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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [8/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [10/12]
Extras [6/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Black Owned


207 Mins.

Jules Jordan Video

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Lisa Ann, Julia Bond, Jayna Oso, Leah Luv, Alexis Malone, Tiffany Holiday, Sativa Rose


This is the second Jules Jordan title on his own label. It follows hot on the heels of Mike John’s “Racial Tension” and looks to cover similar territory. Jules is no stranger to interracial themed movies so while the label may be new, the subject matter is quite familiar. He’s got one of his favorite male leads, Mandingo slinging the meat in a few scenes. His presence alone creates some serious size issues for the little babes who square off with him. In addition to Mandingo, Jules has the return of a big name star in Lisa Ann. She’s back in front of the camera and ready to give us some hot IR action. There are even hotter girls in the case so we have everything in place for another great title.

Julia Bond is doing some work on Jules’ place. She looks really hot in her tight shorts and bikini top. We get some great tease footage as she makes her way up the stairs. They make a few “big tool” jokes and then she comes face to face with Mandingo. Impressed by the size, our pretty little contractor drops right to her knees. There is some good blowjob footage here as she uses her mouth and both hands to keep that horse cock happy. A longer blowjob would have been really good, but she wants to feel that thing in there. Early in the fucking she arches her back and starts riding his cock. We get some great shots of her super tight pussy gripping that rod every time she pulls up. Julia’s body looks great and she has a great look on her face as she strokes his load onto her pretty face. I think she has already fallen in love with that giant pole and is ready for more.

Jayna Oso is up next and she is packing some extra booty these days. Jules follows her around for a while, checking out the cheeks and letting her get us all in the mood. Once they get inside there are plenty of black dicks (four to be exact) waiting for her. They grab her head quite a bit and do their best to ruin whatever heat might be here. Thankfully Jules keeps control of the meat puppets and won’t let them drag this thing down. (If only more directors did this, porn would be a whole lot better.) If there is a problem with the action here is that Jules keeps talking to Jayna. It just seems out of place and takes away from the four on one action that is going on. As the guys pass her around the room, Jayna picks up steam, loving every hard inch of cock that comes her way. She makes sure to keep her booty in the center of the action. It is hard to avoid when the guys start stuffing even that tightest of openings full of big dick. We may be looking at that new booty, but Jayna’s strength still comes from her pretty face and her great sexual energy. While this isn’t a perfect scene, it does feature some really great one on one anal. Jayna puts her face down on the couch, sticks that big butt in the air and takes some exceptionally long strokes. For the big finish the guys shoot hot cream all over pretty face and mouth. If you like small group action with great anal sex then you better keep some tissues handy on this one.

Sativa Rose is one of the most perfect women in all of porn. From head to toe she is an absolutely stunning young thing. Jules runs the camera up and down her body as she waits for her surprise. Mr. Marcus shows up with a leash and leads Sativa through the house. The hunger in her eyes is impossible to miss as she unwraps a pair of black dicks. Those pretty full lips stretch to take as much cock as possible and the guys seem quite appreciative of her oral skills. Isn’t it nice to see guys who seem like they actually enjoy fucking a hot chick? Isn’t even better to see a girl smiling during the action. With everyone happy to be here, the scene just flows really well. Her body makes for great looking porn in any position so we get some hot ass shots in cowgirl and full body action when she turns around. (Quick name three sets of tits better than Sativa’s. Can’t do it can ya?) Since she isn’t working with a full 14 inches of cock, Sativa is able to take them both and never look like she’s flinching as they pump. In a scene that looks this good, one hates to point out problems, but Jules keeps chiming in. I think that this kind of running commentary is best left to a bonus track, especially when the action is going along so well. After a really great scene the guys cover her face with two very big loads of hot cream.

Leah Luv opens up the second disc in a little skirt and sweater. The tease is good, but if Jules keeps up the constant chatter when the action starts, we could be in trouble. Leah hooks up with Brian Pumper and is very impressed by his physique. His cock is big and she has to be very careful slipping it past all that metal in her mouth. With little eye contact and rather low energy, this is a somewhat disappointing blowjob. Things do pick up when he bends her over and fills that little pussy with his big black cock. There are some really good leg shots as Leah gets stuffed. As we move to the anal action we get the rather ridiculous sidetrack of A2M toy play. Leah opens up her butt for plugs and then sticks them in her mouth because…well because someone at the top of the porn food chain said that this is something hot that women do. (Wrong on both counts fellas.) When that mess ends, Brian sticks his own prick into her little butt and starts digging tunnels. The tight shots of the anal, especially when they are face to face, are excellent here. Brian has a big load saved up and he leaves it right on her face.

