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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Overall Rating [11/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
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Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [5/12]
Sex [10/12]

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Control 4


179 Mins.

Digital Playground






STARS: Brianna Beach, Jamie Lynn, Mindy Main, Shay Jordan, Sasha Grey, Whitney Stevens, Chris Charming, Scott Nails, Jerry.


Control is one of my favorite new series to hit us in recent years. It is everything that we love about Robby D’s movies without any set formula to fall back on. These days most series are divided into a category based on ethnicity, sex act or even a specific article of clothing. Control doesn’t really fall into that trap. Some scenes feature long tease sequences, some hardly have any. Robby talks to some of the girls and not to others. There is usually a hint of fetish appeal, but nothing that takes us out of mainstream. For this episode, Robby is breaking out Digital Playground’s beautiful new contract star Shay Jordan. Though we’ve only seen her a few times, she is already the kind of girl you can’t easily forget. He also has Sasha Grey in the cast and she is everyone’s favorite new girl. In addition to these two hotties, he’s got a couple of new girls who are worth a look and a very impressive tease-performance from the lovely Jamie Lynn.

Brianna Beach

Without a word, lovely Brianna shows us her body. First she shows it to us fully dressed in a nice white top and some tight jeans. Even when her top comes off, the denim stays put and I’m all for that. As someone who often rails against invasive music and lame chatter from the director, I have to admit that the extended silence as she shows off is a bit off-putting. Eventually her jeans come down and we can enjoy that lovely ass au natural. Is ten minutes of tease too much? Maybe in some scenes, but it works here even with the silence. Eventually Chris Charming shows up with his big cock and gives our sexy tease something to please. The camera stays very tight as she works her tight fist over his shaft and pumps the head into her mouth. Brianna holds his dick up next to her face and wonders if she has room in her pussy for that huge thing. Chris bends her over and gives it to her slowly at first, but the smile on Brianna’s face tells us that she is ready to try it all. When they move to cowgirl, she shows that she knows how to work her hips for a great show. The ass that we watched during the long tease is now shaking all over the place and looking spectacular. He just slams up into her hard enough to make her feel it for weeks. Great sex here and the big facial is fantastic. Best of all, Robby doesn’t cut away right after the shot, letting Brianna play with the load instead.

Jamie Lynn

Jamie is blindfolded and topless with her hair up in little twisty things that give me a strange craving for Cinnabons. She is reaching out as if confuses and Jack’s hands grope in her direction. This is great tease play, especially if you like naturally busty girls.

Sasha Grey

Everyone’s favorite it girl, Sasha Grey appears in a silver mask and leash. There is no tease at all for this scene because she is already on her knees with her mouth moving from Scott’s cock to Jerry’s and back again. She can’t fit too much dick in her mouth, so she makes up for it with great hand action and eventually by letting them push a little deeper into her throat. Sasha manages to pull this off without a lot of gagging and that is a wonderful surprise. Perhaps she can teach other girls that we would much rather hear it done without all that crap. Bending her over, Scott slams his cock into her tight twat while she bobs her head in Jerry’s lap. There is no question about Sasha’s energy or her great looks. She is a great combination of both and has earned her place at the top of the list for best rookie of 2006. Adding to her credentials, she shows off her sexy ass in some doggy here. Opening her cheeks she gets pumped full of cock and even gapes for us ever so slightly. If high-energy, dirty talking anal scene with exceptionally hot chicks is your idea of good porn, then you may want to watch this scene first and then again at the end of the movie. We even DP from her along the way. If you need a great scene to jerk off to, then look no further. Sasha gets royally fucked and then sprayed down with two big loads of cum. It doesn’t get much better than this.


Back for another round of tease, Jamie now has her tits covered, but we can see her face. She lifts her skirt and shows off her ass. This girl may drive us all crazy before the movie is over because she is so hot. You know, with the mask off she looks a little like a bustier Gina Gershon. Nice find by Robby even if she never fucks.

