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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Greatest Sodomania Series Ever Vol. 1, The

The Greatest Sodomania Series Ever Vol. 1

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

420 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Compilation (Mostly Patrick Collins)

THEMES: Feet, Role Play, Anal Sex, Classic Porn

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Rebecca Bardoux, Alicia Rio, Kitty Yung, Kaitlyn Ashley, Tianna, Roxanne Hall, Vanessa Chase, Alex Dane, Nici Sterling, Nyrobi Knight, Brooke Ashley, Vanda, Rachel Teez, Danielle Rogers, Rio Mariah, Mandy Bright


NOTE: I need to apologize in advance. This is easily the longest review I’ve ever written. When I review most compilations that are this long, I give details of some scenes and only list the others. You guys can figure out if you want the movie based on that. With this movie, I ended up reviewing pretty much everything during the seven hours. So for those of you who just don’t want to read that much, I’ll make it easy for you. BUY THIS DVD! If you are at all a fan of the Sodomania series, role play, anal sex, Tiffany Mynx, foot play, maids, power plays, Kaitlyn Ashley, facials, shoes, great porn or any of about nine million other things, just buy this set. In all honesty, it really is that good. I’ll give you more details, but as a collection of scenes, this is a fantastic DVD set. Now on to the review.

When I interviewed Patrick Collins a few weeks back, he told me about this project. A “Best of Sodomania” set that went beyond a simple compilation certainly sounded good to me. For those who don’t know, Sodomania is one of the great series in porn history. It was groundbreaking in more ways than I can list here. The vignette style stories often touched on taboo subjects and the tease footage was often as impressive as the actual sex. Sodomania helped give rise some classic performers as well. Tiffany Mynx, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nici Sterling, Alicia Rio and countless others showed off their ability to role play as well as fuck in this line. This is listed as volume one meaning we may see more in the future. That’s a good thing of course. Seven hours just isn’t enough to bring us all of the great scenes from the Sodomania series. The toughest part for Patrick Collins and Michael Cates had to be selecting the scenes to be included in this first collection. Is your favorite here? Let’s find out.

Disc One

Tiffany Mynx & Roscoe Bowltree (From Sodomania 1)

Roscoe has no luck looking for pussy until he runs into Tiffany Mynx in the parking lot of a strip club. She lost her keys and is willing to come back to his room and dance for him. They head back to his room and the slow seduction begins. Tiff sits on the bed and they talk for quite a while. The camera lingers on her face as she talks about sex, it explores her body and it really captures the tease going on. There is a lot of foot play as Tiffany excuses herself to go paint her toes. For some, this scene will be excruciating as the build up takes forever and the fetish angle is so thick. Tiffany works her feet up his legs, taunts us with shots up her dress and really turn in one of the finest tease performances every filmed. By the time she starts sucking cock, everyone watching is already in love with her. Of course we all know that she is amazing with her mouth, so the action just gets hotter. Fetish fans will love the way the foot play continues throughout the scene. She has done better BJ scenes, but the combination of tease, POV, fetish and finally a foot pop (He nuts on her feet and she licks them clean) make this a unique scene that truly is a classic.

Rebecca Bardoux & Peter North and Sean Michaels (From Sodomania 2)

Sean interviews for a job with Peter’s firm and impresses him. He also slips a lustful glance in the direction of Peter’s wife Rebecca. At home later, Peter confesses that he would like to see her with another man. The idea shocks Rebecca at first, but she is willing to do anything to spark up their boring marriage. She sucks his cock while talking to him about what she would do to this mystery man. Once again the set up is fantastic. It’s great tease, Rebecca shines as she talks dirty and gives decent head as well. They invite Sean over and the scene begins again. Left alone with Rebecca, Sean has to sit there while she seduces him. With Peter now watching and stroking his cock, Rebecca goes to work on Sean, admiring how big and hard it is as she does her best to make it vanish between her lips. They move over close to Peter when the fucking starts. Rebecca screams out that the big dick is about to make her cum and then she dives in and starts sucking her husband’s prick as well. She begs for it up the ass and then turns in one hell of a great anal scene. Perhaps we are jaded today, but a scene like this fifteen years ago was pretty fucking hot. It’s still pretty hot and stands as perhaps the only time I really, really dug Rebecca on screen. She talks dirty, takes big dicks in her ass and finishes off with a load between her cheeks and another right on her face. Another Sodomania classic that was ahead of its time. (Think of all the cuckold titles and cheating wife movies on the market now.)

