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Canadian Beaver


208 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard

THEMES: Group Sex, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Zeina Heart, Destiny, India Summer, Brianna Devil, Pamela, Patricia Petite, Vanessa Gold, Leah, Naika, Myriam, Erik Everhard & Steve Holmes


After a few years at Red Light, Erik Everhard is one of the best-known male performers in the business. He’s a solid director as well and his recent move to Evil Angel is a confirmation that he’s a big star and a marketable name. This is his first release as a member of the Evil Empire. For this very important project, Erik has returned to his homeland where he’s comfortable. Taking the show north of the border, Everhard has a whole collection of Canadian girls for our enjoyment. He and Steve Holmes get to sample a whole host of hotties. Following the trend, this movie is nearly three and a half hours long. That makes for a great deal of smut for paying customers, but sometimes that can make things drag a little bit.

With Steve Holmes due at the airport, Erik is upset that he’s running late to pick his friend up. Zeina isn’t helping maters either. In true gonzo style, they are going to be even later because she wants some dick. She sucks him hard and then ends the tease by popping up and telling him that it’s time to go. (Nice touch.) They pick up Holmes at the airport and he is happy to sit in the back with Zeina during an eventful ride home. In the back of the moving car, she drops her head into Steve’s lap and starts sucking. While this is fun stuff, the action doesn’t get really good until they can get home with enough light to really show us the good stuff. Steve and Erik double up on the pretty young girl and she couldn’t be happier. (Don’t you just love the “Sexy Bride” lingerie she’s wearing?) Erik gets up into her ass and starts pumping away pretty hard. Steve gets off in her mouth while Erik keeps on pumping her until he too is ready to feed her the seed. Not a bad opening round for this Canadian vacation.

The next day Zeina leads the guys on a trip to a local strip club. She gets as turned on as the guys while watching the local talent. Eventually Brianna and Vanessa join Zeina and the boys for a little mid-day orgy in the club. I wouldn’t recommend trying this the next time you’re in a strip club, but it sure makes for great fantasy fun this time around. Though the lighting isn’t always perfect, the action is really hot and the girls are smoking. Zeina is still the hottest girl in the mix, but all three of the ladies fuck with great enthusiasm. The style and the action remind me a lot of some of the Buttman stuff that Stagliano has shot overseas. If you like that wild gonzo feel with pretty girls getting fucked in the dark and hot bodies everywhere you look then you’re going to love this. It runs a little long for my taste, but it’s still hard to ignore how hot everything is here.

The fun never ends as Zeina introduces the guys to three hot escorts. Myriam , Pamela and Patricia are the working girls in question and they were born to please. They all head upstairs where Patricia, with her bright orange hair, takes the lead. There is some really good tease footage on the stairs as the girls show off their buns. Up in the room, the guys can’t get naked fast enough for the horny working girls. They all pile into a bubble bath for some good clean fun. Like the last one, this one has a great orgy feel with so much going on at once that you might be on total sexual overload in a matter of minutes. There is some really nice standing anal from Patricia as she bends over and grants access to her tight bunghole. Pamela is also quite impressive, especially if you love big tits. She leans back to let both guys fuck her at once, providing us with a nice view of that rack and the double-stuffed action. There is some really spectacular anal here and a whole lot of hot female flesh to fill every shot. Patricia takes a great DP and may be the hottest fuck in this scene. Like the last one, this one does begin to drag after a while. Some great single girl anal and big shots into Patricia’s mouth save it at the end though.

Zeina just knows so many hot girls that the party never ends. The guys show up and are introduced to Leah and Indian Summer. Both of these girls are hot, but it is still hard to take our eyes off of Zeina as she flitters about the room popping into the action when needed. She helps Leah give Holmes a very hot double blowjob while Erik admires Indian’s bit butt. Frankly I wouldn’t kick any of these girls out of bed, but Zeina is the one who really seems to look the best from any angle. With Erik and Holmes providing a lot of dick and tremendous energy, the scene flows well even if it seems a bit confusing sometimes. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter which pussy is being fucked because it all blends together so well. Indian Summer’s ass is nicely displayed, but I still think that Zeina has the best everything in this scene. Her ass takes a backseat to no one. Having her in the action more would have been great, but by the time the guys drain their balls into waiting mouths, no one is going to feel cheated. This scene is too good from start to finish to be anything but satisfied.

Continuing with the group thing, Destiny and Naika join Zeina for a hot ride. The guys follow along and get plenty of great tease as they flash and play on the road. To add a little more fun to the mix, everyone hits the water for a day on a boat. Even in the new setting the action follows the pattern. Three hot girls getting fucked by Erik and Steve. I am still having the same problem too. Zeina is so freaking hot that the other two girls barely stand a chance no matter what they bring to the table. I’m trying to be fair to the other girls who are quite hot in their own right. The outdoor action could have causes a lot of lighting issues, but they are handled pretty well and are overshadowed by really great looking sex. There is some great cock passing as the girls blow the guys and then work into a merry-go-round of standing doggy. The big orgy finishes off with some nice cum swallowing by the sexy girls.

As if 3.5 hours wasn’t enough, we get a long bonus scene with Pamela. It is certainly a nice treat to see her awesome tits back for a second round. We also get a nice BTS reel, a cumshot recap, photo gallery and the usual Evil Angel DVD stuff.

This is a really good movie from start to finish. The girls are really hot and they come to play. Obviously you need to enjoy small groups to really get into this movie. Almost every scene is a three on two. That usually isn’t my favorite kind of scene, but the action is really well paced. It also helps that none of the girls drag down the action. Erik and Steve provide the meat and that assures us of high energy fucks from start to finish. Zeina serves as their guide and also happens to the be the hottest girl in the movie. She is so cute and nasty that she almost distracts from the other girls at times. I like the feel of that action and have to make the comparison again to classic gonzo titles. It’s solid technically and even when there are issues, the flow and heat of the action more than makes up for it. I’ve liked Erik’s movies for a while, but I think he is ready to take the next step and really start giving us something special.

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