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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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STARS: Hillary Scott, Kylie Ireland, Alana Evans, Annie Cruz, Lexi Bardot, Sandra Romain, Vixen, Kelly Wells, Sophia, Staci Thorn, Ariana Jollee, Jordan Styles, James Deen, Mark Davis, Herschel Savage, Steve Holmes, Alex Sanders, Rick Maters, Derrick Pierce, Tyler Knight, Seth Dickens, Jenner, Franko Del Torro, Johnny Castle & Bryn Pryor


This is one of those movies with massive early buzz. I heard some talk about how good Corruption was a few weeks ago and now there is a brewing controversy about the project. Apparently some other reviewers are upset or even offended by some of the content. As is my habit, I haven’t read those reviews so I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. What we already know that is director Eli Cross has cast himself in the lead role in this powerful love triangle. Hillary Scott and Kylie Ireland star as the dueling women in Senator Helms’ life. The dark story of power, corruption, sex, deception and things in between is already controversial. Now let’s see if the movie lives up to the hype. (And the stellar cast.)

Director Cross (as Bryn Pryor) is California’s first Republican Senator in more than a decade. That of course means that he is a hypocrite, scum bag and probably evil. (I think I just gave you the whole plot and political sub-text in one shot.) He is practicing his speech while his “whore” Natasha (Hillary Scott) is sucking his cock. He’s also imagining himself slitting his own throat which kind of takes away from the heat coming from Natasha’s quick blowjob. He slaps her a bit and enjoys her mouth.

Though she comes along for an important speech, Natasha is not immediately allowed into the room. Instead Alana Evans keeps her occupied outside by shoving an impossibly huge butt plug up her ass. It keeps her squirming during the speech which is a mixed bag of the usual political stuff and his real feelings which are, of course, utterly insane.

Later at a meeting with Teamsters, Natasha serves as a party favor for Herschel Savage. This must be the scene that everyone is all upset over. She does the whole “confession” thing and Herschel calls her “son.” Is that really what all the hype is about? Come on. If they really wanted to push the edge, wouldn’t they have actually given the guy a boy to play with? It’s a mild Catholic thing with a bit of gay bashing thrown in to marginalize the villains. Frankly I think that the reviewers who are upset should be more pissed at Cross from teasing us with Hillary and then cutting away to four-way fuck involving Kelly Wells and Sophia. (Read into that whatever you want.) It is basically these two girls fucking Herschel’s men and is pretty much throw away action. Sophia looks pretty good, but there just isn’t anything great here, not even with a cum-swapping kiss.

The Senator is busy watching Herschel have his way with Natasha so he at least gets a better view than we just had. It is nice to see Hillary suck cock for a few minutes before she starts gagging and nearly puking all over it. She also throws in a few “spank me hard Father” lines for those looking to play up the taboo angle. I got a good giggle from her “It’s so big in my ass” line, but I don’t think that was supposed to be funny. We have seen Hillary take a lot of cock in her ass, so the only thing that makes this different is the religious overtones. (Yawn) It’s a hot anal of course, and certainly one of the better feature scenes of the year, but unless you’re really into specific dialog there is nothing all that special here.

Since everyone is busy doing their own thing, Alana can take break from her duties and get some black cock between her hungry lips. Tyler is one of the Senator’s body guards and he is happy for the opportunity to take a break and feed his meat to the dirty blonde. They have good chemistry together and he takes full advantage to her wet little pussy. Alana always brings a great deal of energy to the table so it is no shock to see her really go to town in the reverse cowgirl. There are some picture quality issues at work here, but the sex scene is plenty hot. This is by far the most “normal” scene in the movie. Just good old fashioned fucking and sucking.