Alicia Rio & Jonathan Moran (From Sodomania 3)

For this scene, Alicia plays an office bitch who is disgusted by the homeless guy outside, but also turned on. She spreads her legs wide and fucks her horny gash with her fingers for a while. Alicia stays in character and in her work clothes, adding to the eat of this tease. She finishes up and lets the guy in, giving him some work to do in the warehouse. Morgan goes a little psycho, cornering her in the bathroom and tormenting her from outside. This only turns Alicia on and she has to masturbate while he verbally abuses her through the door. The solo here is fucking amazing and there is still more. She eventually comes out of the bathroom and is every bit as foul mouthed as he is. Alicia literally attacks his cock with her mouth. Leaving the glasses on was a really nice touch, especially in a porn world that was pre-niche. It’s also pre-ED meds so we don’t; quite have the raging wood we would today. She has to work it hard and then keep it that way with fantastic eye contact, great dirty talk and what we can only imagine is fantastic head. Her oral energy is fantastic and the camera does a nice job of capturing both the action and her lovely body. This was the scene that made me fall totally in lust with Alicia Rio. (and all that before she even gets fucked.) She wants it up the ass and has him lick her from behind for a long time. The scene has switched to a dirty talking fem-dom bit with her luscious Latin ass shoved back into his face. He sniffs panties, licks her toes and get his balls rubbed by her feet while his own mouth is stuffed with her lower extremities. By the time he finally sticks that cock into her, Alicia is on fire. Her toes are curled, she’s reaching around to finger her ass and she doesn’t even seem a bit concerned about getting rub burn at the office. After the really long build up, the actual fucking is rather short, but it ends with a perfect shot onto her glasses and the trademark cute ending from the Sodomania line. Wow, this one is hot.

Tiffany Mynx & Kitty Yung and Randy West (From Sodomania 5)

In another Mynx classic, we get some costume play to go along with the usual naughty stuff. Kitty is the sexy maid who is bossed around by sexy Tiffany. There is some sexy girl on girl spanking and domination as Tiffany shows her pretty Asian maid who’s boss. We get shoe play, some panty masturbation and plenty of dirty talk. Both women play their roles perfectly and we get to see both of them before they were visited by the boobie fairy. Tiffany has Kitty bathe her, lick her and then towel her off. Once again, the sexual tension is built up perfectly with a ton of tease. Adding to the fun, Tiffany slowly inserts the handle of a feather duster into Kitty’s ass and makes her continue to clean the house this way. She ends up blindfolding the maid and leaving her bent over the table while she takes a stroll outside. Tiffany targets the gardener next, telling him that sweaty men turn her on. Having her suck his cock turns Randy on. (Natch) She brings him inside where Kitty is waiting. He watches while Tiffany fucks the maid with a toy and reminds her over and over that it’s “her ass.” (Oh you see where this is going.) The verbal abuse continues as Tiffany taunts Kitty through cock sucking, fucking and of course, anal. The little Asian has to scream out that she loves it in the ass while being taken on the stairs. The women switch so that Randy can fuck Tiff’s ass until he is ready to dribble his load onto her cheeks. Kitty dutifully licks it from her pussy and thighs, cleaning up her mistress like a good whore. The scene gets even better thanks to the twist ending.

Kaitlyn Ashley and Jay Ashley, Jon Dough, Peter North & TT Boy (From Sodomania 6)

I generally just call this the greatest porn scene ever. That usually covers it. Of course that probably has to do with the fact that I have always been madly in love with Kaitlyn. The action starts with the dirty blonde pinching her nipples and working a huge vibrator on her clit. Jay shows up and puts his mouth right down there where the juices are. He wants her to admit to thinking about other guys, but she is too busy licking her own nipples while he chows down on that meaty beaver. While she is sucking his cock, the friends they were talking about are outside watching her. They walk in and Kaitlyn is thrilled to be able to do whatever she wants with them. The guys are happy to feel her hungry mouth and soon have her bent over for some standing doggy. Continuing to suck like a champ, she begs with her eyes and gets fucked hard. What I loved about this scene then and what I still love now is the way she smiles throughout the scene. If Kaitlyn isn’t having a blast, then she is a great actress. Her ass opens up for some serious pounding and yet she never stops sucking. Even with Peter going balls deep between her cheeks, she can suck and smile like few in the business. Kaitlyn was also among the first to perfect eye contact during her scenes. In the old days, women rarely looking into the lens so this was a treat. There is some DP footage, but the real treat is the facial. Long before blowbangs became the norm, we had this big pop. The first two guys nut on her face at the same time, drenching her completely. That just leaves her ready for the rest. Kaitlyn takes their loads, sucks them dry and looks like a complete and total princess. Holy fuck what a way to end the first disc.

