Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2

Black Dicks in Asian Chicks 2


171 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Asian Girls




STARS: Mika Tan, Nyomi Zen, Keeani Lei, Stephie Thai, Lana Laine,


David Luger is one of the most underrated porn makers in the business. I can’t figure out why more people aren’t on the bandwagon. Maybe it is his unassuming manner behind the camera. We very rarely hear him barking out orders and he doesn’t seem overly concerned with making sure we all see his face in every project. On the other hand, it is what he does behind the camera that makes him so good. He keeps thing so simple that it’s hard to imagine why everyone doesn’t shoot movies like this. He takes great looking girls, hires the guys and lets everyone do their thing. The angles are good, the lighting is good and the sex is usually excellent. When you thrown in the fact that Luger generally picks a theme and sticks to it, you have the makings of a great stroke flick. For this line he has lined up a bunch of hot Asian chicks and some big black dicks. If you happen to like that combination then you better have some lube and baby wipes nearby because this is going to be quite a stroke fest.

Nyomi Zen doesn’t bother introducing herself to us. She is too busy trying to get Tee Reel hard and ready to fuck her. The naughty little babe teases with her feet and then lets him spank her tight little butt. They kiss quite a bit during the foreplay. Skipping the blowjob he goes right into her pussy. As he fucks her in spoon, Tee drives deep, bringing out a stream of hot talk from little Nyomi. In between positions she sucks his cock, but can’t wait to get it back into her pussy. There are good butt shots in cowgirl, but we get an even better view when she turns around to face the camera. The hop talk continues when she bends over and he finds his way right up her ass. This is really well shot action with great close-ups as he pumps deep between her cheeks. After the solid anal, he jerks off into her mouth. Nyomi rolls it around on her tongue for a while before swallowing it down.

Next up is Mika Tan. She knows exactly how to play to the camera. We watch as she caresses her nipples and coos for us. We can’t possibly praise her enough for this stuff, but let’s also thank Luger for letting the cameras roll a bit. Instead of just shoving the Readi-Wood into her face, he lets Mika show us her body, including that incredible ass. This scene should get serious consideration for “Best Tease.” (It also makes me wonder if Mika does custom videos. Don’t you just know she would make some hot stuff.) By the time the guys come in, even those of us who aren’t popping little blue pills are hard and ready to see her get busy. Mika strokes both black cocks and kisses the guys. When it comes to oral sex, few women can come close to Mika. She breaks out the big guns, deep throating them both and extending her tongue to work the balls. Damn she’s good. The guys each take and end and the fantastic blowjob just won’t stop. Luger shoots the action perfectly so we can see every inch of that great body. There are great ass shots in the doggy and Mika’s energy seems to be endless. Some girls just lie there and get pounded, but she fucks back and looks like she is having a blast. Even before the DP, she has given us a great scene. Once the guys double up on her, the action gets even hotter. Mika screams at them to fuck her harder and takes every inch like she’s dying for more. They reward her hard work with big loads of cock cream. Taking them one at a time, Mika sucks out every drop and swallows everything she can get into her mouth. This scene alone is worth the price of the disc. It’s a real ball drainer.

Keeani Lei has a tough act to follow. She plays the cute little girl roll well though. Feeding him both her pussy and her lollipop, she gives him quite a sweet treat. He whips out his cock and feeds her a treat as well. The blowjob is way too short this time, but that’s only because our little Asian princess really wants that black dick in her tight slit. That petite hole is snug, but with her fingers working overtime on her clit ,Keeani stays wet enough to handle anything. When they switch positions she goes back to sucking, this time rubbing the candy all over to make it taste nice and sweet. They can’t match the intensity of the last scene, but when he scoops her up for some great looking action. The RCA is really good and gives us a great shot of her little pussy as her ass gets drilled. They finish up with some anal piledriver that shows off just how flexible she is. When he pulls out and shoots his load around her mouth she rolls it around on her tongue and then swallows it.

Stephie Thai is a Filipina girl who came to the US for school and for some big hard dicks. When asked to describe her ideal cock, she says she likes them thick and between eight and twelve inches long. Damn girl. Apparently she has never seen a black dick before so Luger gives her to break her cherry. At first glance she seems pretty impressed by the two throbbing members she gets to play with. Steph is a cute new girl who sucks, grins and talks dirty while sucking. No fake gagging necessary here because she is going a great job without it. Even before they start fucking her, her hands slips down her panties. They move to the couch and put her on her side so that one guy can fuck her while she blows the other. This position works for them and it certainly works for the camera. We get perfect shots of her pussy and pretty good blowjob footage as well. The energy builds until she gets on top of one cock and finds herself physically shoved down to take every inch. She really gets off on all that meat and is out of breath as the guys take turns shooting onto her face. Most of it drips down onto her body, but she swallows a little bit of the cream. I really liked this scene and think that this girl has a great future in this business.

Lana tells us that she is just a shy girl who loves making conversation. She explains to us that she is a student who plays volleyball and is on the cheer squad. Lana has lost track of how many dicks she has sucked and that guys always liked her ass. Her voice is sexy, but her body is really awesome. Tee comes in and really enjoys the taste of her nipples. He kisses his way down her body and settles between her thighs. She really likes that, but wants to taste him in return. Whipping out his hard cock, Tee just lets the horny little darling do the work. Her head bobs up and down and there is no need to gag. I love the sex in this movie. Why does anyone need to fuck it up when it can be this hot? His cock fits nicely into her pussy and she is very talkative while being pumped. Doggy is great, but for a better shot of her body wait until they roll over. If this girl doesn’t love fucking then she should win an Oscar for the great acting job she is doing here. Tee pulls her on top and when he isn’t pounding up into her hard enough to have his balls slapping her pussy or ass, she is pushing her hips down to make sure every inch of that thing is up inside of her. After such a great scene it is a bit of a letdown to see the pop get messed up. Lana is in position, but Tee shoots into his fist and they have to kind of smear the load on her face. Very hot scene, but a better pop would have made it fantastic.

This movie is everything we would expect and then some. It’s a nice mix of new girls and more experienced cock hounds. The guys do a nice job of slinging the meat and don’t get in the way. Obviously it helps if you like interracial sex and/or Asian women. Even if you don’t, you’re going to see some sex that is fucking amazing. I really think that newbies Stephie and Lana turn in great performances and should be around for a long time to come. Of course no one can top Mika. Once again she blows the doors off the competition and gives us a scene that is sure to launch a few hundred thousand loads. I know I praise in her nearly every scene, but this one is brilliant. The tease is perfectly shot and incredibly hot. The sex is also captured well, has blistering energy and features some down and dirty anal. There should be some award nominations for this scene, this series and of course, for Mika herself. (And in case that one isn’t enough, she does a bonus POV blowjob is the just as perfect. Damn you David Luger, you lived out my fantasy. Mika, please, please come over for an interview…now.)

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