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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Quality of Content [9/20]
Quantity of Content [8/20]
Ease of Use [8/20]
Overall Rating [49/60]



Keeping up a family tradition. That’s the story behind this site. We all know Spring Thomas the hot little teen model who went black and never came back. Well Spring has a little sister named Katie and she has turned her into a black dick worshipping slut as well. Like big sister, Katie is young and very cute. (And yes they work together in a few scenes though I don’t think anyone really buys the sister act here.) She often wears glasses and looks as fresh faced as can be. One thing she has over big sis is a serious butt. There are times when she calls it her “ghetto booty” and over the course of the site that backside does grow a bit. Katie’s got ass, that’s for sure. (And she takes it in the ass too.) She is every bit as starved for dark meat as Spring, but goes about it a little differently. There aren’t as many cuckold scenes as we get on Spring’s site. She brings in some other girls from time to time, but it is less about conversion. I guess we would say that this is more of a BBC worship site and less into the cuck and conversion angle. Katie plays nice more often and isn’t as likely to drop the “N” word, but still manages to slip it in from time to time. There are close to 100 videos up on the site already with Katie being fucked by some of the biggest black dicks in all of porn. If you like cute white chicks who worship black dicks then this site is going to give you everything you could possibly want. Call it a sister site if you like, but Katie might just top Spring one day. (Note: Fot those of you think Katie looks familiar, she was Paige Turner for a hearbeat. I actually interviewed her at AEE in 2005 and snapped a couple of shots of her. I always wondered why she disappeared so quickly. Now we know.)

Sample Galleries

Katie Teams Up With Gianna Michaels

Katie & Spring, Side by Side

Little Katie Gags on Shorty’s Huge Black Meat

Katie Takes on Shane Diesel

Katie Gets Kinky with Brian Pumper

Katie & Justin Long’s Huge Dick

Spring Shows Little Sister Katie How to Worship BBC

Katie Eats Cum


Home: The home page is pretty basic with a lot of links to other sites at the top and then the most recent updates outlines below. There is also a drop-down menu to allow you to jump to a specific scene. Or you can just browse based on date, user ratings, personal ratings or filter out scenes so that you only view what you haven’t already rated. It’s a very basic set up that is pretty easy to get around. As of 10/25/08 the newest scene features Katie taking on two black dudes on a pool table. The highest rated scene features John E Depth in a return engagement scene with Katie.

Videos: I didn’t see any photo-only updates, so each scene seems to have voth video and still shots to enjoy. Each scene has a one-paragraph description that outlines the co-star and a bit about the set up and/or action. These really help in terms of who is in the scene and provide good information as to what sort of action you can expect. The site does a really good job at ID’ing the talent and outlining the attitude/sexual action on hand.

Both the photos and the videos are generally split into three viewing options. The photos come in vidcap, high-res or 4-panel form. The vidcaps and 4-panel shtos are decent quality and follow the sexual action of the scene. The high-res shots (768×1024 in the sample I looked out) are really good. They are well lit, tell a story and look as good as anything you might find in a dirty stroke mag. I actually spent quite a bit of time checking out the high-res pictures. I know most people will watch the videos, but these are some of the best photos I have seen. Katie does a great job of playing it up for the camera.

The videos also provide three viewing options. You can view small chunks of the scene, as many as 15 of them for each fuck. Or you can view the three medium sized clips or just go for the whole thing in one shot. Obviously your connection speed will help determine which option you choose. You might also want to go with the smaller files if you aren’t sure about a specific scene. Is it worth it not? Better to find out on a two minute clip than to wait for the whole scene.

The small files on the most recent update are under 2 minutes long with a 448×336 resolution at 816 Kbps. The mid-sized broadband movies are closer to nine minutes, also 448×336 at 1.05 Mbps. The complete scenes are nearly 30 minutes long and are available at either of the above listed resolutions.

Katie is the star of this site and she has star quality for sure. She has a really cute face and looks very fresh. Katie often uses the pigtail thing, but doesn’t really need it. She has that freshman orientation look about her at all times. Her boobs are small and perky while her ass will probably get most of the attention. At different points on the site it grows a bit. I wouldn’t call her a big-ass chick like Katja Kassin or Flower Tucci, but she she definitely has some curves back there and knows how to bounce it. Katie’s attitude is a lot different from Spring’s and you won’t hear her blasting out un PC terms nearly as often. Instead she focuses on being cute, taking big dicks and keeping her fans happy. She is the sort of cheerleader/sorority girl that you always hoped had a nasty side.

Let’s take a look at a few scenes from this site. The highest rated scene is “John E Depth is Back” and features John helping Katie out. She’s having car trouble really close to where John is shooting some white girl porn. He brings her into the studio and they agree to shoot a scene for her web site. Katie gets naked and then falls to the floor so she is at the right height to take his big dick in her tiny hand. She looks into the camera a lot as she sucks him to full size. The dirty talk is good as she professes her love for black cock. Katie does a bit of the porno girl fake gag thing, but otherwise is very solid. Always playing to the camera she does the “hurts so good” and “it’s too big” thing quite a bit. Of course she does all of this while taking his huge meat deep into her tight teen pussy. Even when she sounds a little silly it beats John’s chants of “Chase it, chase see where you place it.” As she rides in reverse cowgirl, Katie talks about having her big white ass slapped as she screams “Fuck white dicks.” She begs for a big load in the mouth and then swallows. You can see why this is such a popular scene.

There are a few scenes featuring Spring and Katie together. “My Silly Sister” features the sisters sharing a big dick. They are attending a family wedding and sneak away to relax. When a black guy wanders by, the scoop him and take him to a hotel room. The guy is out of his shorts in no time as the girls rush to see how big his dick is. This seams to be an early scene with Spring taking the lead and Katie still acting a little shy as they pass the meat back and forth. The POV action is pretty good with Katie’s sweet eyes looking into the camera as her sister talks dirty. They move to the couch and take turns sucking. Spring rubs her pussy while Katie sucks and then Katie watches as big sis bounces on the dick screaming about “nigga cock.” They actually argue about the use of the word as they take turns fucking. Katie bends way over and gets drilled deep. The guy really is pretty much a lifeless meat puppet sho barely delivers the meat while the sisters talk. They end up doing rock, paper, scissors to see who will take the facial. Spring loses and ends up with a huge load all over her pretty face.

COST: There are two membership options for this site.

30 Day Membership: $34.99 30 Days

90 Day Membership: $59.99 90 Days

OVERALL: 94 of 100. Katie may be Spring’s little sister, but she has found a way out of big sis’s shadow. She’s cute, fresh faced and loves big black dicks. She continues the family tradition with a series of videos that are somewhat less harsh than Springs, but certainly provide plenty of interracial heat. Her site is done by the same people who brought us www.BlacksOnBlondes.com (Read Review Here), www.WifeWriting.com, www.GloryHole.com (Read Review Here) and of course the other single-girl BBC slut sites like www.SpringThomas.com (Read Review Here), www.RuthBlackwell.com, www.BarbieCummings.com and www.CandyMonroe.com. The scenes are shot well, nicely paced and filled with some of the best big black cock action you could hope for. If you are at all interested in the genre, you will find plenty to love about Katie and her site.

Models: 19 of 20 (Very Sexy)

Quality of Content: 20 of 20 (Excellent, Genre Specific)

Quantity of Content: 17 of 20 (100+ Scenes/Galleries)

Ease of Use: 18 of 20 (Easy to use.)

Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Best of The Genre)


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