Worried that Natasha has become a distraction, the Senator’s wife (Kylie Ireland) wants her taken care of. With some help from Alana, they take Natasha to an abandoned warehouse (Unaware that they are being watched by a young reporter) to exact a bit of revenge. These two incredibly hot ladies hook up for a scene that is going to delight those who adore rough sex and filthy talk. Kylie slaps Hillary around quite a bit and shoves her fingers into all of her holes, but that doesn’t give the young whore a moment’s pause. Hillary gives back as good as she gets verbally and takes Kylie’s hard toy fucking. In return, Hillary rams a long black dong right between Kylie’s cheeks. This scene goes on for a very long time and that is a double-edged sword. If you like rough lesbian sex with a lot of trash talking then you will love it. If not, go make a sandwich or something because we still have two and a half hours to go.

Kylie leaves the poor girl at the mercy of two guys who will finish what she started. If you like pseudo-rape at gunpoint, then you’re going to enjoy this. The trash talking continues and they make Hillary gag up a fucking storm. If the last scene was interesting, this one is boring in its brutality. Is anyone really dying to jerk off to Hillary being fish-hooked while sucking Steve Holmes’ toes? Hillary is hot and always worth watching, but this scene is already dragging three minutes in and there is still a whole lot more where that came from. There is some decent DP footage, but after having to sit through that crap it is a little less thrilling than it should be. Hillary makes it work and takes one hell of a hard pounding before swallowing the loads, but the tone is set. If you don’t like this kind of sex, don’t expect things to get better.

The young reporter (James Deen) discovers Natasha bound in the warehouse. He gets her out of there and sets things up for the conflict to come.

OK folks; be ready to be truly disturbed. For all the talk about the Catholic scene, what follows is truly cringe-worthy. When the Senator finds his slave gone he confronts Alana. She starts crying and explains that he is only doing what is best for him. Alana has a very convincing break down and begs him to forgive her. In order to prove her loyalty and her worth, she follows his instructions. Through a blanket of tears, she endures brutal verbal abuse as she shoves fingers and toys into her body. This is some fucked up shit man and it makes the whole priest fantasy look like child’s play. It’s emotionally creepy to the point of being completely disturbing.

As disc two begins, Kylie is busy working on two Pfizerections in a scene that proves to us that even hall of fame women can get bogged down in dispassionate plugging. For some reason the guys seem to feel that they are the stars of the show and Kylie even fake gags on Alex Sanders’ dick. (Come on.) As much as I like watching Kylie fuck, this kind of sex is never very interesting. It isn’t good rough sex, it isn’t hot and it isn’t even pretty. It’s just a couple of guys who Readi-wood sticking it to a woman with no sense of actual desire. Porn has to be about fantasy on some level and these guys don’t even seem to want to be there. Kylie is great as she takes two cocks and clearly could deal with a lot more than they can dish out. I just can’t understand why she feels like she has to quag to fake the intensity that could already be there with the right male talent. The guys even double up on her holes so that they can rub their cocks together. Apparently that works because they go right into the popshots from there.

The news that Natasha is missing does not sit well with Caroline. She joins the hunt in order to save everyone’s reputation. Meanwhile, Natasha is getting chummy with her brave rescuer. This is the first time she isn’t having brutal sex, so the gagging is kept to a minimum. (Imagine how hot Hillary would be if she dropped that act altogether.) We still have to listen to her nearly throw up about a dozen times during this otherwise great blowjob. There are some great shots of her tight pussy stretching around his cock as she rides. The first half of the scene is really good, but they go down the choke-road as the scene continues. That pretty much kills a scene that started off so well. At least we still have eighty more minutes to find something to stroke to.

Natasha is given to a couple who will enjoy and further train her. (In exchange for keeping James alive.) Mark Davis and Staci Thorn take over the rough sex duties and they make sure that she gags on his dick while trying to take it all. If you can stomach the gagging and drool, there is some great deep throat here from Hillary. Staci plays the bitch role well and Hillary has to hold him deep in her throat as Mark counts down. As impressive as this stuff it, it goes on too long. By the time Mark starts fucking her, it looks like she’s been beat on and crying for hours. I realize that this whole movie isn’t about the beauty of sex, but after three hours I am getting tired of the dreary side. Davis fucks her hard in the ass and the best part about the scene is that Staci does the trash talking. The scene is just bleak and it drags on for what seems to be forever. It ends with an internal anal cream pie that is hand fed back to Hillary. She quickly realizes that she has been lied to and that there will be no happy ending for her.

