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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Coming Home


186 Mins


DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong

THEMES: Romance, Cheating, Strippers, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Kirsten Price, Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, Vanessa Lane, Shyla Stylz, Scott Lyons, Savanna Stern, Gianna Lynn, Brooke Banner, Jada Fire, Chris Cannon, Tyler Knight, Christian, Kayla Carerra, Mikayla, Derrick Pierce, Marcus London,


I have to hand it to Wicked. This movie came with the most eye catching media packaging I’ve seen in some time. On the surface I have some doubts. A porn flick about the horrors of war? Can something this serious and dark actually be erotic or strokeable? Last year, Corruption certainly was, but this is Brad Armstrong and war, not Eli Cross and S&M. Since there is so much story and dialog here, Armstrong is going to have to rely on his skills as both a film maker and an actor. Luckily he has Kirsten Price as the female lead. She is among the industry’s best when it comes to delivering dialog. Since she is also beautiful and sexually hot, Kirsten is a great choice to play the lead for this movie. In a nutshell, Kirsten and Brad play a loving couple torn apart by war. When he is called away, Brad asks his best friend to keep an eye on his girl. You can do the math from there. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll try to keep us on track as we follow this interesting cast of characters.

Kirsten Price & Brad Armstrong

With only a week before he has to report for duty, Brad and Kirsten want to take full advantage of their time together. They help each other partially out of their clothes and get together on the couch. It’s a little shadowy, but not so much that it takes away from her beauty. Kirsten sucks just long enough for him to get all the way up and then she hops on. With the camera right in there close, we watch her ride in reverse cowgirl. (It’s a good thing her trim job is symmetrical because we stare at that pretty triangle for a long time.) She sucks her juices from his dick (More correctly, off of the condom covering his dick.) and then shows off her legs in spoon. She rubs her clit hard and has him all ready to go explode. The pop comes right on her face. She said she would treat him like a king until he leaves and this is a good start.

Shyla Stylz & Barrett Blade

Brad has asked his best friend Barrett to look after his girl while he’s gone. One might think that this is a bad idea, but Barrett already has a beautiful girl in his bed so maybe he can trust his pal. (Yeah right.) They share some private time of their own and though the blowjob is painfully short, Shyla makes it up to when she starts fucking. She shows off her great ass during the cowgirl and then encourages him to pound her harder when he gets behind her. They finish up with some hard mish and a shot all over her body. The scene is shorter and a bit softer than I like, but she looks great and the energy is good.

Savanna Stern & Scott Lyons

While Brad and Kirsten share another intimate moment in the next room, his brother Scott is busy railing little Savanna. After the romantic fucking we have seen so far, this is a plug in pairing. Scott works his big dick way up into Savanna’s body. She even gags on it a bit when she sucks it. I wouldn’t go so far as to compare this scene to something from a gonzo movie, but it is a bit harder with still a nod to the couples market. I love the eye contact she throws in during the blowjob and especial at the end as she waits for him to drop his load on her face.

Group Scene

While Brad stay in writing letters to his true love, Chris, Tyler and Christian are out partying with some female medics. For our purposes, partying means having sex with one another in a big tent. Gianna Lynn, Brooke and Jada Fire heat things up. This scene has the same feel as the rest of the movie. It’s a little shadowy and paced the same. The camera moves smoothly from couple to couple, but we don’t really get a chance to enjoy any of the girls. Jada is very hot as usual and Gianna is stunning. The guys double up on Brooke for a while and then she takes a shot on her face. Jada and Gianna share a load during a cum-swapping kiss. This is a fine little scene if you like group action and military uniforms.

Kirsten Price & Brad Armstrong

While writing in the desert, Brad gets a fantasy boff with Kirsten. She appears from the tent smudged with dirt, but looking fantastic. He bends her over the Hummer and slips his dick right in there. Kirsten looks great in the standing doggy. Personally I would think that he might fantasize about fucking her out of the sun, but at least we get great lighting for this scene. This is especially hot when he leaves a big load on her beautiful face. Better hope he stops thinking about this before things get dangerous.

Drive In 4 Way

After a dramatic turn of events, we get a little background sex. The drive-in scene transitions us from tragedy to casual sex. In cramped quarters and near dark, two couples go at it. Since both girls look similar and the angle are limited, it is nearly impossible to tell one from the other. They rush through quick fucks with decent facials, but this feels more like background action.

