Innocent Until Proven Filthy

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Innocent Until Proven Filthy


260 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard





STARS: Tera Bond, Bobbi Eden, Kristine, Terri Summers, Nikki Montana, Gigi


It’s time for the latest Erik Everhard flick. Since he has made the jump to Evil Angel, his work seems to be even better. He is really ramping things up and keeping the same sexual intensity that we have come to expect. He is also shooting some very hot girls and that always helps. There are a couple of really hot babes in this case. We know that Erik will provide us with some good eye candy before the action starts and then really deliver the goods during the scenes. With enough hard cocks and top level performers to make any girl happy, Everhard’s casting on both sides of the gender aisle should assure us another hot ride. Even if it doesn’t, can’t we give this movie bonus points for a clever and catchy title?

Lucy Love with Franco, Erik, John, Robert & Dillon

Lucy comes down the stairs in a sexy little bikini. I know we should be commenting on her body, but it’s hard to miss that scar on her ass. One has to wonder what caused that. She takes a little dip in the pool without her suit and finds that Franco has snagged it. No worries, she just starts sucking his cock and all is forgiven. Before she can even get his prick completely wet, Lucy is surrounded by other throbbing sticks. What I like right away is that she is moaning and laughing instead of pretending to gag. Even with two at a time in her mouth she doesn’t need to turn on the throat theatrics. The guys go right for her ass, pulling her into RCA while her mouth stays busy. Lucy manages to looks beautiful as she gets double penetrated and somehow manages to be loud enough to drown out all five guys talking at once. The best looking stuff comes in between DP sessions when there is only a guy in her ass and we can enjoy that sweet body. There are some many guys that they are able to give her the mid-air DP and swap out several times. After a really great scene the guys finish with a massive collection of internal anal pops. Not my thing, but they leave her with jizz running out of her stretched butthole.

Bobbie Eden & Erik Everhard

Bobbi is a pretty blonde who does some stretching as her tease footage. The clothes look right for a work out, but the heels kind of make it silly. By the time Everhard joins her, she already has a pretty good sheen going. He buries his face in her cheeks and doesn’t seem to mind the sweat at all. Bobbi can hardly wait to turn around and get his cock into her mouth. All that spit helps lube it up so that she can work her tits up and down the shaft. I wouldn’t call the oral segment of this scene all that impressive, but they have good chemistry and a lot of energy when they start fucking. He bends her over and slams into her hard enough to make her butt pink and keep the action going at full speed. The action here really fits the whole work out them because they go at it hard enough to work up a sweat and really get their hearts racing. Erik finally delivers a shot onto the side of her mouth. If you like high-impact fucking then this scene will rock your socks off.

Terri Summers & Erik Everhard & Toni Ribas

Toni comes over to see Erik who has a surprise for him. He agrees to wear a blindfold which shows an incredible level of trust. (Come on guys, how many of you would show up at a buddy’s place and agree to be blindfolded?) Luckily for Toni, Erik has pretty Terri Summers service him with her hands and mouth. Luckily for us we get to see the nice looking head as she teases and pleases his throbbing prick with her probing tongue and sweet lips. As soon as he takes off the blindfold he is overcome with the desire to choke her. (Why?) Erik join in the fun and Terri get blasted at both ends. There is a whole lot of energy going on here as they slam into her. This isn’t a bad scene, but it isn’t as good as the opener even though Terri is a smoking hottie.

Gigi & Erik Everhard & John Strong

We finish out the disc with a special casting session for Gigi. Erik and John check her out and like what they see. They help her pick out a cute little outfit and don’t seem to mind the big tats on her butt and back. Hey, she’s got a great face and a nice little body so what’s a little ink here and there? Once she is in costume, Gigi comes back downstairs and shoves her ass right in Erik’s face. He eats her ass like it’s pumpkin pie and she is quite appreciative. Her blowjob is pretty good, but like some of the other girls in this movie she really doesn’t hit her stride until she gets that cock into her pussy. Erik pulls her up into his arms and lets her weight push her down around his dick. She seems ready to take as much cock as possible into her holes. When they go for the face to face standing sex, those big tits are impossible to miss, but as before she is hot enough to let those slide. Erik gives her the full speed hate-plow from behind and her ass helps to cushion the blow. This is a pretty strong scene from a girl who can take all that Erik has to dish out.

Nikki Montana & Steve Holmes +

Disc two opens up with Nikki Montana crawling into bed with Steve. This girl is so fucking hot that people might just jerk off to her before she even gets near a dick. A second guy joins the happy couple and she gets on all fours to accommodate them both. There is some great footage of her lying back with two dicks in her mouth while they finger her sweet pussy. This is one of those girls who really has pretty features from head to toe. Her pussy is absolutely delicious looking and her body is stunning. For some reason the guys start choking her and that kind of kills the action for a bit. It picks back up when she takes Steve’s big dick into her ass. Her ass is nice and tight, but she takes plenty of dick there anyway. I could do without all of the head grabbing, but I have already jotted myself a note to pick up every Nikki Montana scene from now on. The pops are a little freak show as she squeezes out an internal anal all over the floor. Thankfully that isn’t the last image we get of Nikki. She gives us a really quick POV scene with Erik shoving his dick right into her ass. He leaves another load up in her ass. Check this girl out in this movie and anything else you can find.

Tera Bond & Erik Everhard

The guys chase Tera down in a taxi on the rain soaked streets. She may be tough to get, but clearly this hot brunette is worth the effort. Erik doesn’t even wait to get home before giving her a try. Tera sucks cock in the back seat like she’s pretty comfortable there. Things get a little crowded when they decide to fuck in the moving car, but it is so much fun to watch that we have to forgive whatever minor technical issues there might be. When they finally get home they take advantage of the extra room. Erik goes right for the power fucking from behind, slamming into the tight body and really making her feel it. It is pretty clear that these two have really hit it off. They fuck like they are having a total blast. Erik enjoys fucking that pussy and she can take everything he can dish out. He slams her hard enough to make those tits flop all over the place before he finally deposits his load right on her pretty face.

Kristine &

It really looks like Kristine doesn’t need a guy. She has a vibe in her twat and anal beads stuffed up her bum. The great toy play ends with some pointless sucking of the beads. How can a scene recover from such a stupid start? Seriously guys. If this is supposed to be so fucking good then how come we never see the guys doing the ass tasting? The toys are replaced by a real cock in her ass, but this is already shaping up to be the most disappointing scene in a really good movie. The other guys join the fun and Kristine spends a good long time air tight with cock. There isn’t anything wrong with this scene, but it lacks the spark we have seen in other action so far. Her ass stretches to take cock and all that, but…yeah, I’m just not thrilled. This feels like one of those Euro-freak fests with a girl who is pretty well glazed over and guys stuffing her colon.

Though I am let down by the final scene big time, the rest of the movie is pretty hot. There are some genuine first round draft picks in this cast. Lucy, Bobbi and Terri stand out in every way. They are great looking girls who handle the sexual action really well. These girls would be top level babes in just about any movie you pick out. In this one though, the fall short of the top slot. Nikki Montana just blows the other girls away. She is too hot for words and knows how to fuck as well. I can’t even tell you how hot I am for this girl. Enjoy her scene several times and be looking for her. Overall this is a pretty hot movie. There are a lot of guys in most every scene, but they generally don’t fuck things up too badly. It isn’t easy balancing things and Everhard has done a fine job with this movie. (The last scene is the one glaring exception.) I think that just about everyone will find something to like and don’t be surprised if Erik has a big hit on his hands with this one.

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