter what. Tori straddles him for some great looking RCA before bending over with her ass exposed. The doggy provides great close up shots as she takes a whole lot of dick in that tiny little hole. Getting down and dirty she licks his balls and ass in between positions and then climbs back up to let him crush her colon some more. Great anal here, but the facial shot that follows is perhaps even hotter. Her pretty face gets splashed and with cream running down her chin she gets fucked again in the ass while he quickly works up a second nut. This is Tori‘s best anal scene to date and it would be pretty tough to top this one.

Tori Black & Marie Luv

The tease this time features Tori in a hat and dress shirt to start. She sheds that first layer and is black lingerie. That
also comes off and we get to watch her show off her hot and nasty parts. Marie Luv likes what she sees and joins Tori on the couch for some hot interracial lesbian action. Marie pulls her legs back behind her ears while Tori uses the big vibrating wand on her pussy. That drives Marie insane and you can see the look in her eyes. She is going to tear this pretty girl up and give her an experience she will never forget. After they 69 for a while the girls get a chance to share a big hard black dick. We know that Tori is beautiful, but can she be as nasty as a first round draft choice like Marie? Tori keeps her mouth close to the action as Marie takes a ride. She plays with the cock and licks the exposed flesh. Patience pays off for Tori who gets to ride that cock for a while. Marie doesn’t let the dick stay out of her for very long. She really likes getting fucked hard and Tori stays close to help get her friend off. Once he gets going at full speed no pussy is safe. Tori gets jack hammered by that big thing and she loves it as much as Marie did. Marie works her tight asshole down over his dick and lets Tori use that big vibe again. No back door action for Tori, but she gets slammed hard from behind in the pussy and responds nicely to it. With her face in Marie‘s pussy, Tori gets down and dirty while getting banged hard. They give Marie a final round of anal before the big facial shot for Tori. She takes his cream on her chin and then leans back as Marie finishes her off with the big vibrator. Whew, this movie keeps getting hotter.

Tori Black & Kristina Rose and Manuel Ferrara

The bikinis are out again for this round of tease. Tori puts on a show and then watches as Kristina shakes her big sexy ass in a thong. That is quite a show and then to make matters even better the girls go side by side for some serious rump shaking. They dance, make out and then sit naked on some jets in the pool trying to get off. Out of the water, Tori uses a big clear dong to make Kristina‘s pussy cream like mad. Returning the favor Kristina fucks Tori with the same enthusiasm that we would have. It’s almost as if she can feel how tight and awesome that pussy feels even on a dildo. Can the girls bring the same energy to the three-way with Manuel? Well of course they can. Tori has already sampled that cock once and she is happy to do it again. She shares it with Kristina who likes to talk dirty when her mouth isn’t full. This is a very tight three-way with the girls making out and touching one another pretty much the whole time. With all that dick to play with, what drives Kristina crazy the fastest? Tori‘s tongue her ass of course. Seeing how well that works Manuel will not be outdone. He rams into her pussy and then makes short work of her big ass as well. Tori takes A2M, helps quite Kristina and always stays right in close in case she is needed. Waiting her turn pays off because Tori gets pounded from behind harder than ever. Kristina helps her talk dirty and the gorgeous Ms. Black quickly proves that she The intensity and dirty talk is off the charts in this scene. The harder Manuel fucks them the louder these babes get. Stepping back Manuel shoots a huge load their way. This is getting redundant, but this scene is just about perfect.

Tori Black, James Deen & Mick Blue

Tori explains that this rough scene is actually liberating for her because she took charge and all the usual stuff girls say before the scene. Once it starts she gets manhandled and pawed by both James Deen and Mick Blue. They have her on her knees and make sure her throat is filled with cock. It gets dirty and messy really quickly. Both guys do what they can to sta
y in control working Tori‘s face down on a cock and getting her make up very messy. As she gets pounded into the couch Tori is actually begging for cock in her mouth. Yes she is very submissive here and totally hot at the same time. She looks great in the corset and fishnets and seems to love hair pulling and choking in this scene. Tori also breaks out with filthy talk as her climax gets closer. By the time they get finishes she is screaming out and begging them to cum on her face. That shit is hot no matter what kind of girl is doing it, but when it is someone as fucking beautiful as Tori it is scary hot, filthy hot, fucking perfect.

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