Kirsten Price & Barrett Blade

All of the talk about their relationship has these two feeling the pressure. In a classic case of rationalization, they decide that if they are going to be blamed for it, they might as well just do it. They throw caution to the wind and go for a lakeside roll in the proverbial hay. Love that natural light this time because Kirsten looks great with her lips working up and down on a hard dick. It grows in her mouth and finds a home in her warm, wet pussy. The log they are using to bone on can’t be all that comfortable, but give them a lot of credit for making it look easy. He pulls out and shoots all over her stomach. This looks like the start of a beautiful love story.

Shyla Stylz

Since her man is cheating, Shyla decides that it’s just fine for her to do the same. Barrett comes home to find another dude eating her sweet box. If she was hot the first time around, she is on fire this time. Perhaps the woman scorned thing is actually good for porn. She attacks this guy’s dick like she is trying to prove a point. The energy is all ramped up by the time he starts fucking her. She gets bent over and pounded from behind. Shyla leaves her boots on and does some incredibly energetic mish. With her feet on his chest she works her hips like she is trying to break something off. He pulls out and sprays her down. Look out buddy, this girl is all revved up and ready to go.

Vanessa Lane & Brad Armstrong

Surprise, he’s not dead. After finding that his best friend and his girl are hooking up, Brad hits a titty bar and pours his heart out to stripper Vanessa Lane. She bends over and gives him his first taste of ass in a very long time. As a welcome home fuck goes, you can’t do much better than Vanessa. She looks great and goes after his dick like she hasn’t seen one in months. I love the eye contact here. Even in the dimly lit club she shines through and is ready to show off her outstanding body. She doesn’t really have to take much off since she’ already showing all the good stuff. They just use the small table to fuck on. Brad moves from her tight pussy to her mouth and back again as if no one were watching. Kirsten pops in at the end to help share the load at the end of this fantastic fantasy fuck.

Shyla Stylz & Brad Armstrong

Revenge is sweet, especially when you call your best friend at 3 AM to tell him you’re fucking his girl. We have seen what Shyla can do in a revenge fuck so imagine how she looks here. They seem ready to fuck each other to death if given the chance. Even her ass is in play during this energetic romp through three hole land. Capping off this quick boff is a great facial. Shyla is a sexual star and proves that even in a softer project like this, she is fucking outstanding.

Disc Two

The bonus disc is packed with stuff. There is a very interesting making of reel. I like the way they do these at Wicked. We also get bloopers, coverage of the box shoot and two bonus scenes from the movie. Kirsten and Brad bone again and we get an extra scene between Gianna Lynn and Randy Spears. The movie is long enough without these two, but they would have fit in nicely. We also get sex scenes from other movies featuring Jenna Jameson fucking Brad from Jenna Ink and Kirsten boffing Barrett from Country Comfort. There are also trailers, photo galleries, star stats, star specific galleries and other bonus stuff usually found on Wicked DVDs.

This has to be an early favorite for feature of the year. It is a well written movie with good acting and pretty good sex. Most of the scenes are a little short and there are a lot of shadows in a number of them. They are feature sex scenes and they fit with a big feature like this. We have to judge them as such. I liked the chemistry and the eye candy in just about every scene. Kirsten is beautiful and brings some heat to her scenes. Most of her action is romantic though. That gives Shyla a bit of an edge. She gets to do the sweet thing, but then comes back for a pair of revenge fucks. It is in these scenes where she really shines. The rest of the female cast is very good looking and offers some sexual heat even when the scenes are working against them. The group scene in the tent and the four way in the car are cramped, a bit confusing and not as hot as they might have been. That’s just a personal thing fro my end though. You may love them. I enjoyed the outdoor scenes and always like watching Vanessa Lane in anything. The sex is very good for a feature and generally fits with the feel of the movie as a whole. I liked the script and especially enjoyed Kirsten‘s performance. She really is the whole package. The serious subject matter is handled well and I like the way the sex fits into the story. It can be tough to find a way to work good sex into the mix when dealing with things like this. I would like longer sex scenes with a little harder edge to them, but short of that I would be hard pressed to think of a better serious feature in 2007. (I might give a nod to Delilah which I really enjoyed) Give props to Armstrong, Price, Blade and whoever put together the press packet for this movie. All of them deserve a lot of credit.

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