My friends we are only one disc into collection and already I would say that this DVD set is worth whatever price you paid for it.

Tianna & Joey Silvera (From Sodomania 7)

My intention was to only review some of these scenes while listing the rest. The problem is that they are so freaking good. This is another classic example of how well tease and fetish are blended into something hot in the Sodomania series. Tianna is running late when she breaks her heel. That brings her in contact with a demented cobbler played perfectly by Joey Silvera. He loves shoes, I mean really loves them. We get some shots of Tianna’s legs and feet as the intensity builds. Joey ends up sucking and licking her feet and legs for a very long time. Along with Tiffany, Tianna always did seem to know exactly what to do with her feet. Even if you don’t share this fetish, they give the kind of scenes that anyone can enjoy. There is a lot of shoe licking this time around though. I would say that if you aren’t into feet you probably won’t really enjoy things as much as you will some of the other scenes. Even when he’s fucking her, Joey is grabbing shoes and really playing up the fetish angle. Of course even with the fetish stuff, Tianna manages to put on a great show, fucking him in reverse cowgirl like she’s ready to break that dick off inside of her pussy. They finish with a shot right into her shoe.

Roxanne Hall & Steve Thorp (From Sodomania 8)

Steve chases Roxanne through the park to give her back her passport, but we know that something else is going to happen soon. Interestingly enough what follows is a shave scene. Roxanne gets back to her hotel room, strips down and then goes to work trimming her thick bush into a nice porn friendly “down there do.” She finishes off by shaving and then washing her sweet little box. The water has her lost in ecstasy so she doesn’t hear the door open as Steve enters. He must be hiding somewhere and watching as she sits in front of a mirror and fucks her newly shaved snatch with a toy. When he finally comes out of hiding, she doesn’t mind at all. In fact she turns around and lovingly suck his cock like she’s mad for it. They even kiss and fondle one another on the way to the bed. We have seen Roxanne grow into a wild woman who fucks hard and for sport. In this scene she is fresh faced and working slowly to please herself and her lover. They kiss for a long time as she helps him undress. Steve gets on top and starts pumping into her pretty hard. They spend most of the scene fucking in mish with just a few moments of cowgirl that leave in a near creampie finish for this horny couple. (Yes, I gave away the ending.) The set up was so long that the sex actually seems a bit short, but it’s not bad at all.

Vanessa Chase & Roscoe Bowltree (From Sodomania 9)

When Vanessa shows up at her friends house, Mr. Fazzano (Bowltree AKA Collins) is trying out his new camera. She is shy, but all grown up and looking incredibly cute. He asks her to help him out by letting him film her while she shoots a little pool. We get some lusty shots of her great body as she takes her shots, but eventually he suggests that her top might be getting in the way of her shots. Vanessa actually shows some realistic hesitation that adds to the charm of the scene. She isn’t grossed out, but she also doesn’t just turn on the switch to become super teen slut in the blink of an eye. Eventually he offers to help teach her how to please a man. Vanessa is perfect here, playing shy and showing off a body that is truly spectacular. She was a star in every sense of the word. Learning her lessons well, she plays with her pussy and eventually delivers a blowjob that doesn’t quite look like a first time. There is a lot of POV action here, a lot of tease and tons of dirty talk as well. Collins takes us on a trip with Vanessa that is probably more realistic than your standard porn scene. He finishes her off with a shot in her mouth that dribbles over her lips. Vanessa was an absolute super star sexually.

Alex Dane & Nici Sterling and Mark Davis (From Sodomania 15)

This one takes age and family play to a different level. I’ve reviewed it before in various compilations so I will try to hit the highlights here. Alex is a cute little thing who nearly gets caught looking at porn by her mom’s boyfriend Mark Davis. The masturbation makes for great tease and who could blame Mark for loving what he sees. He finds out that she has never been kissed and the start the whole “let me teach you” thing. It’s very well done here as both Alex and Mark play their roles perfectly. Mommy (Nici) comes home and is so furious that she demands that Alex sit there and watch while she learns how to do it properly. The role play is what makes this scene hot. Nici is perfect as the horny bitch mom and Alex plays innocent about as well as anyone. It also works on another level because both women look so damn good and the sexual energy is high. Nici talks Alex through an orgasm while Mark is licking her pussy and then invites her man to pop that little cherry. They take things slow at first and build. Once again, this isn’t a typical porn scene, but that is part of what makes it great. Nici cranks things up a bit when she takes it in the ass, instructing Alex on how to do it properly and telling her that she is next. The anal with Alex is fantastic and shows her at her very best. They finish things off with a shared cumshot and of course, the twist ending that makes everything all right.

