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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quality of Content [8/20]
Quantity of Content [7/20]
Ease of Use [7/20]
Overall Rating [42/60]


What happens when you leave a cute young babysitter at home to watch your kids? Does she sit around running up your long distance bill? Does she raid your liquor cabinet and drink herself half blind? Does she invite her boyfriend over to make out on the couch? This site features scenes that show what could happen if your babysitter decided to watch porn and masturbate while unaware of the camera. It also assumes that your babysitter is over eighteen and so embarrassed/ashamed/afraid that she will fuck you just to stay out of trouble. In short, this is what happens when porn fantasy meets babysitters on hidden camera. The super hot women of this site look the part, play it well and then deliver smoking sex scene. This site features high quality videos with a tremendous amount of fantasy appeal. Girls like Whitney Stevens, Hillary Scott, Gina Lopez, Kat, Riley Shy, Evelyn Lin and Kaci Star know how to do things that most babysitters don’t think of. In addition to changing diapers and keeping the tykes from putting their fingers into electrical sockets, these girls polish knob, bend over backwards and always make sure that daddy’s needs come first. The scenes with the hidden camera have a hint of blackmail to them with girls willing to do anything not to get caught. Some of the outside scenes have kink too. (Evelyn Lin fucking a dude in a wolf suit for example.) This is a hot site for anyone with babysitter fantasies and is part of a teen site network that will keep you busy with hundreds of hot fresh girls doing naughty things when they aren’t busy being the naughtiest babysitters on the web.

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Home: This site is part of a larger network so the main page lists all network updates. The most recent nine updates for the Babysitter site are found under the specific web site page. The search items and toolbar include the whole network and wow there are some great scenes out there. More on them later. Let’s deal with the babysitters first.

The updates are listed nine per page with a thumbnail, and basic information provided. (Girl’s name, date added, rating, running time & number of photos when applicable.) The individual scene pages are simple as well. Screen shot, download optons and links to other similar scenes are provided. Most of the scenes are available as FLV or WMV files. Some are available as MPG as well. Some scenes offer two different qualities so you can find something that suits your connection speed. There also seem to be some scenes shot exclusively for this site while others are pulled from other sources. All of them have a babysitter theme (including scenes with hotties like Hillary Scott and Kat) so they are a good fit. The best stuff though is the hidden camera/babysitter set up stuff.

As of today (6/20/09) there are fourteen scenes on the site. (Remember, there are a few hundred other scenes as part of the network. They range form 2 to nearly 40 minutes and some have high quality photo galleries as well. The high quality videos are 1920 x 1080 so they are pretty damn good. The photos are pretty good as well, going as big as 958px – 1437px for some of the scenes.

Busty Whitney Stevens tries to sit on the couch and read, but her big tits are just calling to her. She lets them out and soon shimmies out of her denim shorts to give her pussy a good rub. Though it is shot from the hidden camera across the room, this is still very sexy solo footage. This super sexy babe rubs one out and gets herself dressed thinking she is totally safe. Donny Long comes home right after Whitney has her post-cum cigarette. He confronts her and shows her the hidden cameras. She continues to lie, but is fighting a losing battle. He threatens to tell her parents and that is all it takes for her to straighten up and offer him what he wants. Nothing like a little blackmail to set the stage for a hot blowjob. Whitney opens up and takes that big thing deep in her throat. She sucks willingly and tell him she “loves being a whore.” Eventually he helps her get naked so we can see her body while she continues to polish his big rod. He pulls her on top and she slides her hips up and down to take it all. Whitney is vocal, looks incredible and fucks like she means it. If there is a weakness to the scene it would be that the action is shot from the camera across the room. We don’t always get the best angle, but the feel that this really is a nanny cam makes up for that a large degree. In between positions, the dutiful babysitter sucks her boss’ cock clean and can’t wait to pop it back into her tight teen twat. As they move into reverse cowgirl and doggy the camera has moved and is closer to the action. Donny uses his babysitter’s pussy as a private playground, filling it from every angle and making sure she takes every last inch. He finishes off with a big load on her huge tits. Once again Whitney is the sort of girl who makes every scene hot. She can baby sit around here any time.

Hillary Scott, Kat, Kaci Starr, Missy Monroe and Evelyn Lin are featured in movies pulled from other sources. They all play babysitters, all deliver hot sex, but let’s go back to a hidden camera fuck.

