Cheek Freaks 2 (Evil Angel)

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Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [9/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [9/12]
Extras [6/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Cheek Freaks 2 (Evil Angel)


178 Mins.

Evil Angel


THEMES: Butts, Anal Sex




STARS: Jada Fire, Annette Schwarz, Lexi Love, Dana DeArmond, Sandra Romain, Mark Davis, Steve Holmes & Jazz Duro


When Jazz Duro gave us Cheek Freaks 1, he took some chances and gave us a memorable movie. The three long scenes gave us plenty of time to focus on the great asses presented by the girls in the cast. There were a couple of scenes that really reminded me of old school Buttman stuff. The ass worship footage was fantastic. We also got some great hard core anal action. With this second movie we can hope for more of the same and perhaps expect something even better. He’s got some stunners in the cast this time. Jazz has picked wisely, combining the awesome asses of Jada Fire and Dana DeArmond with such anal mega-queens as Sandra Romain and Annette Schwarz. Can he duplicate what he did with the first movie? Only time and a lot of lube will tell.

Dana DeArmond, Lexi Love & Mark Davis

Mark has a treat for Jazz (And for all of us) waiting inside. He has Dana and Lexi waiting to show off their ass-abilities. The girls tease a little, but can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other long enough for us to really stare. Lexi just can’t wait to get some pussy. Dana towers over her little blonde friend and enjoys the feel of a tongue on her sweet slit. Along with the hot action we also get some A2M with toy play as Mark takes a plug from Lexi’s ass and makes Dana gag on it. There is less actual ass footage in this scene than Jazz gave us in his first Cheek Freaks title, but the sexual intensity is really high. At first the girls double up on Mark’s cock, but he keeps Dana on his meat while ordering Lexi to orally lube up a big toy for ass play. For the anal fun, they stick one of those blow up things into Dana’s fine ass. It gets pumped up and pulled out. Lexi sucks on it. Clearly Jazz has gone away from the ass worship footage from CF1 and is going for the more anally oriented side-show sex. I’m not that interested in this stuff, but when it comes down to the actual ass fucking by a real cock, the action is fantastic. We get some nice ass shots as Lexi rides cock. Dana is there to help her out and give verbal encouragement. There is some slapping and choking thrown in and even though Lexi looks like she enjoys it, I’m starting to get bored with this. There is some nice face sitting by Dana and later the girls get down for side by side doggy that is flat out brilliant. If we had stuck with the anal sex everything would have been great. It’s the side show stuff that leaves me cold. The pop is a little bit of a downer only because we have to watch Mark jerk off forever. Once he sprays the girls, they swap wonderfully. I liked this scene a lot and would have loved it if we had cut out about a third of the stuff.

Sandra Romain & Jazz

Jazz makes Sandra stand outside for a few seconds before letting her in. Once she is inside, Sandra makes it worth his while. She teases, staring right into the camera and talking dirty. This is more like Cheek Freaks 1. Jazz shoots Sandra’s body and especially her ass, like he’s in love with every curve. He watches as she throws her legs back over her head and fucks herself with a glass toy. All this great tease has Jazz ready for a blowjob. Sandra is happy to oblige. She takes his meat out of his pants and gently sucks on the head. Jazz likes being teased and he also enjoys eating Sandra’s ass. After licking it for a while, he gets smothered and finally fucks Sandra right in her tight back door. There are good shots of her butt as she get gets slammed, but Sandra is still in control. She makes him lick her feet and then squats over his face to leak all over his mouth. Sandra mounts his dick next and just abuses him with hard strokes. This great anal action finally comes to a close with Jazz getting Sandra off with his fingers and then letting her jerk him off right into her mouth.

Jada Fire, Annette Schwarz & Steve Holmes

Going for an awesome chocolate and vanilla combo, Jazz has Jada and Annette together in one scene. We get to follow them both around the house, admiring fine asses and legs as we go. The tease footage between these two women is fantastic. It really focuses on the how hot they are and gives us time to admire two very, very hot women. The girls do some rough-ish toy play and then Jada sits right down on Annette’s face. Interracial lesbian face sitting. That’s some super niche porn right there. Not one to be unfair, Jada reverses roles and gets her face smothered by those big white cheeks Annette is carrying around. Steve Holmes eventually joins the mix and finds the combination of black and white flesh too good to resist. He’s got a long cock for them and immediately puts it all the way down Annette’s throat. She really is one of the best cock suckers in the business. Jada isn’t bad herself, but Annette is simply amazing. She takes every inch as if its nothing at all. The anal play kicks off with some ass licking and then some interracial sodomy. Steve sticks his prick right into Jada’s asshole and then pulls it out so that her friend can suck it. The ass fucking is great here. He stacks the girls on top of each other and goes from ass to ass. Annette shows off some hip movement that might snap a cock off in her fucking colon. Jada does her talking with her mouth, throwing out dirty talk and making everyone watching want to dive right in there and fuck her lovely ass. This is the kind of anal scene were no one is squeamish and even the biggest of cocks are welcome to the party in the back. They finish up with an A2M facial from Jada’s cheeks into Annette’s mouth. Wow, this is a scene that starts with great ass worship and ends with filthy anal action.

I didn’t get quite the same vibe from this second Cheek Freaks movie. I still liked it, but it felt more like a hard core anal romp than a real ass worship adventure. Nothing wrong with that of course, but there are so many similar movies out that I always hope for something a little different. I’m not always a huge Sandra Romain fan, but I loved the tease and the ass play in this scene. Jazz truly appreciates her body and that comes across quite well. It was good scene sexually as well, with lots of taunting and trash talk along the way. Jada and Annette combine for perhaps the best ass worship action of the movie. It’s tough to go wrong with Jada. Fans of nasty anal sex will truly love this hot three way. I enjoyed watching Annette work with Holmes’ huge dick. Any chick who made Jada’s skills look weak must be a cock sucking champ. The opener is good and bad. Dana is beautiful and she plays her role well. Lexi is also stunning and certainly doesn’t look like the kind of girl who will get this nasty. The slapping and choking and other things take away from the ass worship and from my point of view also hurt the overall sexual heat. Your mileage may vary of course. I think that with some editing, we could have cut this scene down to one of the best of 07, but if you like the rougher stuff then enjoy it as is. Overall this is less of a butt freak movie and more of a nasty anal movie with some great looking footage thrown in around it. Both kinds of projects can be outstanding and Jazz once again proves that he is one of the hottest young directors in the business. We expect great things from him and even if I didn’t love Cheek Freaks 2 as much as I hoped I would, it is still an excellent piece of pornography.

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