Tiffany Mynx & Nyrobi Knight and Tom Byron (From Sodomania 18)

Revisiting the themes that made her scene earlier to great, Tiffany catches her husband staring at their pretty maid. The tension between the two women picks up when Nyrobi tells Tom that she wants to fuck the wife no matter what it takes. They drug Tiffany and then Tom watches as Nyrobi enjoys her prone body. By the time the pretty wife wakes up, she is groggy and enjoying the tongue of another woman so far up into her pink hole. Still unable to do much. Tiffany is rolled over so that her amazing ass is on display. Nyrobi spanks it, rubs it and helps tom use a vibrator on his bitchy wife. The anal toy play is fantastic and has Tiffany so wound up that she continues to fuck herself in both holes with toys as Nyrobi moves over to suck Tom’s dick right in front of her. Pretty soon everyone is in on the act and Tiffany seems determined to fuck just as hard as her maid can. She gives Tom’s balls a footjob while the sexy black girl rides hard in reverse cowgirl. There is some great anal action here as well and Tiffany shows off her flexibility. She has always looked great, but I honestly think that this point in her career was the absolute pinnacle. Even though Nyrobi gets most of the action. Tiffany is the star. She even licks the cum from her maid’s ass at the end of the action.

Brooke Ashley + 3 (From Sodomania 23)

Since this is already the longest review in recorded history I will just refer you to my full Review of Sodomania 23 for the blow by blow on this scene. It is a sweaty scene that features Brooke oiled up and fucked by three guys at once. There is great anal, a lot of oil play and three great facials at the end. Interestingly enough, there was another great scene from this same volume of Sodomania that could have been used in this collection. (Sean Michaels and Jessica Darlin) It just goes to show you that they had plenty to choose from.

Vanda & Frank Gunn (From Sodomania 25)

See my Full Review of Sodomania 25 for the details of this scene. It’s pretty simple though. Pretty blonde Vanda strips down and has sex with Frank. The twist is that she is actually a human table and he eats off of her back before fucking her. Interesting stuff from a very sexy Euro-babe.

Rachel Teez & Leslie Taylor (From Sodomania 25)

This is another movie where I will refer you to my Full Review of Sodomania 25 to save space. For those of you who won’t click, it’s simple. Cheerleader Rachel calls a repair guy, teases him and then goes to sleep on the couch with her pretty ass exposed. Eventually Leslie stops fixing her heater and starts feeding her his cock. I love the uniform play here and can’t resist a sexy Euro babe getting nailed.

Danielle Rogers & Randy Spears (From Sodomania 28)

No full review to turn to on this one, but let’s give the highlights. Heavy on the foot role play themes, this was a comeback for Danielle. She fucks harder than she had before and features Danielle as a teacher who gets off seducing her students. Randy is an angry father who is drawn into a very kinky game by the hot blonde. I won’t give it away, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this fantasy played out quite this way.

Rio Mariah & Mandy Bright and Frank Gunn (From Sodomania 40)

See Full Review of Sodomania 28 for the details on this three-way hump fest. Rio is in control for a while because the other two are illegal immigrants. She uses that to her advantage, dominating Frank with her feet and some candle wax. The scene shifts right in the middle and the aggressor quickly becomes the fuck toy. The energy here is great and both Mandy and Rio looks so good.

DVD Extras:

The highlight here is an interview with Patrick and Michael Cates. This is a very interesting seventeen minutes and if you are at all interested in the history of Sodomania or porn in general, give it a listen. (I have my own interview with Patrick about this coming out soon.) There are also trailers for some of Elegant’s more recent titles. The photo gallery is interesting as well if you want to see some stills from the old shoots.

What is left to say? I know that this isn’t a new movie, but it is probably the best DVD on the shelves this year. It’s seven hours of fantastic action. Yes, some of the picture quality is a little spotty. These scenes are up to fifteen years old and there isn’t much we can do about that. Collins has the classics here. He’s got Tiffany Mynx in three scenes and all of them are awesome. Kaitlyn Ashley’s classic facial is here. The Alex Dane/Nici Sterling mother/daughter scene is here. We get Vanessa Chase, Roxanne Hall and Alicia Rio early in their careers and looking spectacular. I think that the third disc might be a little weaker than the first two, but if you look at it by itself, it’s still pretty fucking great. With better than seven hours of action, it is really hard to go wrong with this one. If you like porn, especially role play/fetish or fantasy porn, then this is a must own. Put it on your buy list and enjoy the Best of Sodomania. .

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