In addition to fucking a dude in a furry suit in another scene, Evelyn Lin (Ling) does another babysitter romp. She sits around in her shorts and sexy tanktop using the phone. Running up the long distance bill isn’t very nice, but having phone sex on the boss’ time even even less of a good idea. Evelyn looks cute and sounds great as she walks her man through a little stroke and finger session. This is a hot little solo scene with a great voyeur angle. When the boss shows up he already knows what his bad babysitter has been up to. She tries to talk her way out of it, but we all know where this is headed. As it turns out, she has no real experience with sex which explains her obsession with phone sex. Give her a lot of credit for playing her part well. She is scared of the big cock and shy, but willing to learn. We get some nice POV action here because the boss is holding a camera while she has to suck and stroke his fat prick. It is too big for her to handle, but the pigtailed Asian princess gives it a great try and allows him to put it in other holes as well. She has a tight little shaved pussy that slips slowly over the meat as he pushes into her. Really good POV action here and Evelyn stays in character, working her way through every character like a girl learning the ropes for the first time. She provides good energy and great eye candy, especially when she turns back around to suck her cum from his throbbing dick. They finish with a big shot all over her body. Hot scene with really good coverage.

Gina Lopez gives a slightly different vibe. She doesn’t get caught masturbating or stealing or smoking. Her big crime is falling asleep on the job. When caught she also has to fess up to sneaking a peek at her boss in the shower. How could she resist since she has never seen a cock so big? She wants to keep her job and she likes his big cock so she goes to town. Nice POV coverage here as she sucks and smiles like a girl looking to win favor and have a good time. I love the way she stays in character and teases even as she pleases. Still in naughty babysitter mode, she turns around and lets him fuck her from behind. It’s a tight fight, but this cute Latina is willing to do whatever it takes to make him happy. This is a really hot scene with some nice booty shots and a lot of naughty talk. He flips her right over and fucks that shaved pussy good and hard. They talk about his wife, the fact that she’s a babysitter and stay nicely in character throughout. It’s a great scene that ends with Gina down her on her knees desperately stroking his cock. She is all set for a facial but slips him into her mouth for a final lick and gets a surprise mouthful that doesn’t thrill her. While she is wincing, he sprays all over her hair. Once Gina recovers though she sucks out the last few drops and cleans his meat. What a cutie.

Bonus Sites: In addition to the great babysitter movies, membership in this site includes an awesome network of teen sites. Sites includes are:

There are hundreds of scenes available as part of the network as well as links for a dating site and some erotic stories. You can pick your favorite scenes for easy viewing later and they allow members to comment on scenes. You can leave short reviews and even send and receive private messages to other users.

COST: There are three membership options for this site as well as a special 1-Day Trail.

-$1.00 1-Day Trial

-$24.95 1 Month Membership: (ONLY $0.80 per day)

-$49.95 3 Month Membership: (ONLY $0.53 per day)

-$94.40 1 YEAR Membership: (ONLY $0.25 per day)

OVERALL: 89 of 100. If you have ever had a fantasy about catching a sexy (of age) babysitter doing something naughty, then this is the site for you. There are good number of scenes brought in from other sources, but the core scenes are pure reality-porn gold. The hidden camera scenes are awesome. Girls like Whitney Stevens, Gina Lopez, Riley shy and Evelyn Lin get caught being naughty and have to talk and suck their way out of trouble. The action is good, the feel is great and the girls are fantastic. I would like to see a lot more of these scenes, but we will have to check back and see. Right now the newer additions are outside babysitter scenes featuring hot stars like Missy Monroe and Hillary Scott. The network offers a lot of great teen action ranging from single girl stuff, to solo, to lesbian play. So if you like fresh girls having fun, there is more then enough to keep you busy while you wait for the next babysitter to get caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Fans of babysitters, teens or best of all, hot teen babysitters will definitely want to take advantage of this quality, low-cost porn network.

Models: 17 of 20 (Cute girls.)

Quality of Content: 17 of 20 (Technically solid, sexually hot.)

Quantity of Content: 13 of 20 (Good Updates)

Ease of Use: 17 of 20 (Easy to use, Good video download options)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Babysitters, wall to twall)

Bonus: +5 for the additional sites. Great Teen Network

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