For those of you waiting to see Annie Cruz do her stuff, she shows up in a big orgy scene with Sandra Romain, Kylie and several others. The Senator is watching, but this really plays like filler. There is some hard sex going on here, especially from Kylie and some piss action that is apparently supposed to ‘squirting.’ The camera moves around enough to make sure that we never really get to enjoy any single member of the group so unless you’re really into this sort of frenzied visual assault this would be a good time to go refresh that drink for the home stretch. Unless, that is you’ve been waiting to see the fisting scene. Sandra buries her whole hand into Kylie’s snatch and goes to town. It continues into anal and eventually DP fisting. Ariana also spends some time fisting herself. This stuff is as lost on me as the piss action. I don’t find it erotic, entertaining or even all that impressive. It certainly doesn’t add much to the movie because the orgy is still going all around them. It might be different if the fisting were an event of some sorts, a punishment perhaps or something resembling a crescendo to this sexual symphony. That isn’t the case though. It’s just another series of images in a very long orgy scene. To be honest, I think I am as bored by this as the Senator looks sitting in the corner. The fisting feels very much like something they threw in just to throw it in. Perhaps it was to add controversy to the project, perhaps it was to set off red flags with those who come after these things, but what it does is bring the whole party to a screeching halt faster than finding a turd in the punchbowl.

So where are we after four hours? Is this the best feature of 2006? I would say no, but I would also say that it’s in the running and might end up there after I re-watch them all again closer to award time. It probably seems like I’m bashing this movie a lot more than I am, but that is because the sex portrayed here does not resonate with me personally. It isn’t what I want to see, what I want to jerk off to or anything that I consider to be personally hot. What it is, a bleak four hours of sexual play that absolutely will appeal to an audience in a way that movies focusing on this kind of sex rarely can. People looking for double anal, slapping, spitting, choking and fisting usually turn to gonzo for that sort of sex. It is rarely, if ever, given a context and the performers are almost never given any depth. For that reason alone, it is an amazing accomplishment. The sex is well shot for the most part, though the picture quality and lighting varied in ways that seemed to go beyond style. (Hillary and James were quite orange during their sex scene, yet the flesh tones went right back to normal when he is being tortured in the following scene.) I loved the acting performances from all of the leads. Pryor may have taken a chance in casting himself as the lead, but he is brilliant. The only question for AVN voters will be to decide if he is eligible for Best Actor (Since he used a stunt cock for his opening blowjob) or if it he going to get the nod for Best Non-Sex Performance. Hillary shows a great deal of acting chops in this movie. We’ve now seen her do a few different roles and she’s been quite solid. She was already a front-runner for Performer of the Year and this might really help her. I personally didn’t find too many of the sex scenes all that hot, but her scene with Deen and the cat-fight with Kylie were worth watching. (The other scenes were just a bit too bleak to be solid jerk off material.) Kylie also shines in her role and is the focus of the big fisting finale. That did less than nothing for me, so I can’t include that in my reasons for loving “Corruption.” I keep hearing that this stuff is keeping the movie out of some retailers catalogs and for that reason alone it seems to be a waste. I’m sure that fans of this act will disagree and probably will feel the movie ends on a better note than I did. For me, it fizzled out at about 3:20 and the final forty minutes is just filler. So there you have it. Not really a mixed review at all. I love the movie for what it is. I just don’t love what it is. It is a very dark movie with sex that matches the tone perfectly. No happy ending here, no joyous sexual interludes in between vile acts of betrayal. Cross didn’t sell us out, that’s for sure. He has given us an emotionally moving, depressing, dark look at human nature with sex that fits the tone and characters perfectly. It isn’t what most people are going to want to get off to, but it is still a can’t miss feature in a year that has yet to give us anything resembling a front-runner for top honors.

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