Confessions of a Teenage Anal Queen

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Confessions of a Teenage Anal Queen


150 Mins.

Lethal Hardcore

DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

THEMES: Anal Sex, Young Girls




STARS: Codi, Samantha South, Sasha Knox, Luna Croft, Amber Rayne, Nick East,


The Lethal Hardcore flicks have been a lot of fun to watch, but few things in the industry are as fun as the titles. Come on, how many of you would walk by this DVD in the local smut shop and not stop for a closer look. The tiara thing isn’t new of course. We’ve seen Anabolic do it with Teenage Anal Princess and Digital Playground with Teen America. Jules Jordan has done it as well, but it still works. Throw in the catchy title and I think you have a hit even before we get to things like cast, sexual heat and overall stroke factor.

Codi & Nick East

Codi is a pretty girl with a super hot southern accent. She tells us that she has been torn up over not being named prom queen all those years ago. As she shows us her lovely natural breasts, tight pussy and inviting ass Codi asks us we think that her collective parts are worthy of a crown. I would certainly say so, but Nick East is going to make her earn that tiara. He bends her over and slides his meat right between her cheeks. Somehow I would imagine that had Codi opened up that back door to a few more of her classmates. By the time she roll over and gets on top, she has earned her crown. She spreads her legs side to let us enjoy the pussy while Nick roots around in her bowels. After sucking him off for a while she completes the three-hole boogie by slipping her twat around his joint. After putting on a really great show she takes a load right on her face. Maybe Codi wasn’t a prom queen, but she is certainly an aspiring anal queen.

Luna Croft &

Luna is a cute little Asian girl who may not have won the title in high school, but certainly isn’t lacking the confidence required to wear the crown now. To prove to us just how ready she is, the petite little doll bends over and rams a fat toy right up her ass. That’s impressive and has her ready to take the real thing with ease. She looks really good, but it is the “fuck the prom queen” chat that really makes the action hot. It is really amazing what a difference there is when the girl does the talking instead of the guy. In spoon and then in RCA she brings amazing heat and is would be tough to beat in any prom queen competition. Her energy is fantastic and you have to love the way she leans back to really show off her body. Hot and nasty to the end Luna gets slammed in her putty and then jerks him off right into her mouth. This girl if the real fucking deal folks, check her out and make sure you have a LOT of tissue handy.

Samantha & Dave Hardman

Dave knows that Samantha really wants to be homecoming queen. Since he’s the “coach” he promises to get her into the running if she shows him how hot she can be. He offers to get her on the list for a blowjob, but she has bigger things in mind. She wants to win and offers up the booty for the crown. Samantha is a very skinny little thing with a big tat across her lower back. She sits in Dave’s lap and tries to shove her little boobies into his face. Dave’s dick looks as big around as her wrist, but she is quite comfortable on her knees bobbing her head on his rob like a good girl. This pale girl looks almost criminally young and if not for that big ink spot on her back (Who is Sammy I wonder?) she would be a Max wet dream. Dave scoops up the little thing and fucks her face to face. She may look young, but Samantha fucks like a girl who has taken a few rides on the bologna pony before. Just before the anal kicks in, she looks a bit bored. Probably a lot like am 18 year old girl would if she were fucking the creepy middle aged coach from her school. Too much reality there for me. This isn’t a bad scene, but compared to the first two it falls a little short. We get plenty of good looking footage of that anal action though. Sam is tiny enough to get held up on his lap and throw those legs way up in the air. She takes his load on her face and certainly earns her moment in the spotlight.

Sasha Knox & Rick Masters

If anyone in this movie looks like an actual prom queen, it is Sasha Knox. She reveals her tight little body to Rick Masters and offers him access to her pretty butt. He flicks his tongue over her rosebud and then rolls her over to dive in for the main course. Her pretty face makes for great looking blowjob footage, but someone has already got her heading down the quag road. What a fucking shame. I have to say that I really hate it when a new girl is already faking the blowjob shit. At least the sex is pretty good. Rick gets into some interesting positions on the couch and takes full advantage of her flexible young body. From head to toe this girl is fresh off the campus cute and ready to take every inch of cock Rick has to offer. Anal gives her a little bit of trouble it seems, but she spreads those legs wide for him anyway. Once her little butt opens up though, it’s full throttle for this awesome little bundle of sexual energy. She starts bouncing on his lap, holding her cheeks open and having her colon crammed full of meat. Even after the quagging and the slow start, this one finishes strong with a great shot on her pretty face. Sasha for prom queen may not have been a successful campaign, but Sasha for anal queen could work out in the long run.

Amber Rayne & Talon

Little Amber really wanted to be a homecoming queen, but came up short in high school. Talon tries to talk to her, but figuring out what he is talking is like deciphering a debate between Charo and that little Irish guy ESPN had talking up the World Cup. I guess it really doesn’t matter what he has to say. Amber seems to understand and she shows him how willing she is to take it any hole. He whips out his pre-pumped cock and sticks it into her mouth with all the genuine sexual desire of a guy shoving his tongue into an electric socket. There is just something flat about this scene from the start. Talon doesn’t seem to want to be there and that makes the whole thing look like two people getting paid to fuck. (Which of course, they are, but good porn doesn’t look that way.) There is a brief moment of enthusiastic piledriver that shift gears for a bit. Amber ends up talking dirty like a fucking sailor and manages to take Talon’s cock as well anyone, princess or queen, ever has. She ends up taking a big shot in her mouth. This isn’t a bad scene, but there were some awesome fucks early in the movie that set the bar very high.

Well I was in love with the title of this movie, but the sex on the disc blows that feeling away. These young girls are cute, ready to fuck and quite anal in nature. Even Amber’s finale which isn’t close to the best scene in the movie, is worth a look. If you’re looking for the real royal court here, check out Luna, Codi and Sasha. These three look like they should be struggling with freshman orientation somewhere, but instead show us that good girls do…up the ass. Codi’s body has me totally mesmerized and I can’t wait to see more of her. Sasha is the most prom queen looking girl in the movie and even though her scene isn’t the strongest in the movie, she is fucking incredible. Luna is a dirty talking little babe who takes an amazing amount of cock into her tiny ass. I can’t wait to see her again and her scene alone is worth whatever this disc costs. There are five good scenes on this disc with two that are just incredible and enough hot anal sex to make this a definite must-see.

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