Next up is blonde Alexis Silver. Most of her tease footage consists of lingering shots of her ass. One can’t blame Jules for keeping the camera on that lovely butt of course. When Mr. Marcus shows up he also zooms right in after that ass. Alexis is interested in his cock and does her best to make it disappear between her lips. Compared to some of the blowjobs in this movie, this one is a little flat, but the sexual heat just gets better when Marcus starts fucking her. If the smile on her pretty face is any indication, then it would be safe to assume that Alexis is really enjoying the meat that Marcus is dishing out. The doggy footage is particularly fetching and our young starlet manages to buck back a bit as he plunges into the depths of her precious folds. Like the Sativa scene, this one lacks the super-size appeal, but more than makes up for that with some great looking footage and a comfortable, even happy female star. The pop on her smiling face is a great way to end things.

Sean Michaels and Jules talk about their love for real women. That sets us up for a scene between Sean and Jules’ secretary, Lisa Ann. When she brings him a glass of water in a pink bustier, we know where things are headed. She squats in front of him and starts working that long cock into her mouth. I didn’t follow Lisa’s career that closely the first time around so I have no idea if this is her first IR scene or not. Whether it is or is not, she does a good job with her mouth and that is what counts anyway. Sean slides his tongue up her ass, teasing a hole that we know won’t be in play today. (She has a “first anal” deal with ZT I believe.) Bending over the desk, she lets Sean plow deep into her pussy. Lisa is a curvy woman who knows how to talk dirty as she lowers her body down onto his prick. They work well together and manage to make every inch vanish into her seasoned slit. The bustier stays in place as he drills her on the desk. Sean gives her the big dick she needs and then shoots his load for her. I know that Lisa had a lot of fans the first time around so I’m sure they are going to love her now as well.

Tiffany Holiday finishes out the movie. Jules may be going with his weakest female performer in the closer, but brings back Mandingo to bring things home. He tweaks her pokey nipples from behind and then shows her the big heavy pole. She does a nice blowjob without gagging, ramming him to the back of her throat and still not coming close to taking it all. As soon as he starts pumping between her thighs she wants him to put it all the way in. Mandingo tries, but her pussy just can’t take that whole thing. Am I the only who finds it interesting that Mandingo, who actually has a huge cock, never seems to need to rough up a woman? Tiffany gets a lot of credit for a very energetic fuck. She pumps up and down on that thing and stretches her pussy with her own hard thrusts. When she turns around into reverse cowgirl, she pushes down and really gets close to balls-deep. Even when he pushes hard up into her she is able to take it. Little Tiff is certainly a size queen and she also loves the way he busts all over her. Don’t underestimate this scene because it’s pretty damn hot.

There is a lot to like in this movie. It is hard not to compare it to Jordan’s last effort “Jenna Haze: Darkside” and it s a notch below that one. Since that isn’t fair, let’s take a look at what we have and go from there. The cast is pretty good, though not spectacular. Julia Bond looks spectacular and does a really good job taking on the monster dong of Mandingo. Tiffany Holiday also gives a surprisingly good performance with the DingoDong. Those scenes work for super size, but some of the other action is even better. Jayna Oso proves that she can be outnumbered four to one and still come out on top. Lisa Ann pairs with Sean Michaels for a nice comeback scene. Leah and Alexis take care of the blacks in blondes fan base and Sativa Rose gives what might be the best scene of the whole bunch. With great looking girls and hot sex, this movie covers all the bases. So is there room for improvement? Sure there is. One of the things I loved about the recent Darkside flick was the fact that Jules got out of his comfort zone and shot in new places. He’s back at home for this one. I missed the variety in locations and hope he will mix it up a bit in future releases. As for my biggest complaint, it’s the chatter. It is usually the male talent who get in the way and provide a soundtrack that is both homo erotica and wood killing. This time around it is the director who gets in the from time to time. Other directors have been doing it for a while and I’ve always slammed the for it. Jules is hardly the worse offender, but if I’m noticing it, then I know it’s a problem. Somehow I doubt if the “pants around the ankles” crowd really wants to hear Jules talking while they’re in mid-stroke. Then again, maybe I’m wrong about that.

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