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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [7/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [7/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Fetish Fucks


170 Mins.

Vouyer Media www.VouyerMedia.com

DIRECTOR: Van Styles

THEMES: Fetish Clothes, Light Bondage




STARS: Maya Hills, Audrey Bitoni, Lela Star, Nadia Styles, Harmony, Regan Reese,



There are two ways we go with this movie based on the title. It could be a new line dedicated to hard-core fetish sex, bondage and that sort of thing. Or it could be a standard sex line with a strong nod towards fetish clothing and light bondage play. Given Van Styles‘ track record, I think we can vote early and often for the latter. He has a keen eye and always adds plenty of tease to his work. That should make it easy to blend the clothes in with the sex. He has a cast that should be able to handle both the fetish angle and the sex. Maya Hills, Lela Star and Audrey Bitoni look good in anything. Sexually the whole group of women should do quite nicely. You have to love eye candy mixed with great sexual heat. At his best, Van should be able to make a movie that is totally strokeable for fetish fans and even for people who would rather see women in something that wasn’t purchased at “strippers R us.”

Audrey Bitoni

With Audrey giving a voice over introduction, we see her posing in front of a mirror. She is wearing black fishnets and a green dress that is open everywhere for strategic exposure. Audrey has a man tied up and waiting for her so she is in no hurry to give him what he wants. She rubs her body against his, kisses his taped mouth and teases mercilessly. Audrey is great looking and when she finally lets the guy free, she puts her oral skills to good use. This is where the fetish takes a back seat and the sex takes over. Since half of the blowjob is shot from the floor up, it could be a lot better. No such issues during the doggy though. Van settles in behind Audrey and captures the action perfectly. In addition to providing great eye candy, Audrey proves that she can turn up the heat when she wants to. The cowgirl is great here as she fucks the guy like she is trying to slam him right through the couch. Her face gets a huge load at the end, capping off a very strokeable opening scene that is awesome hard core mixed with just enough fetish to give it some spice.

Lela Starr

This time it is the girl who is taped up. Lela has on black thigh highs, a pink mini skirt and nothing else. The tape covers her mouth and holds her to the chair, but leaves her perfect boobs out on display. We get some POV boob groping that is interesting and will likely please the bondage lovers to no end. They take their time with this stuff, keeping her on the chair even as the tape from her mouth is removed. That allows us to see Lela smiling as her pussy gets rubbed and her tits get slapped. I found myself a little bored by the slow pace, but that is probably because the bondage angle does very little for me. If you like that stuff, then I am certain you will love the way this is set up and hot. By the time she gets down on her knees and starts sucking, Lela is all worked up and ready to really strut her stuff. I love looking into her eyes during the POV. They do seem to move off the BJ a little quick as he picks her up and drops her onto his dick for some standing mish. Lela keeps the energy high as she fuck, throwing her legs up in the air during some very hot reverse cowgirl. As much as I loved Audrey in doggy, Lela may have her beat thanks to some “ass in the air” action the really shows off her lovely cheeks. They stop for a moment to get into some finger play, but he wants to go right back into her pussy as soon as possible. Pulling her legs back to her shoulders, the takes it really deep, finally letting him shoot off deep inside of her pussy. In true freak show fashion, they take the internal, push it into his hand and then feed it to Lela.


In a purple fishnet top, lace skirt and stockings, Harmony does her best to keep up with the first two stunners. She teases, using her ass as eye candy while she waits for two guys to come in and fill her up. Harmony is a gag girl and kind of makes the oral segment hard to listen to. She picks up the energy in time for some good reverse cowgirl. Hell, she even reaches over to stroke the second cock while bouncing on the first. That’s commitment I tell ya. Things move along pretty nicely until the anal, then they kick up a notch. Harmony is very good with a dick in her ass and takes DP with no problem. The best action though is the one on one anal action. Harmony has a great ass and really responds well to the hard anal pounding. The two big loads of cum on her face and in her mouth give the young blonde a nice meal and end a pretty good scene in fine style.

Reagan Reese

Tattooed and pierced Reagan is the perfect girl for this sort of movie. She masturbates on her knees while waiting for a guy to come and finish her off. James Deen is just such a guy. He’s got a belt in his hand and gently smacks it against her exposed flesh. He leads her around the house on a leash, giving us some really nice shots of her ass. There is also a bit of mild spanking, adding a bit more to the fetish nature of this project. This girl has the ink going for her, but she also has very pretty eyes and we see them best during the POV blowjob. Using both hands on the shaft, Reagan works the head pretty well. When the dick is wet enough she even slides it between her lovely titties for a while. When the fucking starts Reagan gives us lots of eye candy, but isn’t the most dynamic performer in the group. She moans a bit, but is not as energetic as she is cute. The only intensity we really see from her is late in the scene and it focused entirely on James. There is something very hot in that as well I might add. At least she is connecting with her co-star. James finally shoots on her chest and chin. This isn’t bad, but Regan needs to work on her on-camera enthusiasm to reach her full potential.

Maya Hills

I love this cutie no matter what she’s wearing (or not wearing). For this scene she has on the thick black fishnets, a bustier and some electrical tape of her nipples. Some long black cloves and a collar round out the ensemble. Maya also has a riding crop that uses to beat back Van as he tries to get too close during a hard to hear interview. Eventually she goes in to find Mark Ashley blindfolded and handcuffed. Even though he can’t see her, we can. It’s a good thing too because there are some great leg shots as she towers over her helpless victim. She backs her ass up to his face and lets him work his tongue for a long time. That leaves her mouth free to do some dirty talking. After a long face ride, Maya bends forward and takes his dick into her mouth. This girl makes great eye contact with the camera and uses her mouth to perfection, often leaning back to keep her hands out of the way as she takes it deep. When she mounts a dick, Maya shows off her pretty ass really well. The hard strokes make it jiggle and she is about as vocal as I have ever seen her. Late in the scene, it starts all over again with another blindfolded guy. This works sometimes, but this scene doesn’t feel right. It just seems random. It is rather tough to see the down side in another Maya scene, but the pace just wasn’t right for this kind of a move. This time around she takes it up the ass so that’s a nice treat. This is such great footage that it shouldn’t be at the end of the second scene with Maya. She is too hot to have people waiting this long. The pop on her face is great, but I think that we might have been better served with a shorter round from Ashley and then this tremendous anal finish.

Bonus Material: We get stuff from the cutting room floor, (More of a BTS reel), A bonus scene staring Nadia Styles, Hardcore Photo Gallery, Trailers and a web site link.

OK, so we have a movie packed with hot chicks in fetish clothing. Is that enough to get you going? No? How about a movie packed with pretty hot sex from some exceptionally good looking women? That should be enough for just about anyone. It doesn’t take special clothes to make Audrey Bitoni hot. She rolls out of bed every morning looking like a wet dream. Her scene is every bit as hot as she is and it sets the tone of the entire movie. Lela Star (Or Starr) follow that up with a scene that may be even hotter. Now that she has signed a deal with Club Jenna, we are all going to miss her in scenes like this one. That action drags a little with Harmony and Reagan. They aren’t bad, but don’t have the same overall spark. Harmony does great anal, but adds little to the fetish them. Reagan has a great look, but her energy isn’t up to par. Van finishes kind of strong with Maya Hills. She looks fantastic and was on the verge of giving us the best scene of the movie. Then the scene hits a wall and it’s as if someone hit the reset button. We just start over after nearly a full scene. The upside is that in round two, she gets that Eskimo ass totally reamed. Overall this is a nice combination of fetish clothes and hot sex. It has good tease, a hot cast and is a good example of what Van can do with the right cast and a good wardrobe budget.


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