Mindy Main + 2

Mindy looks fresh like the girl next door, but she is going to take on two guys for the first time today. We get to watch her walk up the stairs in a very short skirt which is nice because her tits have received all of the attention to this point. Once Mindy gets inside she has Sasha and Chris to play with. She certainly isn’t shy about going after dick. It is tough for a woman to follow such a hot scene, but there is something really sexy about this girl. They use an arm spreader for some very interesting double jerk-off footage. She mounts Chris and shows off her ass some more while furiously sucking the cock in her face. I love it when a new girl shows this kind of energy. Mindy has a smile on her face and takes the best these guys have to dish out with no problem at all. They move her through doggy with dick at both ends for a very long time. Mindy’s energy never fades and she ends up taking two huge loads. No anal here and I wouldn’t put this in the same category with Sasha’s fuck, but it is still outstanding porn on every level.

Jamie (Schoolgirl Smoking)

This time Jamie has the schoolgirl thing going as she puffs on a cancer stick. We have already seen enough of this girl to know that she is smoking hot, now we get to see her smoking as well. Big turn off for me, but I know some people dig it.

Whitney Stevens & James Deen

As if Jamie’s tits weren’t enough, we get Whitney. This chick is stacked and then some. Robby can’t keep his hands off of that rack as he keeps the camera focused right on her massive funbags. Even when she bends over to show off her ass, he moves around to those swaying tits. Reluctantly, Robby turns her over to James Deen who seems quite taken by her cheeks. They work her slowly through some paddling and onto a leash for some no-hand blowjob action. When she climbs onto his cock after the blowjob, Whitney shakes her big tits in his face and picks up the pace quite a bit. She is perhaps better built than Mindy and has good energy, but she is probably a step down as an overall performer. (Truth is, we are looking as two really good new girls in this movie and I am impressed as hell.) James fucks her flat on her stomach for a while and then rolls her over for a very hot tit fuck. He creams all over those massive jugs. I want to see this girl again ASAP.

Jamie (More Schoolgirl)

Giving us one final round of tease, Jamie struts around in her schoolgirl uniform without the cig this time. She takes out her big tits and shows them off some more. They throw in some striped hose footage as well. I don’t know how well this goes together with the schoolgirl stuff, but it’s more of Jamie and that’s all right with me. I don’t know if we will ever get to see this girl do hard-core, but she certainly has achieved full tease status with this collection of clips.

Shay Jordan & Scott Nails

Putting Shay Jordan at the end of this movie is either a case of saving the best for last or proof that Robby D is insane. The newest DP contract girl is smoking hot, pure eye candy and sexual heat personified. She teases Scott for a while before uncuffing him. He dives right between her legs and starts eating her pretty pussy. His efforts are rewarded by a sexy blowjob from this fantastic new girl. Her hand grips the shaft tightly, barely able to fully circle the thick meat. Shay works the head in her mouth and gives us great eye candy. She has a ways to go before we can put her in the same cock sucking class with Teagan or Jesse Jane, but I would say that Shay is well on her way. (And I happily volunteer my cock to help her practice.) She gets on top and slowly rocks her pussy up and down on his dick. We get nice shots of her ass, but Robby stays up near her face for quite a while. (Hard to blame him for that.) Turning around, she faces the camera in reverse cowgirl and gives us a great show for far too short a time. In fact, this scene really seems to be paced differently from the others and I think that hurts the heat a bit. Shay takes it from behind and then closes by wearing a big load from Scott on her pretty face. I love this scene, but why is this the one fuck in the movie that gets cut a bit short?

Wow, this is a really good movie. It’s better than you might expect on most levels. Robby doesn’t usually do his best work with new girls, but in this movie, the newbies shine. Shay’s scene is very good, but is probably the one flaw in the rhythm of this movie. After nearly three hours and long, but hot scenes, we seem to rush through Shay a bit. I can’t figure it out, but that should show you how hard I had to look for something that wasn’t just about perfect. Sasha Grey’s scene is fantastic and should earn her some late votes for hottest rookie. It isn’t every day we scene with this much eye candy that also delivers hot sex. Whitney and Mindy are girls I don’t remember seeing before, but both of them are very impressive. The tease sequences with Jamie Lynn are fucking hot. I wouldn’t say that they are quite a good as the stuff Robby did with Nautica Thorn, but it is still a whole lot of fun to watch. Though it might not look like it at first glance, this might be the strongest volume of Control from start to finish.

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