My Plaything: McKenzie Lee

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> My Plaything: McKenzie Lee

My Plaything: McKenzie Lee

MOVIE TYPE: Virtual Sex

No Running Time

Digital Sin

DIRECTOR: Brother Love

THEMES: Virtual Sex, Dirty Talk, Big Tits




STARS: McKenzie Lee


Fresh off her win as AVN’s top rookie, MeKenzie Lee is making her virtual sex debut with this My Plaything disc. This is one of the best POV/Virtual franchises in all porn so it’s a great opportunity for us to really see her at her best. There is always ample tease footage, fantastic POV oral action and plenty of sex. As an added bonus, there is always a great deal of talking from the star and with McKenzie’s hot accent I can hardly wait to get started.


The tease on this disc if four-part with McKenzie’s tits, ass, pussy and full-body featured. Each one offers us two angles and the usual naughty/nice choices. We all know that she’s got a great big set of tits, but the ass is quite impressive as well. The best part though is the way she talks when you choose the “naughty” option. McKenzie is a good talker and that accent is sure to put some starch in your shorts. I especially like the full body footage with the naughty dialog. That leads us perfectly into the Masturbation section.


In this section you get three choices. McKenzie will fuck her pussy with her fingers and a dildo. As a final treat we get to watch her fuck her ass as well. As before the naughty talk is really hot. The toy play is very good and she warms up her ass for nicely for what we hope will be a proper fuck later in the disc.


McKenzie gets three-fifths of the attention in this section. She gets licked first. That is always interesting in a virtual disc. The close up angle is really much a clit-high look up her body. The finger play is basically the same shot. She turns over for the dildo play and gets fucked from behind. When we move to handjob, McKenzie gets her fist around a big cock and starts stroking away. We get our first cumshot. (Fake of course.) She looks great stroking the dick and even better with it in her mouth. I really like the POV angle for the blowjob and she takes two different pops, one right in the mouth to cover it up and one that still could be faked. We can really see why she is so popular right now.


Four positions, and tons of anal in this one. The angles are familiar to anyone who has watched this series. In Missionary the first shot is a close up of her face, but the action kicks into high gear when you move down and watch her ass get stretched. Both angles focus on the ass eventually and she pulls the dick out of her ass for a jerk-off pop. Doggie offers the POV angle as well as a nice silhouette. For Cowgirl, she puts the big cock back in her ass and keeps right on talking like a drunken sailor. In this position and in Reverse Cowgirl she takes it deep and we get classic POV views of the sphincter stretching. I don’t know if we will see her in this kind of anal action again any time soon, so we should really enjoy this.


We get a behind the scenes reel and a very hot photo gallery. The best bonus though is a full fuck scene with McKenzie and Mr. Pete. If you wan to watch this fantastic babe go at it, this is a second shot n this outstanding DVD.

This is another quality disc in a great series. The sex is very well shot and McKenzie has plenty of energy. She does anal, handles the size of his cock really well and makes sure that we all get to see why she won that big award. I still want to see more real popshots, but what we have is great.

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